General Kim Il Sung, brilliant commander for all ages

August 15, 1945-day of Korea’s liberation


President Kim Il Sung is a brilliant commander for all ages who achieved the cause of Korea’s liberation by successfully organizing and leading the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

It was a distress-torn history for the Korean nation when the anti-Japanese armed struggle was waged.

The Japanese imperialists enforced the policy of Japanizing the Koreans in a bid to make Korea its permanent colony and employ the Koreans as cannon fodder for its aggression. The Japanese imperialists forced the Korean people to change their surnames to Japanese one, forced them to worship the Japanese shrine and forbade the Koreans to use their mother tongue. It was, in a word, an open policy of obliterating the Korean nation. It was, indeed, the worst crisis in history of the Korean nation.

At this historic juncture, President Kim Il Sung opened the path of national resurrection. The President set forth the Juche–oriented stratagem of the Korean revolution and declared the anti-Japanese armed struggle at the Kalun Meeting held on June 30, 1930.

The declaration of the anti-Japanese war was not an ordinary determination.

At that time, there was no clear way for the people in the colonial countries to realize independence from colonial rule of the imperialists. Consequently, the colonial national liberation movement of the world underwent difficulties.

President Kim Il Sung, starting from the Songun line, regarded the armed struggle as the essential demand of the colonial national liberation movement and held high the banner of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

He felt certain that there was no other way for the people of colonial countries but to wage armed struggle since the imperialists resorted to unprecedented violence to maintain their colonial rule.     

The President founded the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army with patriotic workers, peasants and youths and proclaimed the war against the Japanese invaders.

Therefore, the Korean people’s anti-Japanese national liberation movement advanced vigorously and the anti-Japanese armed struggle was powerfully waged for 15 years.

General Kim Il Sung was the sun of the Korean nation at the time when the Korean nation suffered misfortune under the oppression of the Japanese colonial rule.

Many Korean people at home and abroad gathered under the banner of national independence and anti-Japanese armed struggle held by the President.

“General Kim Il Sung founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army and was elected chairman of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland and tormented the Japanese Kwangtung Army with his 100,000-strong guerillas and aroused the Korean nation to the struggle against Japan.”

(Japanese journal Shinhyo)      

General Kim Il Sung created and applied diversified tactics and prominent commanding art and won victory after victory by dealing a serious blow to the Japanese imperialists which was boasted of being “elite” units.

“The Japanese or Manchurian armies, which had aim to attack the guerilla led by General Kim Il Sung, forgot themselves. When they went to the south or north they were seriously defeated by the guerillas.

Brisk activity of General Kim Il Sung rendered great contributions to the course of revolutionary movement. That is why his august name was recorded in history of the world.” (Choi Hyong U, A Short History of the Korean Revolutionary Movement Overseas)

The "Government-General of Korea" registered more than 2,000 battles between the Japanese army and the KPRA from the spring of 1932 to June 1936 and more than one million members of the KPRA in all took part in the battles. According to a watered-down document released by the Japanese imperialists, 3,900 battles took place in the northeast region of China in 1937 alone and the KPRA killed and injured more than 60,000 officers and men of the Japanese army which is equivalent to six divisions in five years from 1936 to 1940.    

In 1939 alone, in which the Japanese imperialists' reckless "punitive operations" against the Korean People's Revolutionary Army was getting worse and worse, the KPRA killed and injured more than 30, 000 enemies and seized 117 light machine guns, 20,000 rifles, 300 Mausers, 20 grenade dischargers and millions of shells.

General Kim Il Sung, who smashed the Japanese imperialists to liberate the country through bloody struggle, brought Japanese imperialism to its knees on August 15, 1945, leading the KPRA and the Korean people to victory.

The progressive world people extol that the anti-Japanese armed struggle led and organized by President Kim Il Sung, an outstanding leader of the world revolution, is a great struggle to be recorded with red letter in the history of national liberation struggle of the world and it encouraged the oppressed people of the world with great inspiration and confidence in victory.   

The undying exploits of President Kim Il Sung, a brilliant commander for all ages, who set a great example in the struggle of national liberation in colonial countries under the banner of Songun, will shine through posterity.