Songun Korea will shine forever


September 9 is a meaningful day when the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea, motherland of Songun, was founded.

President Kim Il Sung, legendary hero, liberated Korea through bloody struggle against Japan for two decades with his firm determination not to return home until Korea is liberated.   

He successfully realized the historic cause of founding the Party and army after returning in triumph by dedicating his all to build new Korea.

The President energetically led the work to found the democratic people¡¯s republic of Korea at the same time. The work of establishing the constitution of the Republic, the enactment of the name of country, national emblem, national flag, national anthem and, the South-North General Elections for founding the republic had been successfully achieved by wise leadership of the President.

The Korean people became master of the state and society, independent and creative people that carve out their destiny independently and dignified people that no one dare to provoke for the first time in history of the Korean nation as President Kim Il Sung founded the DPRK on September 9, 1948. Since then north Korea has exercised its influence in the world as a sovereign state, holding higher the banner of Juche.             

President Kim Il Sung defended sovereignty of the nation and led the government along the road of Juche without slightest deviation in the fierce confrontation with the enemies at home and abroad. Consequently, north Korea became a socialist powerful country independence in politics, self-sustenance in the economy and self-defense in defense and, the people-centered country.

President Kim Il Sung laid solid political, military and economic foundation for the accomplishment of the Juche cause by building an independent and popular socialist power and wisely leading it to victory in the country where the confrontation between revolutionary and counter-revolutionary forces were fiercer. This is the immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung performed for bright future of the country and people and the independence cause of the world.       

The cause of building the country is being carried out by leader Kim Jong Il, a peerless brilliant commander of Songun.

The leadership history of building the country of the leader is brightened as the immortal annals of developing the country of Juche and a powerful nation in ideology, politics and military that is shining with the august name of President Kim Il Sung.   

Noting that building a prosperous and powerful country is the intention and cause of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il said that we should build the country true to intention of the President and glorify Kim Il Sung¡¯s Korea.   

By tireless leadership of leader Kim Jong Il, who has dedicated his all to building a thriving nation and happiness and security of the people, north Korea is highlighted as socialist powerful nation.      

Thanks to leader Kim Jong Il¡¯s outstanding politics, north Korea won victory after victory soundless war with the allied imperialists headed by the US and could defend its idea, system and the Juche cause of socialism, bringing earlier the dawn of a thriving nation.

Now the north Korean people are opening a heyday of Juche socialism on the strength of Songun, rallied around leader Kim Jong Il, the sun of Songun, and achieving the building of a prosperous, great and powerful country and the cause of Korea¡¯s reunification. This is the true picture of the DPRK and it guarantees ever-victorious future of the Korean revolution.

Long live the 59th founding anniversary of the DPRK that is demonstrating its dignity under the Songun politics.