Undying exploits left in Panmunjeom for Korea¡¯s reunification


There is Panmunjeom, the truce village, on division line between the south and the north of Korea. It is a place of acute showdown between the south Korean and the US troops and the Korean People¡¯s Army for 50-odd years.

Leader Kim Jong Il, the sun of Korea¡¯s reunification, made historic inspection to Panmunjeom on November 24, 1996.

He told the officials who eagerly asked him not to go to Panmunjeom that he is the son of guerillas, he was born in Mt. Baekdu and grown up hearing gun sound of the anti-Japanese revolution, he cemented the revolutionary conviction in the storms of the struggle for liberating the country from his parents and cultivated volition and courage of commander in the Fatherland Liberation War against the US and he would go wherever his soldiers live.

The officials looked up to him who expressed his iron will and rare courage.

When Kim Jong Il headed for Panmunjeom, dark cloud gathered and the fog thickened gradually enough unable to distinguish the surround of Panmunjeom.

It was a mysterious natural phenomenon as if the sky safeguards him who inspected Panmunjeom with patriotic resolution. The fog thickened densely around Panmunjeom as the time went by.

Kim Jong Il, who came in front of the monument to the autograph of President Kim Il Sung, stood for a while.

He recollected that it was a document related to the country¡¯s reunification that President signed in his last time of life, the President saw the thick documents without rest and signed his name and wrote the date under it ¡°July 7, 1994.¡±

The President¡¯s autograph is only nine letters in Korean. However, it is great that thousand letters cannot substitute the President¡¯s short autograph, he said.

The leader went to the Panmun Pavilion to acquaint himself with the movement of the enemy. He went to the monument to the autograph of President Kim Il Sung with officials and recalled the immortal exploits of the President for the country¡¯s reunification.

The autograph left by the President implies strong will and faith of the President to achieve the country¡¯s reunification and his tireless efforts and conviction for the Korea¡¯s reunification. The President said if the cause of Korea¡¯s reunification is not realized in his lifetime it must be realized in the leader¡¯s times, he said. He added that he will reunify the country without fail true to the behest of the President. The President said that the greatest present he can give to the people is Korea¡¯s reunification, Kim Jong Il said, adding that he will surely reunify the country.

Panmunjeom, a symbol of division, turned into the symbol of reunification as the monument to autograph of the President, who devoted his all to the realization of Korea¡¯s reunification, stands high by noble fidelity and extraordinary will of reunification of leader Kim Jong Il  

The historic inspection of Panmunjom by leader Kim Jong Il inspired the Korean nation with confidence in Korea¡¯s reunification.

Korea¡¯s reunification will be realized soon as Korea is led by Kim Jong Il.

The immortal exploits of leader Kim Jong Il, brilliant commander of Mt. Baekdu, who made inspection of Panmunjom to materialize Korea¡¯s reunification, a long-cherished desire of the Korean nation, regardless of his personal safety, will shine throughout the world

The world progressive people¡¯s support and solidarity to Korea¡¯s reunification will be ardent.

Long live Kim Jong Il, great lodestar of Korea¡¯s reunification!