The independent reunification movement in the June 15 era is brisk


The south Korean people's struggle to realize the national reunification through the great national unity upholding the banner of ¡°By Our Nation Itself¡± gathered momentum on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.

Marking the historic day different reunification movement organizations in south Korea including the Solidarity for Realizing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration, the South Headquarters of Beomminryeun and the south Korean Federation of University Student Councils made public statements, resolutions and appeals to express their determination to further strengthen the national reconciliation and unity.

In particular, the Students¡¯ Movement Headquarters for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration asserted in a statement on June 15 that in the past 7 years since the joint declaration was published an epochal progress was made in the fields of national reconciliation and cooperation and the reunification movement, calling on all the people to turn out as one in the struggle to implement the joint declaration under the banner of ¡°By Our Nation Itself¡± thus glorifying the June 15 independent reunification era.

The statement indicated that to this end the north and the south should further strengthen the solidarity, alliance, unity and cooperation in conformity with the interests and willingness of the nation and wage the reunification movement more actively than ever before.

It also stressed that the youth and students, pacesetters and propellers of the future, will positively conduct activities to accelerate the national reunification holding high the banner of ¡°By Our Nation Itself¡±,


Anti-US struggle got fiercer

The patriotic people from different social standings who got raged by the atrocities of the GIs who mercilessly killed two schoolgirls Sin Hyo-sun and Sim Mi-seun 5 years ago, dynamically staged the anti-US struggle throughout south Korea.

- Memorial service and information exhibition for the two schoolgirls

The Solidarity for Realizing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration held a memorial service for the two schoolgirls on June 9 and stressed that all the people should continue the struggle until they expel the US troops from south Korea and realize the true independence, democracy and reunification. The participants staged a protest demo in front of the US Second Division base holding the posters calling for the withdrawal of the US troops.

The event of ¡°the Promise of Candlelight¡±, a memorial service on the 5th anniversary of the murder of Sin Hyo-sun and Sim Mi-seun took place on June 13 in Busan under the sponsorship of the Busan Committee for Promoting the Work of the 20th June Democratic Resistance.

Present there were members of the Busan People's Solidarity, Busan branch of the National Teachers¡¯ Union and the Busan Women¡¯s Association, students and civilians.

 Screened there was a video film that exposes the US brutal crimes.

The participants chanted slogans ¡°Let us wreak the grudge of Hyo-sun and Mi-seun!¡± and ¡°Let us punish the US killers and drive the US troops out!¡±.

The preparatory committee of the South Korean Alliance for Progress opened an anti-US information exhibition in Seoul on June 11. Exhibited there were posters commemorating the two murdered schoolgirls including ¡°Dear Faces¡± and ¡°Korean Peninsula Free of the GIs¡± and some others longing after the national reunification.

- Protest statement published

The South Korean Churches Center for Human Rights published a statement on June 12 to hold that the US occupation troops are continuously committing all sorts of crime such as violence and sexual attack and strongly demanded the revision of the unequal south Korea-US SOFA.

On June 13 the preparatory committee of the South Korean Alliance for Progress and the South Headquarters of Beomminryeun made public statement respectively.

The statements stressed that the wretched death of the two schoolgirls will remain a lasting rancor against the US troops and the US troops are the group of ringleaders and criminals that threatens peace.

 The statements stressed that they would energetically conduct the struggle to expel the US troops from this land by the concerted efforts of our nation itself in the June 15 reunification era.

- Anti-US solidarity rally held

Members of civic organizations including the All People Measure Committee to Check the Expansion of the US Military Base in Pyeongtaek, the People for Peace and Reunification, the Solidarity Association of the Organizations to Commemorate the National and Democratic Martyrs and Victims and the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy held the 93rd anti-US solidarity rally near the US embassy in Seoul on June 12.

The participants bitterly denounced the shuddering crimes of the US troops who brutally killed two schoolgirls Sin Hyo-sun and Sim Mi-seun 5 years ago and called to stage the all-people struggle to disband the ¡°UN Forces Command¡± and drive the US troops out of south Korea asserting that no reunification without the pullout of the US troops.