The US, Execrated in South Korea


The US imperialist aggression troops who have occupied south Korea for over 60 years and held full sway over it as masters are causing immeasurable sufferings and disasters to the people.

Uncountable are the shuddering crimes such as man-killing, rape, robbery and violence, environmental destruction and material damages.

Bellow follows a few of them.

Recently south Korean ��CBS�� broadcast disclosed that the US embassy in south Korea has used the lands and buildings in different parts of south Korea including the embassy site without paying even a penny for rents for decades and it amounts to a tremendous sum.

As far as the US embassy site and buildings are concerned, they were used by the US Agency for International Development which took away the rights to use lands and buildings gratis through an ��understanding memorandum�� with south Korea in the 1960s.

And since the agency ceased its activities in south Korea in September, 1980, the memorandum has no effect and the US has to pay the rents.

However, the US has refused the payments to the tune of 250 billion won on one pretext or another.

The US embassy shamelessly built lodging quarters and other buildings for its employees within the Ryungsan US military base with no recourse to any legal procedures, claimed nonsensically that the lands were granted gratis from the south Korean government in 1948, and has used them free of charge for more than 60 years since then without any rental document.

It is only in south Korea that the US does not pay the rents for its embassy.

Besides, the US which has set and used many military bases in south Korea for the realization of its hegemony strategy in North East Asia, receives enormous funds for their upkeep every year, rather than paying the rental fees, and forces south Korea to increase the amounts at the negotiations with the Lee Myong-bak clique.

More recently, when a GI on duty committed a crime, the US obstinately refused to pay the compensation for damages, due to it in conformity with the Article 23 of the south Korea-US ��Status of Forces Agreement��.

 According to the south Korean ��KBS��, the environmental pollution caused by the US military bases in south Korea is extremely serious.

In 2001 there occurred an incident of discharge of a huge amount of oil from an underground tank in the Ryungsan US military base, and a south Korean organization surveyed the areas around the base to disclose that toxic material 1400 times more than the tolerance limit was found in the underground water, triggering the curse of the people.

It is said that the lands around the US military base in Namyoung-dong, Seoul, are also badly polluted by the oil discharged from the base.

However, the US arrogantly asserts that it does what it should do.

What the US, styling itself as a ��friend�� and ��patron�� of south Korea, has given the south Korean people under the signboard of ��alliance�� is such wretched damages and shames.

As a Japanese periodical commented south Korea is really a colony of the US and a paradise for the US GIs.

The US is only an impudent aggressor and plunderer to the south Korean people.

Therefore, the US is subject to the resentment, curse and denunciation of the south Korean people.

This notwithstanding, the Lee Myong-bak ruling clique is crying out for strengthened alliance with the US unaware of its shame and insult, and frenziedly committing pro-US treacherous acts that put the previous rulers into shade.

 All facts prove that as far as the US aggression troops are present in south Korea and the pro-US sycophant elements including traitor Lee Myong-bak remain in office, the outrages of the US will continue and the misfortune and pains of the south Korean people will never be ended.

The US, hands off south Korea!

Ostracize the pro-US sycophant Lee Myong-bak clique!



Lee Myong-bak Clique Opposing Korea��s Reunification By All Means


Now in south Korea the Lee Myong-bak clique is negating the June 15 joint declaration, a milestone for Korea��s reunification, and its action program, the October 4 declaration, and hamstringing their implementation, viciously challenging the desire of the times and the Korean nation for the reunification.

The group of traitors which has left no means untried to disparage the historical significance of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration from the outset of its office, ran amuck to evade the implementation of the inter-Korean declarations letting loose such a spate of balderdashes as ��unfavorable circumstances�� for implementing the October 4 declaration.

At a recent parliamentary inspection of the Ministry of Unification the Lee clique reviled against the October 4 declaration as an agreement failed to win sympathy of the people, and the preceding regime unilaterally agreed on it though it needed lots of budgets, and those responsible should be indicted.

And worse more, it committed anti-nation acts by disbanding the ��Measure Team for Implementing the October 4 Declaration�� which has been perfunctorily existed so far.

That the Lee Myong-bak clique clamors about the ��actual circumstances�� or ��people's sympathy�� in regard to the implementation of the inter-Korean declarations is an absurdity unworthy of even a notice.

According to a public opinion poll conducted by the Busan HQ of the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration among the people in the Busan area on the 1st anniversary of the publication of the October 4 declaration, 87% of Busan citizens supported the declaration and expressed their strong discontent and apprehension over the anti-national policy toward the north of the regime which drives the inter-Korean relations into catastrophe.

They held that the inter-Korean cooperation work should be incessantly proceeded in accordance with the October 4 declaration.

The south Korean daily Hankyereh asserted that the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration are a reunification program common to the nation, supported and hailed by the whole nation, stressing that the south and the north ushered in the era of full-fledged reconciliation and cooperation thanks to the June 15 joint declaration, and the October 4 declaration is an action program that enhances the level of inter-Korean relations.

So there is no other way than implementing the two declarations for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations.

Other publications including Kyunghyang Daily News pointed out that the Lee Myong-bak regime should endeavor to improve the inter-Korean relations positively noting that expressing a clear attitude toward the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration is the urgent matter.

Different civic organizations including the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration made public statements to strongly demand the Lee regime switch over its anti-reunification policy toward the north, declare the succeeding position to the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, and positively turn out in the actual process to improve the inter-Korean relations and build a peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

The opposition Democratic Party and the Democratic Labor Party criticized the anachronistic north policy of the Lee regime and urged it to ease the tense relations between the south and the north by implementing the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration as early as possible.

This is the public sentiment of south Korea.

Those who slander the inter-Korean declarations and oppose their implementation are the Lee Myong-bak clique and a handful of ultra-right conservative organizations and the diehard anti-DPRK confrontation elements.

The unity and the independent reunification of the Korean nation are lawful trend of the times.

Though the Lee clique runs amuck with blood-shot eyes in anti-reunification confrontational moves in disregard of the aspiration of the times and the Korean nation, it can never check the advance of the era of the independent reunification of the Korean nation, the June 15 reunification era.

Korea is one!