With Kim Jong Il we’re sure to win


During my visit to the DPRK, I was much fascinated to the Korean songs.

The Korean songs replete with independent spirit and beautiful in melody touched my heartstring so I liked to hear them both in the hotel room and in the car.

Among those “No motherland without you” and “With you we’re sure to win” were engraved deep in my mind.

Beating off the violent storm / Comrade Kim Jong Il gave us the faith

No existence of us without you / No motherland without you

(From the song “No motherland without you”)


Smashing the raging wind / Comrade Kim Jong Il tamed the foul wind

What are the tribulations if your are there / With you we’re sure to win

(From the song “With you we’re sure to win”)


These are the songs full of the ardent worship of the Korean people for leader Kim Jong Il, the sun of the century who smashes every step of the imperialists’ aggression moves and leads Juche socialism only to victory with the immortal Juche idea and Songun idea. They also show the Korean people's rock-firm volition and absolute belief to entrust all their destiny and future to him and follow him to the end.

I was quite delighted for they seemed to reflect my feeling.

With leader Kim Jong Il we’re sure to win!

This is the very truth humankind has witnessed in the last 20th century and in the 21st century.

The policy to stifle north Korea pursued by the US which has run amuck to engulf the whole of Korea in the past 60-odd years by breaking out an aggressive war and imposing the despicable sanctions, was driven into a predicament in the late 20th century.

The US-led imperialist allied forces which toppled down the East European socialist countries one after another staged the all-out offensive to isolate and stifle socialist Korea which was advancing holding higher the banner of socialism.

They even had no scruple to reveal the adventurous plan of nuclear war against the DPRK.

Really it was a decisive crossroads; for submission or confrontation, for begging a wretched slavish peace or standing in dignity as an independent people.

And it was a critical juncture for the fate of socialism and world justice as well as the fate of Korea.

At that time, Kim Jong Il expressed his firm faith and resolute volition to hold fast to the red flag of revolution fraught with the whole life of President Kim Il Sung, who carved out the revolutionary cause of Juche;

- For the political leaders of socialist countries it is the revolutionary faith that is more precious than life.

- It is the truth verified by history that socialism wins when the ideology is firmly maintained and loses if not.

- “No one can match those who are prepared for death”, this is the faith and courage that the revolutionaries should have.

- It can be said that the showdown with the enemies is the confrontation of faith, will and courage. With indomitable faith, will and courage there is nothing to fear nor impossible.

Great leader Kim Jong Il proclaimed the realization of the unique Songun politics on an overall basis holding higher the arms of justice with the revolutionary faith, will and courage, and has led the entire army, the whole party and all the people to the general march of the Songun revolution regarding the army as the core.

- On the revolutionary arms there is the victory of the revolutionary cause, and independence, sovereignty and prosperity of the country and nation.

- The Songun politics of our party is the most powerful and righteous politics which defends the socialist fatherland and the nation and safeguards the independent cause of humankind.

All the army and people in Korea vigorously rose up in the showdown with the US imperialists, closely rallying around leader Kim Jong Il and following his Songun revolutionary leadership.

By putting up the guns over hammer, sickle and brush they consolidated the defense capabilities with the resolve to fight a war with the US, regarding the bullets more valuable than candy drops.

It is the legendary Korean people and the country of Kim Jong Il which proudly orbited a man-made satellite by their own science, technology, resources and wisdom with no help from anyone.

Leader Kim Jong Il brought the US to his knees at last by dint of ultra-tough stance toward the US and the might of the Songun politics.

As a result the DPRK-US Framework Agreement and the joint communiqué, the US capitulations to the DPRK, were published and the then US president sent the letter of assurance to Kim Jong Il calling him the supreme leader of Korea.

And moreover, a US presidential envoy flied to north Korea which it had no diplomatic ties and even its secretary of State visited Pyongyang.

These are events unheard-of in the 200-odd year-long history of the US.

In the meantime, some 15 western countries like Britain and Italy, the US satellites, and even the European Union, an active ally of the US, successively established the diplomatic relations with north Korea.

Such arrogant US and the imperialist allied forces capitulated to the DPRK.

Korea won!

This is surely the victory of the independent politics of Kim Jong Il, the faith of Mt. Baekdu and the unique Songun politics.

Storm-like resonances spread throughout the world.

