To His Excellency Marshal Kim Jong Il,

  Please allow me to send you my most sincere of greetings on the upcoming February 16th 2006 occasion of your birth.

  I am Ziad Shaker elJishi, Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI), and an Arab Palestinian refugee currently residing in the United States of America.

  For the last several years, I have been active in supporting the DPRK, because of my firm convictions in support of socialism and against imperialism and Zionism. The Korean revolution, through my numerous conversations and recent August visit, has demonstrated to me that it is not only genuine in its efforts, but further-more, the most advanced outpost for anti-imperialism in the world today.

  My people instinctively and unconsciously recognize the correctness of your Songun politics which places priority in military affairs in all circumstances. My Arab people, too see the way of the army in our era of fierce anti-imperialist class struggle, with a history of blood and martyrdom which runs through Algeria to Lebanon, from Iraqi resistance to Syrian preparations for defense, through their ongoing work for great national unity and finally to my own beloved Palestine.

  While you long for Korean unity, I long for Arab unity. Like the Korean people under your care, my Arab people long for unification and independence. The lessons you have propagated against flunkeyism, by calling for preserving the Juche and national character of the revolution and synthesizing the people's cultural and historical identity simultaneously with the anti-imperialist class struggle under the banner of 'nationalist in form and socialist in content', is nothing short of genuineness creatively putting its pulse on the needs and desires of the great masses of periphery.

  Dear Marshal Kim Jong Il, I believe that the Great Leader Kim Il Sung won a decisive victory for the entire masses resisting imperialism and Zionism, and struggling to build socialism and independence, when he denounced flunkeyism and following the firm principles of Juche demanded the rights of each people of this earth to make the revolution organically, according to their own history, culture, national identity, and concrete conditions rather than being dictated to by foreign powers.

  I have read historic interviews from the Great Leader comparing the historic lessons of the Korean People's anti-Japanese Guerrillas to the military struggle of my own Arab Palestinian masses against the Zionist entity's settler-colonialist usurpers.  These words warmed my heart.

  From visiting your country in August of last year, I believe, that like the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, you too are a brilliant and gifted man, a beacon of light for the oppressed and a military and political theoretician unmatched by any of today's other regimes, most of which rule their own masses at the point of the gun rather than rallying the masses to point their guns onto America and all other enemies of the people.

  The signs of military preparedness of the Korean People's Army are everywhere. Never have I seen such a fierce unwillingness to reject concessions of national sovereignty, and principled recognition of the role of the gun. This lesson of army-based Songun Politics and the Juche idea which really brings the role of your masses into full play, are lessons I have begun to study intensely and propagate widely.

  I have been lending part of my time and efforts to the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) and the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle, including making available various documents I received in Pyongyang in my native Arabic tongue as well as documenting the popular foundations of the DPRK Tanean work system.

  You have truly done a magnificent job leading the north Korean people and acting as a beacon of light for the oppressed every where.

  I wish you a splendid 64th birthday and many victories, in health and in happiness, ahead on the road of Songun Politics of Juche revolution.

--- Ziad Shaker elJishi, Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)

Vice Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)
Vice Chairman of the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle