Kim Jong Il highly lauded as a great leader for Korea¡¯s reunification and prosperity in south Korea


The south Korean prominent figures and people from all social standings highly eulogize leader Kim Jong Il, the sun of the nation and a peerless great man, with   the inter-Korean summit meeting held in October this year which opened a new turning point for the north-south relations and Korea¡¯s reunification.

¡°I don't know how to express my emotion when leader Kim Jong Il appeared at the place to receive Roh Moo-hyun.

He is really a great man. His active manner of walking, sunny feature-a wave of jubilation will sweep in south Korea like the June 15 summit meeting in 2000,¡± a journalist of south Korea said with emotion.

¡°I cannot find a word to express my feelings when I met leader Kim Jong Il and shook hand with him,¡± ¡°He is warmhearted, bold and broad-minded leader,¡± ¡°Indeed, he is a great general and great man¡± and ¡°He is popular, open-hearted and courteous man. I keenly felt it through functions,¡± members of the south side delegation who visited Pyongyang said.

A journalist said that the independent politics of leader Kim Jong Il attracts the world. The politicians in south Korean and the world should learn from leader Kim Jong Il. A businessman said that good health of leader Kim Jong Il guarantees good relations between the north and south and the inter-Korean economic cooperation.

The south Korean people from all walks of life admire the reality of north Korea in which the people rallied around the leader.

A representative from a women¡¯s organization said that the north Korean people unanimously praise their leader, calling him ¡°our leader¡± and ¡°our general.¡± ¡°It is true feature of the north Korean people that they highly respect and follow their leader, when the scene is broadcasted, the fever of worshipping leader Kim Jong Il will be prevalent across south Korea,¡± a south Korean figure said it after seeing the Pyongyang citizens gave leader Kim Jong Il hearty cheers.

The south Korean Internet papers widely introduced cheering people watching historic meeting of the leaders of the north and south through TV.

Seoul citizens at the waiting room of the Seoul Station at 12 PM on October 2 exclaimed when leader Kim Jong Il appeared at the April 25 House of Culture, a south Korean Internet paper ¡°Voice of People¡± carried an article titled ¡°Exclamation at the Seoul Station when the two leaders meet¡±. It reported that passersby hurrahed or showed their tears and took photograph while watching TV. More than 500 Busan citizens stood up to welcome leader Kim Jong Il when he appeared at the plaza. Some people gave way to tears or some people waved the flag of reunification and some people were in joy, playing choochoo.  

The south Korean people highly praise leader Kim Jong Il as the peerless great man born of Heaven and the great leader to lead the Korean nation to reunification and prosperity.

Kim Jong Il, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK, is the bravest general


The Seoul Citizens¡¯ Committee for the Study of General Kim Jong Il posted the second installment of the article titled ¡°Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il, Illustrious Commander¡± on the Internet homepage of the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration on September 28.

The article praised Kim Jong Il as the bravest general startling the world with the grit of Mt. Paektu.

The article said that Mt. Paektu is called as a mysterious mountain as it has vast sphere, its geographical features is majestic and its scenery is magnificent from ancient time. Mt. Paektu with mysterious rocks and cliffs and sea of trees is snow-capped all the year round. The graceful shape of the mountain is just like mien of Chairman Kim Jong Il, a possessor of matchless courage and pluck.   

The article in its first part said that his pluck and grit remind one of Mt. Paektu.

He was born in Mt. Paektu and grew up to be a general of Mt. Paektu type under the care of heroes of Paektu, it noted, adding he acquired the grit and spirit of Mt. Paektu, guided by the patriotic teachings given by President Kim Il Sung and  Kim Jong Suk who struck a million-strong ¡°Kwantung Army¡± of the Japanese imperialist with fear.

The article in its second part referred to the fact that he was possessed of extraordinary quality and grit in his childhood.

It wrote that he cultivated courage of brave general from young age, overcoming unimaginable difficulties and trials.

It praised that he acquired wisdom and strategy of brilliant commander, and courage of Mt. Paektu before the operational table of the Supreme Headquarters in the Korean War and praised that he had pluck and disposition of brave general early in his teens unparallel with adult.         

The article in its third part stressed that the victory won in the confrontation with the US without gunfire was that of his pluck and grit.

The showdown between the DPRK and the US after ceasefire of the Korean War was ever-victorious history during which he won victories with his courage and grit. He enjoys worldwide fame as an ever-victorious brilliant commander unprecedented in history since he started the work in the WPK in the 1960s, the article noted.      

The DPRK-US confrontation that followed the ¡°Panmunjom Incident¡± in 1976 was one of many examples proving his pluck and grit, it said.

He instructed the creative work of the music and dance tale ¡°Song of Paradise¡± with composure at the Pyongyang Grand Theater when the tense situation was prevailed owing to the US belligerent force¡¯s move to provoke a war against north Korea. Consequently, the showdown resulted in sweeping triumph of Chairman Kim Jong Il.  

The history of the nuclear standoff between the DPRK and the US in the 1990s is, in a word, the history of victory won in the struggle for defending national independence thanks to his pluck and grit, it noted, stressing that there are too many anecdotes to tell about his trait as a brave general at that time.

The article in its fourth part praised him for leading the Koreans to achieve independent reunification.

Thanks to his Songun politics a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity has come to the Korean Peninsula, it added. It continued that the Songun politics is a crystallization of faith, will and pluck of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the bravest general.

The article stressed that he opens up a new chapter of the history of the Korean nation and humankind on the strength of Songun, frustrating war maneuvers of the US with strategy and tactics of brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, it continued.

¡°The victory of the Korean nation is certain and the great event of the reunification of the country is coming nearer. He leads the entire Korean nation to the bright future to build a reunified powerful country. The future of the Korean nation is bright for having Chairman Kim Jong Il, the bravest general and brilliant commander of Songun, on the highest post of the nation.      

President Kim Il Sung foretold in his lifetime that the 21st century will shine as Kim Jong Il¡¯s century.

The prediction was marvelous and it proved right.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, the greatest man in the 21st century, opens up a new prospects for the world humanity.

As President Kim Il Sung predicted, the 21st century will be the century of General Kim Jong Il and the Korean nation.¡±