Saturday 11th of February  2006 Southall.

--- Dermot Hudson, Chairman of the Juche Idea Study Group of England, President of the UK Songun Association and the KFA representative for the UK

Comrades and friends,honoured representatives of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, it is my
Pleasure to address this meeting on the subject of Korea’s role in the anti imperialist struggle,which has
Been organised by the Co Ordinating Committee as our own way,our style of celebrating the birthday
Of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

Comrade Kim Jong Il is a man of many great accomplishments in the fields of ideology ,politics,literature
And the cinema but his most enduring contribution has been the creation of Songun politics.Indeed
Korea’s mode of Songun politics is vital to the anti US,anti imperialist struggle in the contemporary world and is a powerful weapon in the fight against the unceasing unilateralism of neo con Bushite led US imperialism and its followers.

No doubt many of you are wondering what is Songun,a term which that is unfamiliar to British people
Even the most politically literate ones.To explain it simply it  means Army-first or Army-centred or the
Military priority policy.
                   The policy was first elucidated by Supreme Commander  Kim Jong Il when he visited the
Takabasol army post on the 1st of January 1995.He explained to the soldiers of the KPA that they has
The choice of being an independent people or becoming the colonial slaves of imperialism.To defend
Socialism,he pointed out,it was vital and necessary to give priority to the army.
                   The confrontation between the socialism of the DPRK and US imperialism had grown particularly
Intense in the 1990s.Owing to the treachery of the renegades of socialism  a number of socialist countries
In the world had ceased to exist  this made the US imperialists and international reactionaries more arrogant.They stepped up their intervention in different part of the world and tried to stifle the DPRK
under the pretext of the so called ‘nuclear issue’.Also some remaining socialist and anti imperialist countries
Took a conciliatory stance towards imperialism leaving the DPRK to fight it out alone against US imperialism
And the US led international reactionary forces.On top of this the world socialist market which the DPRK
Had used for foreign trade disappeared thereby making the economic situation tight.This was effectively
A second economic blockade on top of the US blockade.The DPRK was hit by a series of natural disasters.
The Korean people also suffered the loss of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung the father of the nation.Some friends of the DPRK worried about what was to become of the DPRK and the US imperialist
Got excited about the so called  “collapse” of the DPRK.
                          At the critical moment the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il declared “Expect no change from me” and ‘socialism is a science’.He made a sharp incisive analysis of the situation of the DPRK and the
International situation and put forward the line of Army-first or Army centred politics which became known
By its Korean name Songun.The Army was defined as the main pillar of the revolution and the main force
To advance the cause of socialism.
                        It is very important here to dispel any misconceptions or misunderstandings about the Songun idea.It does not mean as some people claim that the DPRK is a military government or that the DPRK is a
‘military ‘ society,this has been an old horse chestnut of academic anti DPRK propagandists in the West.I think we should distinguish very clearly in our minds the fundamentally different roles of the armed forces
In imperialist countries which are used in wars of aggression and to oppress the people,whereas in the socialist countries they defend the independence of the country and the socialist system.
                                               In the DPRK it has always been made clear that the Party,in this case the Workers
Party of Korea,leads the armed forces.The great leader President Kim Il Sung defined the Korean Peoples Army as the Army of the party,the revolution and the working class.If you watch videos of military parades
In the DPRK,you will see that military units  carry the red flag of the Workers Party of Korea.Indeed the
Army,party and people are a revolutionary trinity which form a single hearted unity that is a unique source
Of power propelling the Korean revolution forward.
               Songun politics reflects the fact that the Army is the most disciplined,militant and revolutionary section of society.It confronts imperialism with guns on the anti imperialist military front and is the striking
Force of the anti imperialist class struggle.
Songun politics is deeply routed in the history of the Korean revolution led by the great leader
President Kim Il Sung.The anti Japanese armed struggle initated ,pioneered and led to victory
By the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.During the 20 year long armed struggle the Korean people
