President Kim Il Sung's Teachings on the Greatness of Leader Kim Jong Il




In our country Comrade Kim Jong Il has been giving wise leadership to all the work of the Party, state and army; the problem of ensuring continuity of leadership has thus been brilliantly solved.


In our country now Party work is successful, state work is successful, military operations are successful and socialist construction is successful under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il.


Comrade Kim Jong Il has been engaged in ideological and theoretical activities with an unusually strong spirit of inquiry and energy, brightening our Party��s Juche idea as the great guiding ideology of the age of independence.


In other words, he has cultivated the Juche idea, the seed which I had planted in the soil of our people and developed, into a thriving crop and has gathered a rich harvest, so to speak.


Comrade Kim Jong Il strengthens the Party and enhances its leadership role as the main link in the whole chain of leading the revolution and construction.


Under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, our revolution ushered in a new period of upsurge.

Since he assumed leadership, a new change has taken place in all areas of political, economic and cultural work as well as in Party work.



Comrade Kim Jong Il's leadership has brought about a new change also in building up the revolutionary armed forces.

In line with the Juche-orientated policy of building the army, he stepped up the work of the Party's political and ideological education, established the Juche-orientated military command system by which the entire army moves as one under the Party��s leadership, and made the People's Army truly the army of the Party, the army of the revolution.


Comrade Kim Jong Il has unbreakable will, audacity, outstanding strategic intelligence and the art of military leadership worthy of the supreme commander of the revolutionary armed forces. This is the guarantee for the continuous development of our revolutionary armed forces and their victory in every battle.


Comrade Kim Jong Il has all the best qualities required of the people��s leader.


Comrade Kim Jong Il has the virtue of respecting his seniors in the revolution.

He respects and gives prominence to the veteran revolutionaries, my comrades-in-arms in the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, and takes meticulous care of them in and out of work. He looks after retired veterans, providing them with good clothing and sending them to holiday homes every year to keep them in good health.


Comrade Kim Jong Il takes care of the workers, farmers, intellectuals and all the other sections of the population in his embrace, puts them forward as the masters of our society and leads them to play their role as masters.


I can say that love for and trust in his revolutionary comrades and the people are the basic characteristics of Comrade Kim Jong Il��s statesmanship.


Because Comrade Kim Jong Il carries forward our revolutionary cause splendidly, everything in our country is going successfully at present and will proceed with success in the future as well. The era of Kim Jong Il is glorious today and will be more prosperous and resplendent in the future. Our revolution has a really great future.