Great defender of nation
On December 24, Juche 80 (1991), leader Kim Jong Il was appointed the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.

For 15 years since then he has defended the destiny of the country by executing the Songun revolutionary leadership. He has developed the Korean People’s Army into invincible forces, and, relying on it, led the Korean revolution along the road of victory.

On the basis of the military idea and philosophy centering on army men he has strengthened the KPA powerful enough to defend the national sovereignty.

He saw to it that the army turned out in the campaign to win the title of “O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment” and made the WPK’s political work within the army done the way they do on the battle site in keeping with the actual requirements.

He had the revolutionary command system and military morale established throughout the army to act as one by the order of the Supreme Commander. He made sure that all the KPA officers and men developed into omnipotent commanding personnel and a match-for-a-hundred-foe combatants by arming themselves with the Korean-style methods of fighting and modern military knowledge and acquiring unique tactics, excellent marksmanship and strong physical force.

His wise leadership strengthened the KPA ideologically and politically, militarily and technically. The KPA has grown up into revolutionary forces that can defeat any formidable enemy, and safeguarded the idea and ideology, system and tradition of the nation without any fire in the showdown with the US.

Supreme Commander
Kim Jong Il, regarding the single-hearted unity as the mainstay in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation, has achieved the steel-strong unity on the strength of Songun politics. Shouldering the destiny of the nation, he has kept inspecting army units on the Chol Pass, Mt. Osong, Height 1211 and 351 and so on, leaving deep in the minds of all the Koreans the philosophy that he is just the destiny and future of Korea

Rallied firmly behind him, the Korean people have surmounted uncountable difficulties impending over the Korean revolution, thus bringing about a revolutionary upsurge in the building of a prosperous nation.

The KPA has performed as the main force in building a powerful nation, making breakthrough in the main sectors of the national economy; all the people have vigorously accelerated the socialist construction, emulating the revolutionary soldier spirit of the KPA. This single-hearted unity was the source of the historic exploits and miracles.

Many monumental edifices---they were regarded as formidable things in the past---were erected decently in the new century, including a great number of large-, medium- and small-sized power stations, modern stockbreeding farms, basic foodstuff and light industrial factories and large-sized gravity-fed waterways. Remarkable successes were also registered in the land realignment projects and the scientific and technical development.

The imperialists said that “the collapse of north Korea is a matter of time”; however, north Korea has become stronger and is now well on the track toward prosperity.

Kim Jong Il brought forth the historic June 15 South-North Joint Declaration by following the principle of national independence and the policy of reunification-motivated patriotism. Thus the confrontation relation between the south and the north of Korea changed to the one of reconciliation and cooperation, and a radical phase was brought about in the reunification movement to realize the country’s reunification by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation.

Now nobody dares to bargain over the destiny and fundamental interests of the Koreans.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is still tense. There will be no vacillation about the Korean-style socialism as long as leader
Kim Jong Il stands at the helm, though.
Songun politics protects peace
It is a miracle that peace has been maintained on the Korean Peninsula, the world’s biggest hot spot, since the end of the Cold War in the 1990s.

A Korean military analyst in Japan said in his article:

“The US used to start war in areas of strategic priorities. Therefore, analysts predicted that the US would launch war on the Korean Peninsula in the 1990s. On the contrary, war broke out in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. War did not occur on the Korean Peninsula because the strength of the Korean People’s Army is strong.”

Over the past decade the Americans have never dared to unleash war though they frequently drove the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war. It is because they were afraid of the catastrophic consequences to be caused by the powerful deterrent that north Korea has built under Songun politics. Global peace can never be ensured without anti-imperialist struggle.

At present, the US is the principal that threatens global peace.

The US has many nuclear weapons enough to devastate the earth, threatens, and invades independent nations, wielding them.

In particular, the US is trying to start another war on the Korean Peninsula. If war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, it is most likely to lead to world war. Accordingly, world peace may be in jeopardy.

Peace is maintained on the Korean Peninsula since north Korea in the outpost of the anti-imperialist is resolutely confronting the overweening interference and war maneuvers of the US with powerful Songun politics.

The reality proves that a nation should have its own strength, that is to say, strong military power to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity in confrontation with the US and other hegemonic forces.

