Denounce US imperialist aggression against Korea Operating Under the Guise of “Key Resolve” and “Foul Eagle”

March 8th, Juche 98 (2009)


--- John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) and the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People’s Struggle

Only months after receiving the reigns of power President Barack Obama has shown he differs little from outgoing President Bush Jr. in his fanatical imperialist designs regarding Korea. Since March 3rd and until the 20th US imperialist and the south Korean flunkey forces will be stage joint military exercises aimed at stifling and threatening north Korea. Dubbed “Key Resolve” and “Foul Eagle” by its plotters, such drills including nuclear preparations account for 12,000 ROK puppet troops and 14,000 American imperialist GIs.

While many pretend that US imperialism’s character has changed, including its stance towards the Korean people’s right to peaceful reunification and for the north to conduct its own matter independently, in fact today it remains as militaristic as ever and enemy number one of all the world’s people. Having seen firsthand areas of Korea were mass atrocities and wholesale killings of women and children purposefully occurred, I again remind my readers why it is that leader KIM JONG IL places priority in military affairs through the course of socialist construction in Korea, i.e. Songun idea. Indeed, since the days of the great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG and the epic victory of the Korean Revolution over two imperialisms in one lifetime, US imperialism has shown its antagonistic nature of aggression. Hence, I am proud to be a friend of the Korean people and disciple of the many lessons of the Korean Revolutionary process.

We call on the progressive and revolutionary people of the entire world to support the DPRK and its leadership. We call for solidarity with the south Korean people’s anti-war and anti-American struggle for reunification of the bisected motherland, and for the patriotic elements of the south Korean army men to reject collaboration with foreign occupiers and to turn against the Lee Myung-bak regime . We call for fanatical and principled mass struggle within the United States today towards building a mighty movement against imperialism, war and the quick demise which approaches us, one which supports the Korean and other people seeking self-determination. We affirm the call for the US troops stationed abroad, including in Korea, to turn their resistance the other way against the imperialists-Zionists and the federal government which marches all our peoples in the United States, regardless of race, towards the violent sea of death, debauchery and poverty it has shown the world.

It is my sincere blessing to represent solidarity with the DPRK and the AINDF vanguards in the south during these troubled times, wishing only long life to leader KIM JONG IL and prosperity for the Korean Revolution.