Sun of Juche  


From olden time, people have likened the most sacred and greatest thing to the sun. The sun provides the earth with the light, and heat and gravity necessary to support life in the universe.

President Kim Il Sung (April 15, 1912-July 8, 1994) in Korea is in high esteem of humankind as the sun.

President Kim Il Sung lighted up the road mankind would follow with his Juche idea.

The Juche idea is a theory that reflects in a correct way the demand of a social being to live and develop as a master of his own destiny and the world and shows the right way to its realization. The idea explains that independence is the most important attribute of man, and the life and blood of the popular masses, the country and people. All kinds of revolutionary struggles are for the sake of independence.

President Kim Il Sung founded the Juche idea with independence as its kernel. This was the most important philosophical discovery among the famous discoveries by human intelligence in the past and a historical event that brought about a radical change in the struggle to develop human ideas and to hew out the destiny of the popular masses.

The Juche idea is an original revolutionary and political philosophy and a scientific man-centered outlook on the world. Man as a social being wants to live and develop independently and creatively. The Juche idea was founded and developed correctly based on the aspiration and demand. It thus became a great idea that gripped the hearts of all people, the engine in the progress of history, the lever to move the earth and the ideological beacon to guide the era.

The validity, truth and vitality of the Juche idea made it wide spread all across the world, greatly encouraging mankind in the struggle for independence. With its profundity and universality, and its encyclopedic and revolutionary characters, the Juche idea greatly influences the transformation of the ideological and mental life of mankind and of the world while making a powerful stimulus to the development of the revolutionary movement in the independent era.

Under the light of the Juche idea the working masses who had remained unenlightened came to be confident of their strength and turned out in the struggle to carve their own destiny free from all manner of domination and subjugation.

The President established the Korean-style socialism based on the Juche idea. This enables the progressive people to expect their bright future.

The cherished desire of mankind is to lead an equal life free from domination and subjugation, exploitation and oppression. People had long aspired after such a society. President Kim Il Sung just translated their aspiration into reality.

On the basis of the Juche idea the President built up the unique socialism in Korea. He applied Juche-based mode of politics and materialized the single-hearted unity of the whole society. Consequently, the Korean-style socialism has been consolidated as an impregnable bulwark of socialism that is immortal.

Socialism established by the President is absolutely the people-centered socialist society where everything serves the popular masses and which advances by force of their united strength. Its fundamental aim is to resolutely defend the independence of the popular masses and to completely meet their independent demand. In Korea all members of the society assume the position of master in all fields of politics, the economy and culture and enjoy a worthwhile life. No wonder that the Korean people liken their socialism to their lifeline and readily sacrifice even their lives for the sake of the socialism.

Socialism is the lifeline of the Korean people and the Juche idea is that of the Korean-style socialism. The Korean-style socialism is based on the Juche idea and embodies it in itself. This is why the Korean-style socialism is regarded as the most rational and superior one that accords with the independent demands of the popular masses and the independent rights of the nation, and the independent aspiration of the world¡¯s people.

Socialism is the future of mankind. It is the law of historical development that mankind advances toward socialism.

At the end of last century socialism collapsed in many countries. Then the imperialists tried in every way to stifle the socialism of Korea. still, the banner of socialism is flying over the earth.

The socialism of Korea imbues mankind with confident hope for its future.

Socialist Korea has steadily advanced along the road of Juche through the storms of history. This greatly encourages the revolutionaries of the world.

¡°The future of mankind lies in socialism. Advance toward socialism!¡± this slogan can be heard in South America that was called a quite yard at the back of the United States in the past.

President Kim Il Sung who indicated the way to be followed by humankind and illuminated its bright future will be remembered as the sun of Juche, the sun of mankind, for ever.


Long live President Kim Il Sung, father of Songun


Now the banner of Songun is fluttering over the sky of Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Korea.

The world progressive humankind, looking the fluttering flag that pushes world imperialism into the bottomless pit, recollects the father of Songun.

President Kim Il Sung is the originator of the Songun idea, pioneer of the Songun revolution and father of Songun.

The President founded the Songun idea in the early period of Korean revolution and had been maintained and implemented the idea in the whole process of the Korean revolution.

The Songun idea of the President originated from two pistols, Kim Hyong Jik, an indomitable revolutionary fighter, left for the President and the program of the Down-with-Imperialism-Union formed by the President.

Kim Hyong Jik gave two pistols to Kang Pan Sok at his last time in July 1926 and told her to give the pistols when his son embarks on the road of revolution.

