Dear to Hearts of People

Jong Il Peak named after leader Kim Jong Il is dear to the hearts of the Korean people.

It rises 1 798 meters high above sea level behind the log cabin where the leader was born and its magnificent and
exquisite looks seem to mirror the audacious mettle of the brilliant commander.

It was on February 16, 1942 at the height of the anti-Japanese war when
Kim Jong Il was born in the log cabin in the
secret camp on Mt. Baekdu.

The snowstorm that had been howling till the previous day calmed down and it became unusually warm.

The water of Sobaek Stream steamed and the valley was bedecked with hoar frost and snowflakes cascaded down from
the top of Jangsu Peak, Jong Il Peak at present.

A rare spectacle was unfolded in the mountain that day.

At the time the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters praised him as Bright Star of Mt. Baekdu in the hope that he would
carry forward the intention of Commander Kim Il Sung and become the sun of the Korean revolution.

At the news of his birth they inscribed the following words on barked trees: “Oh, the Bright Star of Mt. Baekdu is born”,
“Compatriots, the Bright Star, heir of Commander Kim, has risen up over Mt. Baekdu” and “Long live the Bright Star of
Mt. Baekdu shining all over Korea”.

The inscriptions were the eruption of their joy of having greeted the Bright Star.

Having spent his childhood in the sacred mountain of the revolution,
Kim Jong Il emerged a leader of the people in the
tempest of the Korean revolution for independence, sovereignty and socialism.

Over half a century he has steered the revolution along the road of victory with his outstanding ideas and theories and
seasoned leadership, making great achievements on behalf of the country, people and the times.

To convey the exploits he performed in bringing about the fullest development of the country in the spirit of Mt. Baekdu
the Korean people named the peak after him and put granite stones weighing hundreds of tons and bearing “Jong Il
Peak” on the cliff of the peak.

The peak has unique natural environment and flora.

It is thick with evergreen Abies nephrolepis, silver fir and Picea Koraiensis and around the cliff with the carvings grow
azalea, rhododendron and rowan, adding a touch of beauty to the surrounding scenery.

An endless stream of visitors flows to the log cabin.

They are carried away at the sight of the magnificent peak reflecting the iron will and courage of
Kim Jong Il and
standing as the peak of hope.

The world progressives are raising voices in praise of the sacred place.

In 2002 personages from across the world got together to hold a meeting for greeting the Sun of the 21st century to
mark the birthday of
Kim Jong Il and adopted the Mt. Baekdu declaration on launching political and cultural activities to
give publicity to the revolutionary history and achievements of the great persons of Mt. Baekdu and making it a rule to
visit the place every five years.

Jong Il Peak stands high on Mt. Baekdu conveying the immortal history of the brilliant commander of Songun who has
ushered in the dawn of a thriving nation with the spirit and courage of Mt. Baekdu.