Kim Jong Suk lives in the hearts of the progressive humanity

December 24, 2005 marks the 88th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine. Now the progressive world humanity praises her as a brilliant paragon of guarding President Kim Il Sung with her life.

“Comrade Kim Jong Suk was a revolutionary soldier most loyal to President
Kim Il Sung.”

She devotedly worked hard for the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people true to outstanding leadership of the President to the last moment of her life. We are moved to her pure loyalty to President
Kim Il Sung.”

(Chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Lao Women Alliance)

“Defending President
Kim Il Sung with her life was the greatest feats of Kim Jong Suk. She devoted everything to carrying out the President’s idea and lines and she was an indomitable fighter who safeguarded the safety of the President at the cost of her life.”

(Egyptian paper ‘Al Siyasi’)

“As the socialist north Korea is unthinkable apart from the august name of President
Kim Il Sung, the safety of the President is unimaginable without Kim Jong Suk. She was the closest comrade and the loyalist to the President who devoted everything for the accomplishment of the Korean revolution.”

(Indian paper, ‘Sabhad Saxi’)

“Indeed, Kim Jong Suk was a paragon of defending the leader with her life who showed her example in safeguarding the safety of headquarters of the revolution during the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and a heroine who made tradition of defending the leader.”

(Chairperson of the Anti-Imperialism Front of France)
Great love for soldiers
Marshal Kim Jong Il, supreme commander
of the army, the best in the world
December 24 is shining as a remarkable day in the history of the Juche revolution, the Songun revolution.

On the very day 14 years ago, in 1991, great Marshal
Kim Jong Il assumed the supreme commandership of the Korean People's Army at the 19th plenary meeting of the 6th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

This epochal event is a great appreciation of the high qualification and revolutionary feats of Marshal
Kim Jong Il and a manifestation of the firm volition of the WPK and the Korean people to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche to the end under his leadership.

It was also a remarkable event for the anti-imperialist independence forces over the world.

Kim Jong Il who possessed the characters of the brilliant commander of Baekdu has developed the KPA to the strongest army in the world and is guiding the anti-imperialist independence cause to victory.

He is the best supreme commander of the army in the world.

Kim Jong Il possessed the characters of a brilliant commander perfectly.

Long ago, great President
Kim Il Sung said that Marshal Kim Jong Il was endowed with indomitable will and pluck, illustrious strategy and commanding art as befitting the supreme commander of the revolutionary armed forces, and herein lies the guarantee for the continuous strengthening and all victories of the Korean revolutionary armed forces.

The foremost great characters of the brilliant commander of Baekdu that the great Marshal
Kim Jong Il has are the pluck and guts as befitting a matchless general.

The pluck and guts form one of the important characters of a brilliant commander.

The Marshal’s pluck and guts are found in his majestic composure before an aggregation of enemy, resolute decision braving the enemy’s challenge and audacious mettle to solve the military matters in a daring and ambitious way.

And they are his ever-victorious strategy to turn, twist and wind the world.

His sagacious strategy is such an expedient wondrous tactics to handle any formidable army at his will and superb generalship to take initiative always and turn the adversity into a favorable condition.

Thanks to his outstanding military and diplomatic resources north Korea has gained only victory in the acute and prolonged nuclear showdown with the US.

The Marshal’s pluck and guts are also his unshakable conviction and volition.

For a brilliant commander who leads a do-or-die revolutionary war the steel-like conviction and unyielding volition are prerequisite.

Once he decided he never retreats even an inch and the more the enemy intensifies the offensive the more he displays indefatigable faith and strong volition.

It is Marshal Kim Jong Il who won the victory by confronting the US imperialists’ tough stand with ultra tough stand announcing that it is his volition to advance ten or hundred steps forward against the enemy’s one-step approach in the trial days of the “Arduous March” caused by the US policy to isolate and stifle north Korea in the late 20th century.

What is especially important in Marshal
Kim Jong Il’s characters as the brilliant commander of Baekdu is his peerless commanding art based on the love of soldiers.

His commanding art is an army men-centered generalship of Juche based on the boundless love and trust toward the soldiers.

The hard core of the military power is the army men.

If the army which forms the subject of the armed forces gets weak it is impossible to safeguard the revolutionary gains, the party and the country and the people will face ruin.

The Marshal set forth the idea that in preparing the servicemen of the people's army strongly politically and ideologically, militarily and technically lies the main key to strengthen the military power.

And he raised the army men as the soldiers strong in ideology and faith, and of a-match-for-a hundred through his energetic leadership of the army.

Thanks to Marshal
Kim Jong Il, the best supreme commander of the army who is possessed of the great characters of the brilliant commander of Baekdu, the Korean People's Army was brought up as the army of the party and the leader and matchless strong army and wields its fame as a powerful shield of the revolutionary cause of Songun and a guardian of sovereignty and peace of Korea.

Long live Marshal
Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Songun and the supreme commander of the steel-like Korean People's Army!