In support of the south Korean people's anti-US and anti-war struggle!
Declaration on the situation published by

the AINDF Central Committee (gist)

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The Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front made public a declaration on the situation on February 23 in which it appealed to all the people to turn out in the struggle to foil the dangerous collusion and conspiracy of the pro-US conservative forces, castigating the Grand National Party and the United Liberal Democrats for orchestrating a political farce of merging the two parties under the signboards of “defense of liberal democratic system� and “victory in the presidential election next year.�

The declaration branded the merger of the two parties as a political conspiracy to seize power and a revival of the “Yushin� ghost to push the people desirous of new politics and new life into the fascist age of darkness, not a simple recombination of “twin poisonous mushrooms� rooted in the “Yushin� dictatorship.

Lurking behind the merger is the dark tentacle of the US dead set against the June 15 era of reunification

The AINDF together with all other people vehemently denounces the merger as an extremely dangerous criminal conspiracy to revive fascism, destroy the June 15 joint declaration, provoke a war of aggression against north Korea, stamp out democracy and bring economy and people’s livelihood to bankruptcy.

We are now at the critical juncture whether to push forward progress and reform and the June 15 era of reunification or to go back to the fascist era and the era of disastrous war and confrontation.

The people from all walks of life, aware of the gravity of the situation, should wage an unflinching struggle until they completely ostracize the old and corrupt political group of GNP and its remnant forces.

Underscoring the need to achieve great unity against conservatism at an early date under the banner of progress and reform, the declaration called on all the people to ostracize the traitorous party forever through a nationwide anti-GNP struggle and break a new ground of progress and reform and open a new phase of the June 15 era of independent reunification without fail.