Some big countries are putting primary efforts into military buildup to cope with the ever-growing US high-handedness. Anti-US independent countries including Iran, Venezuela and Syria and small countries are putting spurs on the updating of military equipment.

North Korea’s victory in the anti-imperialist struggle is the victory of anti-imperialist and independent forces.

Songun politics of north Korea is the just political mode that reliably guarantees the implementation of the socialist cause and anti-imperialist cause of independence in the complicated international situation.

It is the leading political mode in the 21st century and a beacon of hope for the anti-imperialist and independent forces of the world.
Brilliant paragon of guarding the President with her life
December 24 marks the 89th birth anniversary of anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk.

The anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk’s exploits in guarding President
Kim Il Sung politically and ideologically and with her very life and making a contribution to the sacred war for national liberation by adroit military and political activities take a brilliant place in her whole life.

She joined the Korean people’s Revolutionary Army in September 1935 and fought in its main unit led by President
Kim Il Sung from April of the next year. In those days she regarded it as her first and foremost revolutionary duty to ensure the safety of the headquarters of the revolution and devoted everything to carrying it out.

She spearheaded the struggle to defend the great revolutionary idea and leadership authority of the President. When she stayed in a remote secret camp, she timely exposed the iniquitous plots of a renegade of the revolution, and thus defended the President’s idea and lines and saved the revolutionary comrades who were labeled as accomplices of “Minsaengdan” due to the underhand intrigue of the enemy.

She safeguarded President
Kim Il Sung with her own life in many battles including the battles of Hongqihe and Dashahe. During the battle of Dashahe she spotted some stealthily approaching enemies and shielded the President with her own body shooting down the enemies without delay. This is a well-known anecdote.

She conduced greatly to many victorious battles such as the battles of Fusong County Town, Xinancha, China and Musan area of north Korea. Her brilliant feats in the battles always imbued her comrades-in-arms with confidence in victory.

Kim Jong Suk joined the Communist Party in January 1937.

In the spring of that year she received from the President an assignment of expand and develop the organizational networks of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland, an anti-Japanese underground revolutionary organization, in the Changbai area and extend it into the homeland and conducted energetic political activities.

Later, expanding her sphere of activity to the areas of the northern and central parts of Korea, she creditably carried out her assignments of underground political activities for Party building and the development of the anti-Japanese national united front movement with loyalty to the President and a sense of responsibility for her revolutionary duty in the face of the enemy’s suppression.

Kim Jong Suk is praised as an anti-Japanese heroine, preeminent woman guerilla fighter of Mt. Baekdu for her priceless exploits for the country and the people.
Dangerous poison numbing spirit of independence
If any country gives up the anti-imperialist struggle, failing to see through the vulnerability of the imperialists and harboring an illusion about them, they can never be free from their domination, subjugation, exploitation and plunder.

It is the way out for all countries and nations to carry out the revolution and construction by themselves and in their own way from their own viewpoint, rejecting any illusion about imperialism.

Harboring any illusion about imperialism and counting on it is the most harmful matter which the world revolutionary people should guard against in the ongoing struggle to accomplish the human cause of independence.

The imperialists employ every ways and means to create an illusion about capitalism, advocating as if the hegemonic nature of the imperialists has changed.

What is important in rejecting the illusion about imperialism is not to see just the appearance of the capitalist society but to see through its ulterior motive.

The capitalist society is “heaven” for the bourgeois ruling class, but a hell on earth for the working class.

It is not capitalism but socialism that guarantees dignity, rights and worthy life to an independent human being.

A policy for the people can be enforced only under the socialist system.

One should be vigilant against “aid” and “cooperation” much publicized by the imperialists.

This kind of aid and cooperation are nothing but leverage for their exploitation, plunder, domination and subjugation.

People should not be deceived by the imperialists’ loudmouthed “peace.”

The US is advocating its anti-terror war for aggression as a just war, painting itself as “an apostle of peace” and “a champion of democracy and human rights.”

All the peace-loving forces of the world are called upon to heighten their vigilance against the moves for aggression and war the imperialists are escalating under the deceptive signboard of “combating terrorism and ensuring peace” and intensify their struggle against imperialism.

The revolutionary political parties and people should firmly adhere to the independent stand against imperialism, strictly guard against any slightest manifestation of illusion about capitalism and combat it.