Eternal Kim Il Sung's Korea!
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is called Kim Il Sung’s Korea because he made great and immortal achievements in founding, strengthening and developing the country.

The DPRK was founded and has been ever-victorious on the basis of President Kim Il Sung’s idea. In the past when Korea was under the Japan’s military occupation (1905-1945) the President, in his teens, embarked on the road of revolution to save the country and people. In the early period of his revolutionary activities he founded the Juche idea indicating the true path of the Korean revolution. This was a great event that brought about a radical turn in shaping the Koreans’ destiny. The Juche idea and the revolutionary theory and line of struggle based on the idea enabled the Koreans who were suffering as colonial slaves to become the great people aware of their being the master of their own destiny and the world. Consequently, they came to be able to form the mighty motive force of revolution and wage vigorous struggles to liberate the nation and build a new society.

A great idea produces a great state. Because it was guided by this great idea, the two-year-old north Korea was able to emerge victorious in the Korean War (1950-1953) unleashed by the US imperialists, develop into a strong socialist state from ruins in the postwar years and remain an impregnable bulwark of socialism even when many other socialist countries collapsed toward the close of the last century.

The Juche idea is shining as a guiding idea of the age on an international scale as well as in Korea. At present there are active over 1,100 Juche idea study and dissemination organizations in more than a hundred countries across the world and the progressive people are praising the DPRK as the homeland of the guiding idea of the age.

The DPRK is the fruit of the outstanding leadership of the President.

History knows not a few famous leaders but no such a prominent master of leadership as the President. His leadership was the absolutely correct scientific and comprehensive one that covered all domains, the one turning misfortune into blessing and the popular one by which to solve all problems as desired by the people and by enlisting their efforts.

After liberating Korea by leading the bloody anti-Japanese war to victory, the President achieved the great work of founding the Republic. He established the people-centered socialist system under which the free medical care and free education systems were enforced. He also saw to it that the national industrialization that had been done hundred years in other countries was realized in 14 years so as to establish the mighty independent national economy. Meanwhile, he built the peerless revolutionary armed forces and founded the most dignified and strongest ruling Party as a guiding force of the society. Theses achievements of the President constitute the eternal foundation of the Republic.

The DPRK is the benevolent bosom characterized by the President’s lofty virtue.

“The people are my God” was the President’s lifelong motto.

His whole life was succession of his infinite love for and devotion to the people. To the Koreans he was the father of Korean nation. All of them called him “fatherly leader” and entrusted their lot to him. To say nothing of the Koreans any foreigners who met him praised him as a great sage and the father of all people. The German woman writer Luise Rinser stated that Kim Il Sung was a godlike being whether he recognized it or not.

Today the Korean people revere him as their eternal father. Wearing badges of his image that say proudly that they are Kim Il Sung’s nation.

It is inconceivable apart from leader Kim Jong Il that the DPRK is shining as Kim Il Sung’s Korea.

Kim Jong Il is a second Kim Il Sung. He is mostly loyal to the idea and cause of the Kim Il Sung’s Korea.

It is thanks to Kim Jong Il that the Koreans accomplished the cause of the President’s immortality for the first time in history. Kim Jong Il made sure that President was laid in state at the Kumsusan Assembly Hall where the President had been at work. The assembly hall was rebuilt most majestically as the sacred temple of Juche and the house of the eternal sun---then it was renamed the Kumsusan Memorial Palace. He ensured that April 15, the birthday of the President, was designated as the Day of the Sun, that the Juche era was instituted with 1912 as the first year when the President was born and that Kim Il Sung was legally acclaimed as the eternal President of the Republic. Thus came true the Koreans’ desire to worship the President forever.

Kim Jong Il has fully inherited the ideology and cause of the President, and is doing everything the way the President did. As a result the President’s lifetime instructions are being carried out one by with credit. Good prospects have been opened up for reunifying Korea and building a great prosperous powerful nation as desired by the President. The Songun politics now in force in Korea is the embodiment of the Songun idea and leadership founded and practiced by the President and developed in depth by Kim Jong Il to suit the current situation. In a word, the DPRK is adhering to the ideology and will of the President.

