Who are the Murderers of Children?

June 13th will mark the 5th anniversary of the brutal slaughter of 14 year old school girls Sim Hyo-sun and Sim Mi-son by the hands of the US army which still today occupies and enslaves south Korea.  Eyewitness accounts unanimously confirm that Sgt. Mark Walker purposely and in broad daylight steered his armored vehicle to the extreme side of the road in order to run over and kill the two girls as they were walking to a friend's birthday party. 

The south Korean people came out from all walks of life, uniting to demand justice for the girls and the removal of the brutal GIs from their land. Nothing was done.

The murder of these two beautiful girls is nothing more than a continuation of rape, slaughter, pillage and national ruin imposed through artificle division and occupation by the US. Only by uniting the patriotic south Korean people in a dynamic anti-US and anti-war struggle for reunification and national salvation can the killing, rape, and humiliation end.

Along the lines of the June 15th 2000 reunification accords, marches the north Korean people under the wise tutelage of leader KIM JONG IL and the south Korean people of all walks of life. Together they will peacefully reunify themselves free off outside interference.

The US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People honors the 5th anniversary of the profound martyrdom of the girls with the clear demand that progressive and revolutionary forces actively support and promote the struggle to drive out GIs from Korea at once.