Learnt the truth that the only road to national liberation is by armed struggle.After liberation the
Korean people had to fight another imperialism,US imperialism in the 3 year long Korean war or
Fatherland Liberation War.It can be added that the DPRK had many showdowns against US
Imperialism ,after the war,such as the Pueblo incident,the EC121 and the 1994 helicopter incident.
                    Thus Songun politics is essentially the sum total of the experience of the Korean
Songun politics is also a concrete application of the Juche idea to the contemporary reality
Of the era when socialism and imperialism are in sharp confrontation.The Juche idea authored by the
Great leader President Kim Il Sung and developed and systematised by the the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il states the masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and the practical
Application of the Juche idea is independence,self sufficiency and self defence.In his 1982 seminal
Work  ‘ON THE JUCHE IDEA’ the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il stressed the importance of
Military self defence and explained that revolution confront counter revolution by force of arms.
Songun politics is a powerful weapon to carry forward the Juche cause.
                 Comrade Kim Jong Il as Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and
Supreme commander of the Korean Peoples Army has paid deep attention to the building up of
The defence power of the DPRK.
             Songun politics has proved its vitality and correctness many times over.The confrontation
Between the imperialist forces and the anti imperialist forces became even more acute in the 11 years
Since Songun was first elaborated.
           US imperialism has attacked and invaded numerous countries;Yugoslavia,Afghanistan
And Iraq.The US now has bases and troops in more than 100 countries.The US imperialists are hoping to
Have the hated ‘Star and Stripes’ flag flying over all continents and countries and are dreaming of a
‘Greater Yank empire’ on which the sun will never set.
                                       The Songun politics of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is shattering this foolish
Day dream of the neo-con US imperialists.The Bush clique decided to pick a fight with the DPRK over the
So called ‘nuclear issue’.Leader Kim Jong Il responded to the US hardline with a super hardline.The DPRK
Withdrew from the one sided NPT and declared its independent nuclear deterrent in defiance of the US.
                  The DPRK is holding out against US imperialism.The former USSR which had a territory 10 times
That of the DPRK  and a population and army much greater in size gave into the US imperialists over the 1962 Cuban missile crisis after only 4 or 5 days.The USSR had the power to atomise the the USA many times
Over but the revisionist bungler Khruschov gave into US imperialism  and humiliated the USSR and the Soviet people,impairing the dignity and prestige of socialism.
                       Songun is firmly based on the concept of anti imperialist class struggle and the practical experience that shows that giving into the US imperialists results in defeat,submission and destruction.
The former Soviet Union imploded due to the concessions made by the renegades of socialism.In recent
Times we have the example of Iraq where the leadership accepted disarmament and also the creation of
‘no fly ‘ zones with in their own country but this did not save them rather it encouraged the US imperialists
To invade Iraq.
Now the anti imperialist struggle inspired by the militant stance taken by the DPRK over the nuclear issue
Is gathering pace in all regions of the world. Many countries in the Middle East,Central and south America
Step up their efforts to strengthen their military power.
                US imperialism has been dealt blows in its own backyard of central and south America.An anti
Imperialist front of Fidel Castro in Cuba,Chavez in Venezulea and Lula in Brazil has been formed and recently
There was the victory of Evo Morales.
                 The DPRK has strong ties with Cuba which have been built over several decades.There is strong
Mutually benefical co operation between Cuba and the DPRK.The DPRK is also supporting the Bolivarian
Revolutioin of President Hugo Chavez.Friendly ties are also developing between the DPRK and Venezulea.
I(and Mr Keith Bennett) were privileged to attend the World Juche Congress of Anti Imperialism and
Independence in Caracas the capital of Venezulea.
               With the increasing worldwide interest in Songun politics it is recognised as a powerful mode of
Politics to confront the US imperialist unilateral domination and many delegations are visiting Kortea
To learn from Songun politics.
            Driven by the growing anti US independence trend inspired by Songun politics the US is getting
More and more isolated.Only Songun politics make it possible to defeat the US and build a new world
Independent,prosperous and peaceful.