Leader Kim Jong Il Inspects the KPA Panmunjeom Mission



Monument to the Autography of the President in Panmunjeom




Sacred Footprints of Songun Leadership on Panmunjeom


Leader Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Baekdu, visited the Panmunjeom Mission of the Korean People's Army in the forefront on November 24, Juche 85 (1996).

That day, looking round the newly-built monument to the autograph of President Kim Il Sung in Panmunjeom, Kim Jong Il recalled in deep emotion that the historic document which the President signed in the last period of his life was the one relating to the national reunification, and at the time the President examined all the thick document and undersigned with masterly strokes and wrote the date ��July 7, 1994��.

Finding himself again in front of the monument after looking around the Panmun Pavilion Kim Jong Il said that we should reunify the country without fail true to the President��s desire and volition, I��ll surely reunify the country in our generation true to the behest of the President.

And he added that the President said the greatest gift he could present to our people was the reunification, so he would reunify the country and present it to our people without fail.

The significant assertion of Kim Jong Il was a declaration of his rock-firm volition to offer a reunified country to the fellow countrymen at an early date true to the President��s instructions for reunification.

The immortal feats performed by Kim Jong Il who illumined the way ahead of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula frozen by division and confrontation, and majestically put up Panmunjeom, symbolic of national division, as the symbol of reunification will shine forever along with the nation��s history.

Therefore, the south Korean people look back till today in every November upon the shock they received by Kim Jong Il��s visit to Panminjeom, and highly praise his inspection to Panmunjeom as an inspiring deed in the nation��s history, which infused the conviction and courage for reunification in the minds of the fellow countrymen and dealt a telling blow to the separatists at home and abroad.

Thanks to the broad-mind generosity, magnanimity and the patriotic decision of leader Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to open up a conclusive phase of the national reunification, always mindful of the fatherly President��s behest for reunification, the historic Pyongyang summit meeting was arranged and the grand programs for reunification such as the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration came to being, thus a great new history of independent reunification of the nation could be ushered in.

However, due to the pro-US sycophancy and the anti-DPRK moves of the Lee Myong-bak clique the inter-Korean relations face the worst-ever crisis and the black clouds of distrust, confrontation and war threat are hovering on the Korean Peninsula again.

The AINDF and the south Korean people will more vigorously wage the struggle against the US and war and for implementing the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, holding in high esteem leader Kim Jong Il as the sun of the nation and the lodestar of the reunification, and following his Songun leadership, so as to drive the US imperialists out of south Korea and deal a stern blow to traitor Lee Myong-bak.