Suppression of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions


Chun Tae-il, a worker in Seoul, burned himself demanding the improvement of inadequate working condition and freedom of formation and activity of trade union on November 13, 1970.

Nearly 40 years have passed. However, nothing has changed.  The south Korean workers live in poor surroundings without independence.

Recently the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions issued a statement denouncing the Lee Myung-bak regime¡¯s suppression of the KCTU.

The statement sharply censured that the police had blockaded the surroundings of the KCTU offices and interrupted its activity for three months. The police encircled the Chogye Temple in Seoul where the KCTU chairman stays and continues its suppression of the workers¡¯ organization, it added.

The Lee regime designates the leading officials of the KCTU and workers as the pro-north Korean leftist forces who waged struggle against the export of American mad beef and demanded a stable employment.

Indescribable is the situation of south Korean workers. The unionists under the KCTU formed a joint group, tonsured and continued hunger strike hanging down from a 45 meter-long transmission tower near the Yanghwa Bridge in Seoul on October 24, protesting against unjust dismissal of employees. A rally was held in Seoul on October 26 and it is said that there are 8.7 million part-time workers in south Korea. The participants in the rally proposed eight items of demand including the guarantee of the rights of part-timers to work, halt to the business restructuring, guarantee of stable employment through prohibition of dismissal, the abolition of the National Security Law and suspension of repression on the workers.  

Facts prove that neither the rights to live of the workers nor rights to struggle can be guaranteed as long as the pro-US Lee Myung-bak regime remains.    

The US Committee for Supporting the Struggle of the AINDF and People of South Korea vehemently denounces the Lee regime¡¯s suppression of just struggle of the south Korean workers and positively supports the struggle of the progressive bodies including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.