Unparalleled Political Elder


The June 19 is a historic day when leader Kim Jong Il started work at the Central Committee of the Workersí» Party of Korea.

That Kim Jong Il started work there on June 19, 1964, 44 years ago, reflecting the high aim of President Kim Il Sung and the ardent desire of the Korean people was of paramount significance in realizing the modeling of the whole society on the Juche idea, consolidating the unity and cohesion of the party and accomplishing the cause of the countryí»s reunification and the global independence.

Kim Jong Il built the WPK into a party in which the inheritance and monolithic character of the ideology and leadership were firmly realized and the spirit of devotedly defending the leader was prevailed, a party which shoulders the responsibility of the people's destiny and faithfully serves them, and an ever-victorious vanguard unit which safeguards the sovereignty of the nation and the country and promotes the national prosperity through the energetic leadership.

Particularly he indicated that the most powerful revolutionary line and political mode of Songun, which represent the independent era, are held fast to permanently, thus ensured that the independence cause of humankind advances along the road of victory.

Therefore, the progressives over the world today highly praise Kim Jong Il who illuminates the road ahead of the times with the energetic ideo-theoretical activities and outstanding leadership as the master of the contemporary politics and unparalleled political elder.

The south Korean people also hardly repress their admiration for the leadership ability of him who reliably defended the dignity and sovereignty of the country and nation from the pernicious and persisting moves of the imperialist allied forces to isolate and stifle the DPRK, and opens up a turning phase of the reunification movement by the great unique Songun politics, full of boundless national pride and jubilation.

Indeed, it is the greatest happiness and glory of the Korean nation to hold Kim Jong Il admired by the world as a prominent political elder on high esteem at the head of the nation.

The vanguard fighters of the AINDF and the patriotic south Korean people will faithfully uphold the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il and bring about a fresh leap in the reunification movement with the unshakable confidence that the countryí»s reunification and the bright future of the nation are guaranteed by holding in high esteem and following him as the leader of the nation.