For the Final Victory in the Struggle against the US and Lee Myung-bak


On the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the June Popular Uprising there took place on June 10 one-million candlelight march for judging the Lee Myung-bak regime, the biggest one in history of south Korea.

The candlelight march which was staged in 80-odd areas with participation of one million people for the renegotiation on the import of American beef and the step-down of the Lee regime is an all-people struggle, the biggest one since the June Popular Uprising of 1987, and strikingly demonstrated the fighting spirit of the uprisers who fought 21 years ago against the fascist dictatorship and for the democratic rights.

- In Seoul 700,000 people from different social strata including workers, farmers, teachers, religious men, students, primary, middle and high school children, housewives, white-collars and men of culture and art took part in the grand candlelight march.

The participants sang songs and chanted slogans such as ��Totally renegotiate!��, ��Judge Lee Myung-bak!�� vying each other to take the rostrum and condemn traitor Lee��s crimes.

An appeal made public at the rally asserted that they order the Lee government to nullify the negotiations on import of American beef and begin an overall renegotiation by June 20. It declared that if the government refuses this order the people with candlelight would turn out in the uprising to oust the current regime.

After the rally the participants staged demos in different directions shouting slogans ��Lee Myung-bak, step down right now!��, ��The people surely win!��, etc.

Meanwhile, commemorating functions on the 21st anniversary of the June Popular Uprising and memorial services for martyr Lee Han-ryul were held in various parts of Seoul, labor, religion and academic circles and other strata published declarations on the current situation and car drivers staged honking demos in mid-day in a token of protest.

- The candlelight struggles to judge traitor Lee Myung-bak were staged fiercely in different parts of south Korea.

In Gwangju a candlelit rally was held with participation of 20,000 people from different social standings.

The participants there condemned traitor Lee��s crimes holding up placards denouncing its anti-people policies such as the import of American beef, privatization of public sectors and education policy and watched video materials on the June Popular Uprising.

A candlelit march in Busan was attended by 20,000 citizens and students.

They stressed that they would continue the candlelight rally inheriting the spirit of the June 10 Popular Uprising against the military regime till an overall renegotiation is begun.

Grand candlelit marches were also staged in some 80 cities and counties including Daegu, Daejeon, Ryusu, Gyungju, Chungju, Chuncheon and Jeju Island.

The participants demanded traitor Lee Myung-bak launch a renegotiation on import of American beef at once not deceiving the people any longer, and chanted slogans ��Down with the dictatorship!��, ��Let us put the current regime on the people's trial with the shouts of June!�� and ��Lee Myung-bak regime which looks down on the people, step down!��.

The AINDF and the people from different social strata will hold the candlelight higher and more vigorously fight for the final victory in the struggle against the US and Lee Myung-bak until the Lee regime surrenders with confidence of sure victory and militant will.