“Clinton surrendered after north Korea threatened.”

“The US which has desperately tried to isolate, strangle and destroy the DPRK for over half a century could not but admit its failure in the end.”

“That Clinton recognized H.E. Kim Jong Il as the supreme leader of the Korean people signifies that all the world, not only the US, officially recognizes him as a prominent leader of the world.”

“The fate of the world hinges on the intention of Comrade Kim Jong Il.”

“Great H.E. Kim Jong Il is not only an outstanding statesman but also a great leader of the world progressive humankind.”

The shock was too much for me who stared in wonder at the DPRK, a small country in the East which wins victory in the confrontation with the US, an evil empire which deems its hegemony of the world as deserved, and the imperialist allied forces.

The US wild ambition for world hegemony never changes.

The hostile policy against the DPRK of the high-handed conservatives in the Republican Party got more pronounced and vicious since the Bush Jr. administration took power.

Bush broke all the agreements his predecessor made with the DPRK and veered toward tough hostile policy against north Korea.

He dared to designate the DPRK a “rogue state”, a “terrorism-sponsoring nation” and an “axis of evil”, actualized the strategy of nuclear preemptive strike and drove the DPRK-US relations to a worst phase.

The US ran amuck to bring the DPRK to its knees and overthrow its system in the long run as it did in Iraq and Libya, bringing the so-called “nuclear issue” to the six-party talks, only insisting on the dismantlement of nukes of the north first.

Nevertheless, the unswerving Korean army and people have whetted the sword of Songun more sharply in support of Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics and strengthened the nuclear deterrent of justice.

In February 2005 the DPRK solemnly announced that it had produced and possessed the self-defensive nukes to defend its sovereignty and the existence of the nation from the ever-increasing nuclear threat of the US, and it would take certain measures to augment nuclear stockpile.

And it conducted a nuclear test successfully in October 2006 in the wake of the test-fire of missiles in July 2006, thus displaying throughout the world that it possessed nukes of justice.

It is none other than Songun Korea that never makes empty talk.

The US was appalled before Songun Korea which became a nuke-have country, equipped with nuke and missiles, and leader Kim Jong Il, brilliant commander of Songun, who twists it round his finger.

The world spared no praise for Songun Korea which brought the US to its knees again in the early second millennium after the 1950s and 1990s.

 “Leader Kim Jong Il is the hero of heroes.

The vicious moves of Bush who attempted frenziedly to obliterate Korean socialism on the world map talking wild about ‘axis of evil’ and ‘preemptive nuclear strike’ were frustrated before the nuclear deterrent of the DPRK.”

“North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapon is apparently a strategic victory of chairman of the National Defence Commission Kim Jong Il and at the same time it means a fiasco of the strategy of the US and its followers to strangle north Korea.”

“North Korea will defeat the US by virtue of the nuclear deterrent and demonstrate its dignity with the august name of leader Kim Jong Il.”

“North Korea’s possession of nukes promotes the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the global peace.”

The world people are greatly inspired by the steadfast faith and volition of Kim Jong Il and the victory of the Songun politics.

Today Songun becomes the trend of the world.

Motivated by it the storm of independence and the movement of anti-US anti-war peace are gathering momentum.

The DPRK is winning victory after victory thanks to the Songun politics of great leader Kim Jong Il.

And by virtue of the Songun politics the dark clouds of domination and subordination, high-handedness, arbitrariness, aggression and war will disperse and a blue sky of independence and peace, and prosperity and happiness will be opened.

Now significantly celebrating the birthday of great leader Kim Jong Il, I sing the song “With you we’re sure to win” from the bottom of my heart.

With leader Kim Jong Il we win!

Long live leader Kim Jong Il, great sun of Songun!

Long live the great Songun politics!


(John Paul Cupp, chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group in US)




Great birth and great praise viewed through

revolutionary slogans

Revolutionary slogans are the writings the guerilla fighters, political workers and the patriotic people from all walks of life wrote on the barked trees during the anti-Japanese armed struggle vigorously staged under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

Revolutionary slogans have kept intact though more than 50 – 60 years elapsed and thousands items were unearthed throughout the DPRK.

Great leader Kim Jong Il indicated that the recently discovered slogans are the vivid historic materials which show the indefinite loyalty to the leader, devotion to the revolution, faith of the inevitable victory and revolutionary optimism of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters.

