10 Years Since the Demise of President KIM IL SUNG:
Time Will Never Diminish  the Stature  of  the Father of Juche and  a Peerless Military Strategist !!!
President KIM IL SUNG holds a young KIM JONG IL
On the 10th Anniversary of the Demise of Great Leader KIM IL SUNG

July 2th marked the anniversary of the demise, of President KIM IL SUNG, who held the International Communist Movement togetherr, during its most trying and yet sucessful times. Looking at the state of affairs in the west, which works to build principled popular resistance to the reactionary enemies of our era, his immortal feats, the crown of which is his Juche Idea, often act as our ideological compass. The is no ideological reserve more undertapped and fully understood, that that of the Socialist Korean Example.  It is no accident that socialism is vibrant in Korea today, standing firmer against US Imperialism than anyforce on earth. Rather, things are a product of the methodology used to create them, are they not? It is our job and duty as revolutionaries, to bring about these examples, to bring about Juche, creatively appliing it to our concrete conditions.

Comrade KIM IL SUNG brilliantly adopted Marxist-Leninism to Korean Conditions, against the backdrop of great-powers chauvenism, and ensured a Korean-style Socialism. More than this, he pioneer a new mode, which for the first time in history, answered the question, "Humanity who are you?".  As having lead the military defeat of Japanese Colonialism and US Imperialism, he was truely Sun Tzu and Aristotle in one man, who deeply loved the masses, and who created a philosophy of action, were all others failed to find a way to incorporate themselves into the lives of the overwhelming majority of the world' s freedom-seeking masses, in practice.

Comrade KIM JONG Il has correctly pointed out that the Songun Revolutionary line would be unthinkable with the historic experiances of the KIM IL SUNG -led Anti-Japanese Guerrillas and without the Juche Idea. Ten Years later, and imperialism continues to show its ever crafty and militaristic designs. Ten Years later, and the DPRK, even now, in fact even more now, is the leading force against the US Imperialist and for the cause of building Socialism centered on the masses. Is not KIM JONG IL a communist leader of the KIM IL SUNG type. Like Father, like son,  as Socialist Korea wins victory after victory, under the red flag of Juche.

Their are those in the west, which do not fully understand the DPRK, which are unfortunately influence by the consistance stream of lies coming from the US imperialist press. Let us win these brothers and sisters to a principled stance on the DPRK, and let us stand as one for our liberation were we live. Their are those in the west, spewing imperialist ideology and rhetoric, which mock us time and time again. Let us militantly defy them, and  hold aloof the Portraits of the Three Great Generals of Mt. Baekdu.

---John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA),

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