Having the desire of national reunification


Realizing Korea¡¯s reunification at the earliest date is an ardent desire of Kim Jong Suk, a woman hero of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

It was her faith that nobody is qualified to say he or she fulfilled their duties of revolutionary soldiers before completely achieving reunification and independence of the country.

Kim Jong Suk said to President Kim Il Sung to this effect on August 1946: We fought against the Japanese imperialists to liberate the whole Korea not a half part of Korea. The President clarified subversion of the Japanese imperialist rule and establishment of a genuine people¡¯s government, confiscation of all enterprises, factories, mines and farms owned by Japanese and pro-Japanese traitors, enforcement of an eight-hour work and materialization of women emancipation in the Ten-point Program of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland. We fought against the Japanese army to realize the program in the whole part of Korea.

As she had such a thoroughgoing will for reunification she left aside all for the country¡¯s reunification saying when all the Korean people live happily in a reunified country she would take one whenever anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters requested her to have a suit of clothes after the country¡¯s liberation.

She said to an official that the US is dead set against the country¡¯s reunification. She continued to say: The US is going to establish a separate government in south Korea in order to divide the country and make the south Koreans colonial slaves.

Why on earth the US came to Korea and engaged themselves in evil-doings.

The Koreans are able to solve their issues by themselves.

We should drive the US out of south Korea and realize country¡¯s reunification by ourselves, she stressed.     

Kim Jong Suk implanted transparent consciousness of national independence deep in the heart of the people that the complete reunification and liberation of the country should be realized by the strong arms of the nation.

She visited Samil Lagoon together with President Kim Il Sung at the end of September 1947.

A flock of wild duck flew to the lagoon.

The President gave her a pistol to shoot.

She pulled the trigger of the pistol without aiming. A wild duck fluttered its wings and fell senseless. The people there admired her excellent marksmanship.

At that time, she said in following vein: You say my marksmanship is unchanged. Marksmanship of a revolutionary soldier led by General Kim Il Sung should not be changed because the revolution is unfinished. The country was liberated, however, the situation is still tense. The US troops that occupied south Korea are trying to make south Korea its colony and waiting a good opportunity to invade the whole of Korea. The prevailing situation of the country urges us to make full preparation to protect the country from the invasion of the enemies. All the people should know well how to use the guns in order to safeguard the country.            

Her gunshot implied her noble intention not to lay down the arms as long there remain enemies in Korea.  It was her revolutionary truth and faith cherished from the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and eruption of her strong volition that the country should be reunified by the united strength of the Korean nation.    

Her noble exploits will shine forever in the history of Korea¡¯s reunification.