Following are some slogans praising the birth of great leader Kim Jong Il.

“Ah Korea, the bright star was born on Mt. Baekdu”

“The fellow countrymen, the bright star rose on Mt. Baekdu”

“The star of sun rose on the house of the sun in Mt. Baekdu”

“Korea, boast of the birth of the star of the sun over the world”

“All the compatriots, look up to Mt. Baekdu. The bright star shines”

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu”

“The 20 million compatriots, the bright star rose on Mt. Baekdu riding on the heavenly steed for liberation”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu is the superstar in the world”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu is the pride of Korea”

“The star soaring on Mt. Baekdu is the bright star of Korea”

“The bright star rose with the spirit of Mt. Baekdu”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu, the great luck for the 20 million people, was born”

“Korea, shout out the birth of the bright star”

“The 20 million people, the bright star is shining”

“Ah, we announce the birth of the bright star of Mt. Baekdu”

“The successor to general Kim Il Sung was born on Mt. Baekdu”

“We engrave the august names of general Kim Il Sung, sun of the nation, and the bright star of Mt. Baekdu who will succeed general Kim Il Sung, the peerless great men of the world”

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu, splendor of Korea’s future. May 1945”

“Let us bring up the bright star of Mt. Baekdu to the red sun that will shine the five oceans and six continents”

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu, the great luck who will succeed Kim Il Sung

“Bright is the future of Korea shining with the bright star of Mt. Baekdu”

“The bright star risen in the sky over Mt. Baekdu is the future of our nation”

“Long live the bright star, the brilliant future president of the 20 million-nation”

“The birth of the bright star of Mt. Baekdu, the successor to peerless patriot general Kim Il Sung, is the great luck of the history of the Korean nation and the second generation for Korea’s liberation.

Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu, brilliant future of 5,000 year-long nation, rose on Mt. Baekdu.

Long live the 20 million-Korean nation”

“Fellow countrymen, boast.

The bright star of Mt. Baekdu, your son, rose”

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu who will succeed anti-Japanese general Kim Il Sung

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu who will succeed general Kim Il Sung, the pride of our nation”

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu who will succeed general Kim Il Sung

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu, the junior president”

“Long live the bright star, the hero Jr. of the country”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu is our future”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu is the splendid stroke of luck for the country’s restoration”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu, good fortune of the 20 million-Korean nation, rose”

“The people in the Pyongan area, look up to the bright star of Mt. Baekdu holding back the tears”

“Let us go to meet the bright star of Mt. Baekdu along the track of the Galaxy”

“Glorious is the road to the great star of Mt. Baekdu with general Kim Il Sung, the sun of the nation. 1942”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu, Korea’s star, is shining over the world”

“Let us take part in the anti-Japanese war following the bright star of Mt. Baekdu”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu, Korea’s good fortune, soared high”

“The bright star rose on Mt. Baekdu.

The three stars of Korea, the best in the world, are the great luck for the liberated Korea.”

“Long live the bright star of Mt. Baekdu, a good fortune for the 20 million compatriots”

“The 20 million people, the bright star of Mt. Baekdu, the great luck for Korea’s liberation, rose”

“The bright star of Mt. Baekdu is the star of Korea’s liberation, restored Korea and the world”

“The birth of the bright star of Mt. Baekdu is a great fortune for Korea’s liberation”

“The birth of the bright star of Mt. Baekdu is the great fortune for the 20 million- nation”

“The dawn of a country shining with the bright star is just breaking”

“With the bright Baekdu star of Korea with 5,000 year-long history, let us build a brilliant country of the sun on the liberated three thousand-ri Korea”

“I will shine forever the grand star of Mt. Baekdu whom general Kim Il Sung, sun of the nation, greeted on his way of the fierce struggle”



Thanks to Kim Jong Il,

the future of the 21st century will be more bright


The National Alliance for Democracy and Reunification of south Korea carried on its website on December 28 last year an article praising great leader Kim Jong Il as the sun of humankind.


 1. Emergence of a new nuclear power

In 2006 the Korean Peninsula attracted the attention of all humankind. The world witnessed the miserable looks of the US imperialists on downfall and north Korea, a new socialist nuclear power.

