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National Reunification Committee


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Dear comrades,

We’re much pleased to extend you our warm greetings and high appreciations.

The South Korea-US Combined Military Command announced that it would stage a joint military exercise codenamed “Ulji Freedom Guardian”, the first of its kind led by the south Korean army, from 18 to 22 of August in south Korea.

Some 10 000 US imperialist troops based abroad and in south Korea, armed with the latest war hardware, and hundreds of thousands south Korean force are to participate in it with a lot of combat equipment.

This joint military drill is a provocative war rehearsal against the DPRK with a new signboard over the “Ulji Focus Lens” exercise that the US and south Korean armies had staged annually since the mid-1970s.

The bellicose forces in the US and south Korea are scheming to threat north Korea by means of strength and to examine and round off the operational capabilities for their nuclear preemptive strike on north Korea in a comprehensive way through this war drill.

Now the entire Korean nation and the world conscience wish the earlier realization of peaceful reunification in the Korean Peninsula through the earnest implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.

So the plan of the US and south Korean war hawks to stage an aggressive war drill aiming at mounting preemptive attack on north Korea is a grave military provocation and wicked challenge to the Korean nation and the progressive humankind in the world, desirous of peace and reunification.

Due to the rash saber-rattling of the US and south Korean war hawks the tense situation of the Korean Peninsula is getting more aggravated, the danger of a nuclear war increases day by day, and the inter-Korean relations reach an irretrievable face-off.

Lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula is the unanimous desire of the Korean nation, and the fundamental precondition for the unity and reunification of the nation at the same time.

Though the US and south Korean war maniacs are trying hard to justify their criminal acts by propagandizing the upcoming war exercise as “defensive”, the aggressive nature of it cannot be concealed.

The north-targeted war drills daily conducted by the US imperialists and the south Korean belligerent force in the sky, ground and sea, and the aerial espionage acts are intensifying more and more, further aggravating the danger of war, timing to coincide with the advent of the pro-US conservative Lee Myong-bak regime in south Korea.

The reality glaringly shows that “dialogue”, “peace” and “improved relations” much touted by the US and the Lee group are nothing but an empty talk, and their real aim is confrontation and war.

The US and south Korean war hawks must contemplate the disastrous consequences to be entailed by their reckless war provocative moves, and stop at once the “Ulji Freedom Guardian” drill and the arms buildup.

The AINDF and the south Korean people from different strata are vigorously conducting the struggle to smash the war moves of the bellicose forces for invading north Korea and to drive the US aggression troops out of south Korea.

Availing ourselves of this opportunity we express the expectation and belief that your esteemed organization that pays deep attention and renders positive support to the Korean people's cause of national reunification would conduct positive solidarity actions denouncing the north-targeted war moves of the US imperialists and south Korean war maniacs.

The actions may include the publishing of relevant press release and statement and sending protest letters to the White House and the south Korean regime.

With our sincere comradely regards,

National Reunification Committee of the C.C of AINDF

August 11, Juche 97(2008)