Kim Jong Il chosen as most famous leader by American magazine


The American magazine Time chose leader Kim Jong Il as the most famous leader in the world.

Publishing a list of men of the present times, the magazine selected Kim Jong Il as a renowned leader exercising the biggest influence in changing the world, according to an Ukrainian Internet News on May 7.


Brilliant idea and exploits of great national unity


The Korean people are now engaged in a vigorous effort to win the independent and peaceful reunification of the country through great unity of the whole nation under the ideal of ¡°By our nation itself.¡± They are sure that they will be able to achieve their cherished desire of national reunification if all the Koreans in the north, south and overseas join hands irrespective of the difference in ideology, ideal, social system, party affiliation, religious belief and position.

They have got the experience of making a laudable history of united front: 70 years ago they formed the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland (ARF).

The ARF is the first anti-Japanese united national front organization in Korea, which was founded and led by President Kim Il Sung, father of socialist Korea, during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

Having elucidated the national problem from a new angle on the basis of the Juche idea and advanced the original idea of grand national unity in his early years, the President proposed the policy that it was necessary to rally all the patriotic forces against the Japanese imperialists while intensifying the armed struggle in order to vanquish the formidable imperialist Japan armed to the teeth. Then he gave wise guidance to the effort to implement the policy.

With all the preparations made, the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland was founded at Donggang, Fusong County, China, on May 5, 1936. The inauguration meeting acclaimed Kim Il Sung as chief of the organization.

It also adopted the 10-point program, rules consisting of 14 articles of the seven main chapters and three supplementary articles, and the inaugural declaration.

The 10-point program put forth the solution of the power problem as the foremost task of the Korean people, and advanced a number of political tasks including those of providing the people with democratic freedom and rights, making democratic social progress and protecting national rights of the overseas Koreans. It also suggested tasks for building a revolutionary army, socio-cultural tasks and the basic principle of independent foreign policy.

The rules of the organizations stipulated the title of the united front body, people admittable, fighting objective and the way to its realization, qualifications for membership, admission procedure, organizational form and structure, duties and rights of the members, organizational discipline, the special members¡¯ qualifications and admission procedure and tasks.

The inaugural declaration pronounced the fundamental political program and fighting tasks for achieving national liberation, and appealed to form ARF organizations in all places---both urban and rural---as soon as possible and achieve unity of the whole nation under the banner of the 10-point program of the ARF for the purpose of winning national liberation.

The ARF issued the journal Samil Wolgan as its organ.

It was a comprehensive and integral united front organization with a well-regulated system that was able to unite broad sections of anti-Japanese patriotic forces on the principle of democratic centralism and on the basis of a single program and rules. Also, it was a strong underground revolutionary organization that could conduct the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle in a more positive way.

The association organized lower echelons of diversified forms and titles suited to local areas and districts and given strata---all under the direction of the party committee of the Korean Revolutionary Army.

After foundation the ARF expanded all across Korea---northern, western, central and southern---and struck its roots in many Manchurian areas with huge Korean population, especially East Manchuria, and even in different parts of Japan. Since those who wanted to work for the implementation of the ARF¡¯s program with the cherished desire for national liberation associated themselves with the organization transcending the difference in sex, age, occupation, religious belief, locality, wealth, and party affiliation, the ARF developed into a pan-national body with hundreds of thousands of members in a short time.

Along with the work to expand and strengthen itself, the ARF closely rallied patriotic people of different strata behind General Kim Il Sung, commander of the  Korean People¡¯s Revolutionary Army, inspired them to the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle, and achieved to aid to KPRA and helping it with its activities. It also formed civilian armed groups, which made positive service to developing the anti-Japanese armed struggle in an expansive way.

The ARF performed an enduring feat in the struggle to overthrow the colonial rule forced by the Japanese imperialists and achieve Korea¡¯s liberation.

Reliant on the tradition and achievement of great national unity won by the ARF, the Korean people have victoriously promoted the effort for national prosperity and reunification since the country was divided into north and south by the United States along with liberation from the Japanese colonial rule. In April 1948 56 of the north and south Korean political parties and social organizations with different views and religious beliefs had a joint conference and declared their intention to win great national unity to the world. This is an event of special importance in the history of reunification movement of the Korean nation. In the 1990s the 10-Point Program of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation for the Reunification of the Country was proclaimed, and the Pan-National Alliance for Korea¡¯s Reunification was formed that is engaged in the work of uniting all the Koreans in the north, south and overseas in the front for national reunification.

Precious experiences and feats achieved by President Kim Il Sung, a peerless patriot, in realizing great unity of the nation is a treasure for the Korean nation and a solid foundation for great unity of the nation and reunification.  

With the beginning of a new millennium, there took place in Pyongyang in 2000 a historic summit meeting of the north and south, the first ever of its kind in the 55 years of national division, which adopted the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration that called for the independent solution of the reunification problem by a concerted efforts of the Koreans who are responsible for the problem.

Leader Kim Jong Il, the sun of the 21st century, said that it is his firm determination and will to achieve the great unity of the nation and reunify the country in our generation by defending and glorifying the great idea of overall national unity, rich experience and tradition left by President Kim Il Sung.

Leader Kim Jong Il leads the Koreans in the south, north and abroad to the road of great national unity and reunification, winning victory after victory with his Songun politics.

As there is the powerful weapon of great national unity based on rich experience of united national front movement and the fiery enthusiasm and fighting spirit of the Koreans who are determined to adhere to and carry out the June 15 Joint Declaration, the landmark of reunification, Korea is sure to become one again.