It is no exaggeration to say that the DPRK, a powerful socialist country, led the world in 2006.

That year north Korea drove the US imperialists into a tight corner with the positive all-out offensive against them and now it is advancing toward the final settlement with them.

With the missile launches on July 5 and the underground nuclear test on October 9 the north entered the ranks of the world’s nuclear powers.

The north became a new nuclear power in defiance of the nuclear pressure of the US.

It is a country controlling the US with nuke. As the underground nuclear test was successfully carried out in the north on October 9, the US lost the position of monopolization of nukes forever, which it had enjoyed since 1990 when the east European socialist countries were collapsed. The north overpowers the US with nuke and long-range missiles.

With the emergence of the country shining in the world with its powerful ideology, politics and military capabilities, humankind is picturing a new future without the US plunder.

As the first socialist government in 1917 awakened mankind the DPRK, a completed socialist government, vigorously demonstrated its might in 2006 proving again the validity of socialism and leaving a great sensation and shock on mankind.


2.      Kim Jong Il brought about victory

Where does north Korea’s might which shocks the world come from?

The fundamental difference of north Korea from other countries is that its society is led by Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

The north’s power is precisely the power of Kim Jong Il.

The source of its power is the greatness of the idea, leadership and virtue of Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defence Commission, is the great man of ideology who illuminates the way ahead of humankind in the independent era.

He systemized and developed in an integral whole the Juche idea, the light of the independent era, created by President Kim Il Sung.

The Juche idea is the idea of President Kim Il Sung and chairman Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il embodied the Songun idea which inherited and developed the idea of attaching importance to the arms in accordance with the reality of the expanded and developed revolutionary forces of the north.

Under the circumstances when the imperialists are oppressing the world’s mankind with military strength, Kim Jong Il clarified the prospect of invincible socialism through strengthening the army, the main force of reunification, and putting up the army which is well prepared ideologically and politically.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il, mankind has the beacon of future.

But for Kim Jong Il who formulated the guiding idea of revolution by the extraordinary ideological and theoretical wisdom holding President Kim Il Sung in high esteem, humankind would have been in a vortex of chaos and despair, losing its position and role as the master of history.

Therefore, the independent people of the world only believe in Kim Jong Il and advance along the road of independence.

Kim Jong Il is also leading the independent people of the world to the road of victory with his outstanding leadership.

He embodied the Juche idea, the torch of the independent era, in the whole society to rally the Party and state in single-minded unity and strengthened the revolutionary forces of Songun.

Thanks to the leadership of chairman Kim Jong Il, who is just the same as President Kim Il Sung, the Workers’ Party of Korea has been strengthened and developed into the invincible revolutionary party and the Korean People’s Army has grown to an ever-victorious socialist strong army.

Kim Jong Il is illuminating the independent era as the center of the world humankind.

Socialism could advance along the road of reconstruction by the iron-willed faith and immortal leadership of Kim Jong Il.

Thanks to the energetic Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il north Korea triumphantly concluded the “Arduous March”, a temporary trial created by the collapse of socialism in the eastern European countries and the US provocations, and confidently opened the building of a powerful country.

Socialism is being completed by the immortal Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, iron-willed brilliant commander who wins the heart and will of the masses with the farsighted wisdom.

Kim Jong Il fascinates the world’s mankind with his lofty virtue.

Any tricks or smear campaign can’t make any sense to him and all the people in his wide bosom perceive their missions.

This is because chairman Kim Jong Il has the idea of loving the people, country and nation more ardently than anybody.

Look back to the days when the June 15 joint declaration was published in 2000.

The period of the summit meeting in Pyongyang was only a moment, but the south Korean people were really fascinated by the personality of Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il storm prevailed throughout south Korea.

His photos covered the whole of south Korea and his glasses and modest clothes became a new fashion. He changed the south Koreans’ viewpoint toward the north in such a short span of time.

Whoever meets Kim Jong Il, he changes his mind.

After former US secretary of State Albright met Kim Jong Il and was fascinated by his greatness the US political circle drove her out of the post.

The Songun politics of Kim Jong Il is widely disseminated and today the world’s public is focusing its attention on Kim Jong Il.

No one can match him who has led the frontline of the struggle against the US and imperialism, and the socialist revolution.

Bush who has to step down 2 years later can never be a rival to him.

