Congratualtions to the 62nd anniversary of the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea and

the 10th anniversary of the acclamation of leader Kim Jong Il as the General Secretary of the WPK


The Workers¡¯ Party of Korea has recorded 62 years of history.

The 60-odd years history of the WPK is the glorious annals in which the WPK is led by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, the peerless great men, and victorious chapter of the history of a revolutionary party remarkable in the world history of politics.

On the basis of the formation of the Down-with-Imperialism Union, the first party organization-the Society for Rallying Comrades and the Party Committee of the Korean People¡¯s Revolutionary Army in the anti-Japanese struggle, President Kim Il Sung, rendered brilliant exploits of founding the headquarters of the Korean revolution for the first time in history of the Korean nation by founding the WPK after Korea¡¯s liberation.

The President led the WPK with the revolutionary Juche idea and independent lines without deviation for decades, confronting with imperialist and dominationists who force humiliating domination and subordination. He built a dignified, prosperous and socialist paradise in the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea by successfully realizing the two stages of social revolution, wining victory in the war against imperialism and the US, and successfully carrying out the socialist industrialization and the historic tasks of Songun.

Leader Kim Jong Il adds brilliance to President Kim Il Sung¡¯s immortal exploits for founding the party. He strengthened the WPK to the Party of President Kim Il Sung, single-minded rank and vanguard of the Songun revolutionary leadership by transforming the whole party and society after the Juche idea and carrying out the cause of the President¡¯s eternity.    

The WPK led by leader Kim Jong Il discharges its mission to build a thriving nation, defend national sovereignty, achieve independent Korea¡¯s reunification and accomplish the cause of global independence by fully playing a bearer for accomplishing the cause of Juche revolution and Songun revolution. .    

October 8 will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the acclamation of leader Kim Jong Il as the General Secretary of the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea (WPK).

The last ten years manifest the leadership of Kim Jong Il is the source of the WPK¡¯s invincibility.

His leadership adds glory to the WPK¡¯s guiding idea.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il developed the Songun idea in depth, based on the Juche idea, to meet the demand of the new time. He clarified the theory that the army is just the Party, the state and the people; he maintained the principle of putting the army rather than the working class in the position of the pillar, the main force of the socialist cause. He also elucidated the line of economic construction in the Songun era, that is, giving priority to the development of the national defense industry. He, thus, made the Songun politics the main mode of socialist politics.

The WPK has been able to give fuller play to its might of single-hearted unity under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

The single-hearted unity between the army and the people centering on the party is the guarantee of the WPK¡¯s invincibility. Supported by the unity, the WPK has been victorious in the battle for socialist defense for the decade and brought about a miraculous reality of building a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

The Workers¡¯ Party of Korea will remain invincible as long as it is led by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Cheers of ¡°Long live great Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Party!¡± resound on the planet.  

Indeed, President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il are brilliant symbol of all victories and glory of the WPK and history of the WPK is the glorious history shining with the august names of the peerless great men.

Glory to the WPK, vanguard party of the Songun era!