Brief on the South Korea-US Combined Forces Command (CFC)

On November 7, 1978 the US and south Korean authorities formed the south Korea-US Combined Forces Command (CFC) under the cloak of seeking the so-called “operational efficiency of defense of south Korea”.

As a result, the US army could constantly exercise the rights of operational command and control over the south Korean army.

Real powers including the post of the combined forces commander are under the hands of the US occupation army of south Korea and almost all units under their command are consisted of south Korean army.

The combined forces commander is granted all commanding rights including making operation plans and information management, and has the jurisdiction over the wide aspects of military command and administration such as the scale, internal formation, weaponry system, military structure of the south Korean army.

In a nutshell, the CFC is an implement shackling the south Korean army in the command and control of the US army, and a local aggression body to carry out the US strategy of military hegemony.

This year the CFC directly commanded the war drills codenamed “Key Resolve” and “Ulji Freedom Guardian” and many other aggressive rehearsals for preemptive attack and aerial espionage acts against the DPRK.

Consequently, an acute military tension persists and a touch-and-go situation prevails on the Korean Peninsula.

On the occasion of the 30th year of the formation of the CFC the south Korean people raise their voice higher denouncing the US criminal moves to gravely threaten peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and block the wishes of the Korean nation for independent reunification and peace and prosperity, demanding the disbandment of the CFC at once and the withdrawal of the US imperialist troops from south Korea.

Notwithstanding, the Defense minister and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, pro-US anti-north maniacs, called in the CFC and let loose a spate of reckless remarks such as strengthening the “military alliance” and “the US army is blood-tied fellow soldiers, and the south Korea-US combined defense system is the best model”.

And worse more, traitor Lee Myong-bak who puts up the strengthening of the south Korea-US alliance as the state policy stages the provocative “Hoguk” exercises against the DPRK from October 30 to November 8 in collusion with the US.