It is none other than President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the great men who have led the socialist revolution so long perfectly and consistently in human history.

Like this the Juche revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il is displaying its great might all over the world.


3. Kim Jong Il is the pillar of the world’s mankind

Now seeing the year 2006 off, we feel very refreshed for the tremendous changes in the international situation.

The independence struggle against US imperialism throughout the world has now become a trend of the times.

Today’s revolutionary changes are possible only by Kim Jong Il.

The wave of independence struggle all over the world is unthinkable without Kim Jong Il.

Look back to the contemporary history of mankind. The people had to fight bloody battle against the imperialist forces for they had no enough military superiority.

The Yankee troops committed bombing attack upon lots of people in the Korean Peninsula and are now continuing the history of massacre in Iraq and so on.

In the Middle East with plenty of oil resources the armed conflict is endless due to the imperialists’ intervention and in the African continent the famine, rebellion and tyranny are rampant owing to the penetration of US monopolistic capital.

In spite of these circumstances nobody dared to cope with these Yankee’s shuddering atrocities.

It is just north Korea that directly confronted the US atrocities.

It captured the US spy ship “Pueblo” which was scouting in its territorial waters in 1968 and shot down the spy plane “EC-121” next year.

And in 1976 north Korea smashed the Yankees who attacked the former with axes in the truce village of Panmunjom and in 1994 it concluded the Geneva Agreement dealing a telling blow to the US diplomacy.

The declaration of possession of nuke in 2005 after the launch of the artificial satellite “Kwangmyongsong No.1” in 1998, the missile launches on July 5, 2006 and underground nuclear test on October 9 totally ended the nuclear monopoly of the Yankees.

This is all ascribable to Kim Jong Il who is leading the entire people in the van of the Songun revolution braving the snow storm and cutting winds.

He is incessantly walking the road of the great Songun revolution in this cold winter night.

Therefore, humankind is only looking up to Kim Jong Il and longing for his leadership.


4. 2007 will be the year of Kim Jong Il

What the political situation will be in 2007 under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, leader of humankind?

Now the mankind is at the threshold of landmark changes.

Imperialism will fade out sooner or later and the Korean nation will be reunified to be a powerful nation.

Now that US imperialism is getting emasculated we are tuning our throbs of heart to the greatness of Kim Jong Il and looking up to his almighty leadership with respect.

The world’s imperialist forces will confirm the power and might of Kim Jong Il.

The world will see the matchless might of struggle of the north Korean people who are firmly rallied around their leader in single-minded unity, and the world independent people.

In 2007 the north will bring about a favorable phase to the national reunification putting spurs to the building of a powerful nation upholding the banner of Songun.

It will also defeat the US imperialists who are imposing the blockade and sanctions upon it and rise up as the hub of economic development and new construction under the great plan of changing north-east Asia of confrontation into a prosperous north-east Asia.

The year 2006 was a historic year that north Korea overpowered the US in the international political arena and the year 2007 will be a great year in which the world will witness the might of north Korea that newly emerged as a powerful nation.

The future of the 21st century will shine more brilliantly thanks to Kim Jong Il.

We shout aloud with the confidence in the national reunification.

“The world, keep close watch on Kim Jong Il, the brilliant commander of Songun Korea, born of Heaven. Let us all follow his sun-like leadership, his patriotic Songun leadership!”



Kim Jong Il, peerless great man admired by the world


Let’s see some of the greatness of leader Kim Jong Il who is admired by the world as the sun of Songun.


Native place: Mt. Baekdu

When we say about great men in history it is common to talk about their native place as a matter of course.

The native place is the place where the people are born and take the root of their lives and also the place where they are mentally brought up in their childhood.

The native place of Kim Jong Il is Mt. Baekdu.

Leader Kim Jong Il often said that Mt. Baekdu is his native place.

Mt. Baekdu is the ancestral mountain, the sacred mountain of revolution where there is the soul of Korea and the spirit of this country is vibrant.

There, the anti-Japanese passionate fighters rose up in the sacred war of the anti-Japanese revolution to liberate Korea under the banner of Juche raised by great President Kim Il Sung and the immortal revolutionary achievements and tradition were created.

As he is the great man who was born in the primitive forest of Mt. Baekdu and grew up listening to the gun report of anti-Japanese revolution, Kim Jong Il could emerge as the unusual leader in the world, possessed of all noble characters such as revolution and patriotism.