The Korean people who have patriotism should demonstrate the might of the Korean nation rallied under the banner of the June 15 joint declaration and open a new turning point of the reunification cause.


Socialism, unanimous intention and desire of humankind

The Pyongyang declaration ¡°Let Us defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism¡± that clarified truth, justness and inevitability of its ultimate victory enjoys positive support and warm response from the progressive political parties and revolutionary people of the world and serves as a banner and guiding principle encouraging confidence in victory and revolutionary spirit.

Over the past five years the declaration was signed by more than 20 political parties, including the Socialist Unionist Party of Syria, the Socialist Party of Mexico, the People¡¯s Rally for Socialism of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Misr Arab Socialist Party of Egypt. On the 15th anniversary of its publication the Marxist-Leninist Unification Community Party of the Kyrgyz People, the Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) and the People¡¯s Liberation Front of Sri Lanka expressed full support to the declaration. Signatories to the declaration now amount to over 270 political parties.

This proves that the historic Pyongyang declaration is demonstrating its great vitality in defending and advancing socialism.

The world progressive political parties highly praised the exploits performed by leader Kim Jong Il, who provided an action program for defending and advancing the socialist cause.

The chairman of the Communist Party of Soviet Union said that Kim Jong Il published many works clarifying the inevitability of the victory of the socialist cause  and saw that the Pyongyang Declaration be adopted in the 1990s when socialism collapsed, thus giving the humankind aspiring after justice and socialism the weapon of struggle and beacon of hope. He continued that Kim Jong Il is a symbol of the victory of the socialist cause and the independent cause of humankind. Led by him, the socialist cause of Korea wins victory after victory and a bright prospect is in store for the road of the independent cause.  

The mass media of world highly eulogize Korea led by leader Kim Jong Il becomes a center the struggle in carrying out the cause of socialism, the adoption of the Pyongyang Declaration is unthinkable apart from the outstanding, tested and seasoned leadership of H. E. Kim Jong Il. The international community highly praises H.E. Kim Jong Il as the great leader of socialist cause of the world. It is entirely his feats that the global socialist movement could be saved from crisis at the end of last century. He encouraged the progressive humankind which experienced frustrations due to collapse of socialism in former Soviet Union and other East European countries by publishing immortal works including ¡°Socialism Is A Science.¡± He consolidated north Korea as a fortress of socialism and led the world movement of reconstructing socialism. Consequently, the socialist movement of world entered a new era of revival and upsurge.       

Humankind aspiration for socialism will also be the main trend in the 21st century and the struggle of the progressive people to defend socialism will be further intensified. 


Wide propaganda of the Songun politics in south Korea


The Internet homepages of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration and other civic organizations posted articles praising the Songun politics titled ¡°Essence of Songun politics,¡± ¡°Characteristics of Songun politics,¡± ¡°Songun politics, a powerful socialist political mode,¡± ¡°Songun politics, politics of love for the people,¡± ¡°Political mode, reflecting lawful demands of the cause of socialism,¡± ¡°Political mode, reflecting the demand for defending independence, peace and justice of the world,¡± ¡°Songun politics, a guarantee for national reunification¡± and ¡°Songun solved the fundamental issue of building a thriving nation¡± from April 11 to 16.  

The Internet homepage of the South Headquarters of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country¡¯s Reunification posted articles from the Internet radio ¡°Voice of People¡± such as ¡°No June 15 joint declaration without the Songun politics¡± and ¡°Development course of Songun politics.¡±

The articles praising the Songun politics are widely disseminated among the south Korean people through the Internet.


Impact of Songun politics on south Koreans

More and more people in south Korea are lavishing praise on Songun politics with a better understanding of its validity and vitality.

A political professor wrote in his article entitled ¡°Songun politics and people¡¯s approach to it¡±:

¡°In Songun politics, army assumes a pacemaker position in state administration and plays a pivotal role in national defense and in ensuring people¡¯s well-being and national prosperity. It is an original mode of politics unprecedented in world history of politics. It prevents war and guarantees peace on the Korean Peninsula. That is why the south Korean people say it is not god but Songun politics of leader Kim Jong Il that defends peace on this land.¡±

A researcher at the south Korean institute of national affair recently gave a lecture under the title of ¡°The arms of the nation¡± in Seoul, where he said:

¡°North Korea¡¯s Songun politics exalts national dignity, implanting great national pride into the minds of the south Koreans. But for invincible Songun politics, the whole Korean territory would have been thrust into the whirlpool of north-targeted war of the US and the south Koreans annihilated. Songun politics is the life and dignity of the Korean nation.¡±

The south Korean people visualize the future of the nation in the might of Songun politics, saying ¡°Kim Jong Il¡¯s Songun politics is a politics of invincibility and an almighty treasured sword¡± and ¡°Thanks to this politics a thriving reunified country will be built on this land.¡±

Such organizations as Reunification Solidarity, the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for the Country¡¯s Reunification, the National Alliance for Democracy and Reunification and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions published statements, comments and appeals and posted them on the Internet. They said Kim Jong Il is the sun of Songun illumining the road towards national reunification on the strength of arms, national independence and dignity are guaranteed by dint of Songun and support for Songun is expression of patriotism and leads to peace and reunification.

In another development, civic organizations in south Korea held a seminar on Songun politics in Seoul.

Noting that the basic goal of Songun politics is to realize independence and reunification on the Korean Peninsula, the speakers said the US is being brought to its knees in the face-off with north Korea, which is the fruition of Songun politics.

These are token of the south Koreans¡¯ trust in the DPRK¡¯s Songun politics and the manifestation of their will to accomplish the historic cause of reunification by following this politics.