Brilliant 47 Years of the Songun Revolutionary Leadership


August 25, 1960 was the day when great leader comrade Kim Jong Il left the first footprint of the long-journey of Songun.

That day Kim Jong Il provided a field-guidance to the KPA Guard Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Tank Division No. 105.

The historic Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader commenced from that field-guidance has been carried forward with the shining annals in which it strengthened and developed the KPA into the army of the leader and Party and the matchless invincible army.

Kim Jong Il��s Songun revolutionary leadership for nearly half a century is shining as an ever-victorious history.

The great exploits of leader Kim Jong Il who put up the People's Army as the standard-bearer and main force of the Songun revolution and gave the priority to strengthening the army in a bid to give full play to the might of the army are getting more brilliant as the days go by.

Leader Kim Jong Il has always found himself among servicepersons and incomparably exalted the politico-ideological might of the revolutionary army through his legendary loving care of and boundless trust in them.

He thoroughly armed the KPA with the peculiar military strategy and tactics in accordance with the modern warfare and strengthened the military and technical preparedness of the army, developing it into a matchless strong army.

The spirit of devotedly defending the headquarters of the revolution, the very life and soul of the KPA, the blood-tied harmony based on the revolutionary comradeship from the Supreme Commander to the soldiers, the Party��s firm commandership of the army; all of these precious achievements are the greatest feats Kim Jong Il has performed for over 40 years of his Songun revolutionary leadership.

Kim Jong Il��s great Songun revolutionary leadership is the banner of all victories.

Thanks to his Songun revolutionary leadership the sovereignty and dignity of the Korean nation are secured, peace and security of the Korean Peninsula are guaranteed and Korea��s reunification and the victory of the cause of global independence are also sure to come.

Therefore, the south Korean people reverentially extend the highest respect to leader Kim Jong Il who registered the great 40-odd-year-long history of Songun revolution.

Now the south Korean media are vying each other to widely introduce the tested leadership art of Kim Jong Il who is reliably defending the destiny of the country and nation and wisely leading the independent reunification movement to victory with the ever-victorious Songun revolutionary leadership.

And the broad segments of the patriotic people are highly praising the greatness of the Songun politics.