On the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of
Leader Kim Jong Il’s Inspection Tour to Panmunjom
Greatest Glory to Leader Kim Jong Il,
Brilliant Commander of Songun!
Leader Kim Jong Il looks round the Monument to the Autograph of
President Kim Il Sung for Reunification on November 24, 1996.
Undying marks left in Panmunjom

On November 24, Juche 85(1996) great leader
Kim Jong Il, visited Panmunjom, a hot spot where fires and guns have been exchanging for more than half a century.

The visit was a remarkable event, which could be made only by the great leader who bears the unusual resolution to pull through the difficulties facing our nation by his own heart and soul and the iron will to put an end to the country’s division and reunify it at an early date.

To set aloft Panmunjom, symbolic of the national division as an emblem of the reunification is the immutable volition of the leader.

The leader saw to it that a monument to the autograph of the president for reunification be built in Panmunjom in order to pay tribute forever to the immortal feats of the president who devoted all to the cause of the national reunification till the last moment of his life and to achieve the reunification according to the president’s teachings.

On that historic day he visited Panmunjom, in front of the monument to the autograph of the president the leader solemnly formulated 3 mainstays, 3 charters of the reunification by integrating the 3 principles of the national reunification, the 10-point program for the great unity of the whole nation and the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo, set forth by the president.

The leader’s inspection of Panmunjom greatly spurred the feelings of the different people in south Korea, for the reunification.

The torch of the reunification set alight by the leader in Panmunjom has tremendously spread everywhere in the south, the north and overseas in less than no time.

By the will and courageous decision the leader made in Panmunjom, in particular, the historic Pyongyang meeting and the adoption of the June 15 joint declaration were arranged and a new reunification era was opened terminating the history of division fraught with sufferings.

Amid the dynamic movement for anti-American independence and reunification in south Korea, the grand national meeting was held in August 2002 in Seoul, in participation of the south and the north, ever first since the national division, followed by the successful reunification meetings of the women and the youth and students from the south, north and overseas in Mt. Geumgang and the wonderful progresses unprecedented in the inter-Korean relations took place.

In September 2002, the ceremonies to relink the railways and roads of the eastern and western coasts, to unite the country’s land and blood vessels cut off for more than half a century were held splendidly in the south and the north simultaneously.

And at the opening and ending ceremonies of the 14th Asian games, the players of the south and the north entered the stadium hand in hand under the reunification flag and the cheering teams of both sides exchanged the encouragements and congratulations, so the high-spirited volition for the reunification and the oneness of our nation were fully manifested throughout the world.

Those dramatic developments of today are the brilliant result of the leadership of the great leader who is deeply aware of his mission on behalf of the fatherland and nation and energetically leads the reunification movement, materializing the noble aspiration for accomplishing the historic cause of reunification in the nearer future of the new century.

The leader had already envisaged the realty of today at the time of his visit to Panmunjom.

Indeed, thanks to great leader
Kim Jong Il who kindled the torch of reunification in Panmunjom, a new era of reunification of the 21st century could be opened and through his persistent fighting spirit and pluck, his seasoned guidance and benevolent magnanimity, the notable reality came true where the national reunification movement is rapidly advancing, taking the national independence as its core.
Revolutionary legend
Mysterious fog of Panmunjom
On December 24, 1996 the respected Supreme Commander Comrade Kim Jong Il made a historic field guidance to the Panmunjom Representative of the Korean People's Army at dawn on Sunday, when the surroundings were quiet.

As the party neared to the truce village of Panmunjom all sides were shrouded by a milky fog.

On those days, the Panmunjom area had never seen a foggy weather, although it had been cloudy for several days.

But that day the great Leader visited it, it was veiled in mist since early in the morning!

The retinue who realized such the fact were delighted as it was a heavenly mystery that could be seen only on the way of the great Leader, heaven-sent great man, saying “the snowdrifts of Mt. Baekdu fell in mist”.

Those retinue were reminded of the marvelous natural phenomena they encountered several times when accompanying the respected Leader on his field guidance.

On March 18, 1996, it was a moment that the car of the respected Leader entered the mouth of the post on Mt. Daedok, covered by the enemy’s surveillance.

All of a sudden, murky clouds overspread the sky of the Mt. Daedok area.

As the car passed through the area to climb Mt. Daedok, it began to clear up.

It really seemed that the respected Leader was climbing Mt. Daedok under the heaven’s escort.

And on the previous day when the great Leader dropped in the Chodo defense position, such a miraculous phenomenon happened.

At the moment when the respected Leader mounted the forward command post braving the rainy storm, the dark clouds dissipated and the sun shined resplendently.

And such a heavenly miracle was repeated on the same day when the respected Leader visited a navy unit and took a souvenir picture.

That day Comrade
Kim Jong Il, the Supreme Commander of the KPA went round the monument to the autograph of the great leader President Kim Il Sung, the meeting room of the cease-fire negotiation, the signing room of the armistice agreement and other places in Panmunjom and acquainted himself with the enemy’s movements for a long while on the balcony of the Panmun Pavilion which was always targeted by the enemy’s guns.

During the long time of his field guidance, the fog never cleared up but shrouded every step of the respected Leader as a guard.

So the enemy couldn’t surveille the KPA post.

The retinue and the soldiers said inwardly with emotion: “Even the sky knows our Leader, the heaven-sent brilliant commander and offers such marvelous phenomena”.

The stubborn mist dissipated fairly only after the respected Leader returned back from visiting Panmunjom.

The miraculous natural phenomenon which happened when the respected Leader visited Panmunjom became a new revolutionary legend and circulated nationwide rapidly.