Kim Jong Il highly lauded in south Korea


The Solidarity for Implementing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration on September 18 produced a special video CD praising leader Kim Jong Il.

The first scene of the CD presents the words: ¡°To correctly understand Chairman Kim Jong Il is the first step toward reunification.¡±

It tells about the birth of Kim Jong Il, the bright star over Mt. Paektu, and his childhood and recounts that he was acclaimed on top of the headquarters of the Korean revolution and has led the DPRK-US confrontation to victory by his Songun politics. And it conveys world public voices praising his greatness.

Prior to this, the Solidarity for Implementing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration, the National Alliance for Democracy and Reunification and the South Headquarters of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country¡¯s Reunification on September 16 posted on their Internet homepages ¡°Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il, Illustrious Commander Born of Heaven¡± (1), an article published by the Seoul Citizens Committee for the Study of General Kim Jong Il in south Korea.

It continued that from ancient times, there is a wise general, a brave general, a general of virtue. A general who go war with rival must have wisdom. That is why ancestors treasured a wise general.

The greatest resourceful generals in the history of the Korean nation are President Kim Il Sung who waged the anti-Japanese armed struggle and defeat the Japanese army to liberate the country and leader Kim Jong Il defeated the US styling itself as the ¡°superpower¡± in the world in 1990s.

The Chairman is the leader who directs the history of the Korean nation toward national independence.       

The article consists of four parts.

Its first part said that his gift and stratagem in his childhood had already startled adults. Its second part noted that he became thinker, theoretician, and strategist of varied attainments who had been already recognized by the world when he was young.

His stratagem led confrontation with the US to victory in the 1990s, its third part said and went on:

He provided a new milestone for the progressive people of the world.

The difficulty north Korea faced at that time is not a matter of the country itself but a barrier faced before the independent movement of the world.   

He authored famous work ¡°Socialism Is a Science¡± in which he indicated the orientation of reviving the socialist movement and leading it to victory on the basis of the Juche idea, thereby arousing admiration of many progressive thinkers and enabling north Korea to occupy the strong position as the world¡¯s ideological power.

He led north Korea¡¯s confrontation with the US to victory.

He led soundless war with the US with gun and comradeship cemented by the strength of Songun and through the political and diplomatic offensive based on it. Under the wise leadership of the Chairman, who has skillful diplomacy, the US knelt its knees before north Korea.    

Referring to this marvelous stratagem of Kim Jong Il, the US confessed that it lacks such strategy but north Korea has a consistent strategy and does not miss an opportunity. It noted with surprise that Kim Jong Il¡¯s judgment is correct and his resolution is firm and his strike is merciless.

The experts who watched the whole process of the DPRK-US showdown in the 1990s praised that the US was on the palm of north Korea and his diplomatic talent is art.

The article in its fourth part said about the leader who leads the struggle for peace and independent reunification on the strength of the Songun politics. It continued that as it is led by Kim Jong Il, the most wise general, the Korean nation could escape war disasters and look forward to a rosy future of reunification. That is why all the members of the nation are confident that he is, indeed, the most illustrious commander in the history of the Korean nation and the sun indicating the way of independent reunification, it stressed.