The DPRK will remain Kim Il Sung’s Korea forever.
Kimilsunngia in full bloom
Kimilsungia is a deeply pinkish violet flower looking fresh and elegant, with thick and glossy leaves and stems as straight as bamboo.

It is a species of the orchid family. This flower is now attracting the world people with noble sentiment and affection for its rare beauty and charm. And it is more famous because it bears the name of the peerlessly great man of the 20th century.

Usually flowers are named after their shapes and features or after the botanists or collectors. Few flowers are given the name of a great man.

Kimilsungia was given its name in April 1965 by Sukarno, the then Indonesian President, for his ardent admiration of the great man.

Sukarno was the “father of independence” of Indonesia and one of initiators of the non-aligned movement. He was known as a political activist with worldwide reputation and influence.

He visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in November 1964, and was greatly impressed by the reality of Korea where the line of independence, self-sufficiency and self-reliant defense was fully embodied. During his visit he was fully attracted by the Juche idea created by President Kim Il Sung, his outstanding leadership and personality.

Sukarno’s respect for President Kim Il Sung was expressed when the DPRK President paid a state visit to Indonesia. He accorded the President the treatment of the highest national guest beyond the established diplomatic customs. He accompanied the Korean President on his way to visits on local areas and paid special attentions to his convoy.

Sukarno expressed his unusual respect for President Kim Il Sung when he attended the session of the provisional people’s consultative assembly of Indonesia.

The Indonesian President delivered a speech---it was a declaration of change of principles---of building a new society of self-sufficient and independent economy following the exemplary reality of the DPRK. “Here sits respected His Excellency Kim Il Sung, creator of well-known self-reliance and courageous and successful performer of the independent economic construction,” remarked Sukarno in full emotion.

When he accompanied Kim Il Sung to the Bogor Botanical Gardens with a long history and world wide fame, he showed him a new variety of flower bred by a famous Indonesian botanist for a long time. Then he expressed his ardent wish to name the flower after President Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung declined the offer modestly. Sukarno, however, stuck fast to his offer, saying that President Kim Il Sung deserved such a glory as he had done many things for the sake of humankind.

Thus Kimilsungia was born to the world.

The flower thrived rapidly all across the world by the boundless respect of the world progressives for President Kim Il Sung who contributed greatly to the world independence cause.

Kimilsungia was officially registered in the early 1980s at the international society of Orchidaceae in Great Britain, thus gaining the perfect academic acknowledgement.

The ardent desire of the Koreans and the world people to cultivate the Central Botanical Garden in the DPRK and greenhouses specializing in the cultivation of the flower all across the country.

Experience gained in the cultivation are exchanged and problems arising in the mass propagation by the method of tissue culture while preserving in peculiarities are solved in the scientific seminars held every year.

In 1999 the Kimilsungia festival was held in the Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Exhibition Hall in Pyongyang on an international scale to celebrate the Day of the Sun (April 15), the birthday of President Kim Il Sung, and it became the annual function.

In 2005 the festival was held on the biggest scale on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the naming of Kimilsungia.

More than 10,000 Kimilsungias were put on display and the number of visitors to the festival reached over 750,000.

Over 70 diplomatic and international organization missions in the DPRK, many foreign friendship and social bodies, 30-odd overseas Korean organizations and individuals presented hundreds of Kimilsungia to the festival.

Participated in the festival were also Megawatti Sukarnoputri, former Indonesian President and other foreign figures, some 20 delegations including the organizing committee of the international horticulture exhibition of the mministry of agriculture of Thailand and the numbers of the supporters’ association for the dissemination of Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia.

The flower exhibitions usually held in the world display various flowers of rare breed; no flower exhibitions except the Kimilsungia festival and Kimjongilia festival have yet been held for only one flower.

Head of the delegation of Pakistan Association for the Study of Self-Reliance wrote in the visitor’s book, after looking around the venue of the festival:

“I have been to many parts of the world, but it is the first time for me to see such a magnificent festival as this one. The immortal flowers on display at the festival clearly show the boundless respect of the Korean people and the world progressives for the peerlessly great man.”

Kimilsungia, the flower dedicated to the great man who illuminated the road for humankind with the light of Juche, will thrive forever in the era of independence.