Leader Kim Jong Il is the great man who deserves the praises of the world people by the fact alone that his native place is Mt. Baekdu.


Origin: son of partisans

Kim Jong Il was born as the son of President Kim Il Sung, the brilliant commander of anti-Japanese guerilla army, and Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese woman hero.

He is the son of partisans who started to walk and grew up in the embrace of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters. So he personifies the spirit and soul of the anti-Japanese fighters.


Family: revolutionary family of Mt. Baekdu

The family of Kim Jong Il is the revolutionary family of Mt. Baekdu that succeeded the Mangyongdae family, a patriotic and revolutionary family who has safeguarded the destiny of the Korean nation.

Kim Hyong Jik, his grandfather, was an outstanding leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement of Korea who devoted all his life to the anti-Japanese patriotism to save the country and nation ruined by the Japs and also a great pioneer in switching from the nationalist movement to the proletariat movement.

Kang Ban Sok, his grandmother, was an ardent revolutionary fighter who devoted her all to the victory of the Korean revolution and social emancipation of women throughout her life. She was an outstanding leader of the Korean women’s movement. That who inherited the bloodline of this Mangyongdae family is the family of Mt. Baekdu.

President Kim Il Sung, his father, was a peerless patriot, national hero, great revolutionary and the sun of Juche representing the 20th century who led the arduous anti-Japanese revolution to victory, liberated Korea and built the socialist paradise of Juche centered on the popular masses in Korea.

His mother Kim Jong Suk was an anti-Japanese woman hero who fought bravely in the sacred anti-Japanese war for the liberation of Korea.

As he was born in this patriotic and revolutionary family unprecedented in history Kim Jong Il enjoys respect and admiration from the people as a great revolutionary and the sun of the century.


Alma mater: Kim Il Sung University

Kim Jong Il’s alma mater is famous Kim Il Sung University in Korea.

Usually people think that they can be a great man after they finish a famous university of foreign country but Kim Jong Il didn’t think so.

In January, 1959 at the time of graduation from a middle school he was asked to study at a renowned university of a foreign country.

But he answered resolutely that in Pyongyang there was an excellent university and he would study at Kim Il Sung University.

It was the saying with the firm will to master the truth of Juche in his country and fatherland.

So Kim Jong Il studied at Kim Il Sung University in his homeland of Juche and developed the qualifications and personalities of the leader and carried out the enthusiastic revolutionary activities.


School: philosophical school

Leader Kim Jong Il is a peerless versatile and well-informed great man who has mastered all spheres including politics, economics, literature, law and military science. But if saying of his school, it is philosophy.

One year an official asked him what would be his school.

At that time he said that if it was necessarily to define his school he would be in the school of philosophy.

Leader Kim Jong Il is a great master of the Juche philosophy, renowned in the world. He has continuously developed the Juche philosophy in depth and offers the precious ideological and spiritual pabulum which the world should adhere to as the guiding idea not only in 20th and 21st centuries but also in the whole period of human history


Political faction: supporter of the people

Kim Jong Il is the leader of people who always administers the state affairs on behalf of the popular masses completely.

In July 1987 a house where he could have a rest was built. Leader Kim Jong Il was very angry to know this fact and said strictly to explode that house at once. The house was soon blown up.

At that time he said that the bombing was the shout announcing to the world again that Kim Jong Il was a staunch supporter of the people.

Like this all thinking and practice of Kim Jong Il is connected with the popular masses from beginning to end.


Philosophical opinion: advocate of ideology

It is natural that a political leader has his own philosophical opinion.

Great man without it can’t be a genuine leader.

Leader Kim Jong Il said that he was the advocate of ideology.

Advocates of ideology regard the philosophical truth as the political faith and ideological mainstay that the ideological consciousness decides everything.

The theory of ideology is that the idea controls the value, quality and behavior of a man and the idea is also the main factor that propels the revolution and construction.

He insists on this theory. He regards that the key factor of victory in war is the man, not weapon and the decisive cause of the victory in the revolutionary war is the role of the people with ideological consciousness.

The philosophical opinion of leader Kim Jong Il that the advocate of ideology can make everything and can be ever victorious is indeed marvelous and admirable.