Kim Jong Il, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK, is the greatest man of virtue


The Seoul Citizens�� Committee for the Study of General Kim Jong Il posted the third installment of the article titled ��Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il, Peerless Brilliant Commander�� on the Internet homepage of the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration on September 29.

The article in its first part said that Chairman Kim Jong Il of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK has a disposition of loving the people. His love for the people implants patriotism to the people and leads them to enjoy worthwhile life. His politics does not change with the passage of times but is consistently maintained in the whole process of the politics, it noted.

The article in its second part said that his love for and trust in the people are endless and he gives priority to the interests and welfare of the people in mapping out policy of the Workers�� Party of Korea and in its implementation, the article said.

Referring to the fact that he thinks of the people above anything else and spares nothing for the working people, the north Korean people regard his politics as the politics of love and the WPK as the embrace of mother, it stressed.

The article in its third part said that Chairman Kim Jong Il administers the Songun politics by uniting the KPA with great love for and trust in the soldiers.

His Songun politics is comprehensively manifested in his love for the soldiers. The Songun politics, the main political mode of north Korea, is the one that solve all the problems in the country by putting forward the army as the main agent.

The fact proves Chairman Kim Jong Il reposes his trust in the servicemen.  

He loves young men who have a strong sense of justice.

Under his love, heroic feats of Ri Su Bok and An Yong Ae, who dedicated their lives for the country in the Korean War, shine still now.

The servicemen of the KPA display the revolutionary spirit of soldiers because chairman Kim Jong Il bestows warm love to the soldiers.

He goes to every place where the soldiers live. He looked round a water tunnel in the Anbyon Youth Power Station, inspected the KPA units situated near the enemy��s posts and the truce village of Panmunjeom.

He regards it as an important work to acquaint himself with the living conditions of the soldiers, looking round stores and kitchens when he inspects the KPA units.

What is peculiar in his inspection tours to the KPA units is that he takes care of everything related to the lives of the soldiers, the article wrote.

The Songun politics is just Chairman Kim Jong Il��s politics of trust and love. The politics produces single-minded unity of soldier and people stronger than nuclear bomb, it added.                

The article in its fourth part said that Chairman Kim Jong Il adds brilliance to the independent era with the comradeship.

He is a paragon of comradeship and the greatest man of virtue who is prudent of destiny of a person takes the responsibility of it.

The north Korean servicemen and people formed the rank of single-hearted unity and launch Songun offensive against the US, chanting ��Long Live General Kim Jong Il!�� who takes care of comrades with trust and love, the article noted.   

Chairman Kim Jong Il, who materializes the independence cause with his trust and love, is literally the supreme incarnation of trust and love and led by him victory is in store for the Korean nation and independent movement of the world, it stressed.