The President vowed to retake the country through armed struggle, general aim of his father, even if his bones are broken and his bodies are torn apart.

The formation of the DIU under the idea of anti-imperialism, independence and sovereignty by the President in October 1926 was the proclamation of the do-or-die struggle against Japanese imperialism and declaration of confrontation with imperialism in the world. The President in his speech at the meeting of formation of the DIU solemnly clarified clear stand against imperialism and do-or-die stand that contradiction between the imperialists and the people in colonial countries cannot be solved by method of ¡°compromise.¡± He put forward the program of the DIU

Two pistols, a revolutionary legacy, Kim Hyong Jik left for the President and the program of the DIU which expressed the firm stand of independence against imperialism, serves as origin of the Songun idea and idea of giving priority to arms founded by President Kim Il Sung.

President Kim Il Sung declared the birth of Songun idea to the world at the historic Kalun Meeting on June 30 1930.                  

He said to his comrades as he held up the two pistols bequeathed from his father when he waged struggle for obtaining arms for a war against Japan: ¡°Look, these are the pistols my father left for me. My father did not serve in the Righteous Volunteers or in the Independence Army, but he had these pistols with him until the day of his death. Why? Because he considered the armed struggle to be the highest form of struggle to achieve national independence. My father¡¯s desire was to launch an armed struggle. When he left me these two pistols, I made a firm resolve to do what he desired in his place. The time has come. Let us start our march for independence with these two pistols to help us. Now we have two pistols, but think that one day they will have multiplied to two hundred, two thousand and then to twenty thousand. With 2,000 rifles, we will be fully able to liberate the country. Let us multiply these two pistols into two thousand and then twenty thousand rifles.¡±

The President vowed to realize the armed struggle his father Kim Hyong Jik pursued. Because independence movement of the Korean people without arm underwent brutal suppression of Japanese imperialism. He advanced the idea of waging struggle of national liberation relying on the idea of giving priority to military buildup and revolutionary army from the historic lesson that the revolutionary struggle of the popular masses for independence can win victory only through armed struggle.      

The President set forth the line of anti-Japanese armed struggle in the historic Kalun Meeting in summer 1930 and put forward the line of founding the Anti-Japanese People¡¯s Guerilla at the Mingyuegou Meeting in December 1931 and declared war against Japan under the slogan ¡°Oppose armed force with armed force, and resist counterrevolutionary violence with revolutionary violence!¡± and enriched the line.

The President founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerilla Army on April 25, 1932 by embodying the Songun idea of Juche and the Songun revolutionary line and conducted the work of founding the party and formation of the anti-Japanese united front during the armed struggle against Japan.

The method of the President¡¯s Songun revolutionary leadership, which founded the revolutionary army first and waged the revolutionary struggle by relying on arms, was an unique one unprecedented in the previous revolutionary theory and practice. The previous leaders of the working class founded the party first and then formed the army. Contrary to this, the President constantly maintained the Songun idea and revolutionary lines of giving priority to arms and military affairs on the basis of the idea that revolution is pioneered and completed by arms and wisely led the Korean revolution in the anti-Japanese armed struggle. 

President Kim Il Sung developed the Anti-Japanese People's Guerilla Army into the Korean People's Revolutionary Army to make it the pivotal force of national liberation struggle against Japan, political guiding force and guarantee for national interests. He, on the basis of key position and initiative role of the Korean People¡¯s Revolutionary Army, liberated the country by dealing serious political and military blow to the Japanese aggressors through active armed struggle. He founded the Party and built the state based on organizational and ideological foundation of the party founding and precious experience of government building gained in the period of anti-Japanese armed struggle.

Just after liberation of Korea from the Japanese colonial rule, President Kim Il Sung developed the KPA into a regular army of Juche on the principle of giving priority to military affairs, thus two years old-DPRK won in the Fatherland Liberation War provoked by US imperialism. He built the socialist powerful country independent in politics, self-sufficient in the economy and self-reliant in defense on the strength of arms though the country was divided into two and there exists constant threats of US imperialism.

President Kim Il Sung trained the KPA as the army of leader and Party and strengthened the KPA as match-for-a-hundred revolutionary armed force by putting forward lines of developing the army into an army of cadres and modernization of the army

President Kim Il Sung built an independent, modernized and powerful national defense industry. After Korea¡¯s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, he devoted his all energies to build an independent national defense industry and made remarkable development in Korea¡¯s defense industry by setting forth the strategic line of simultaneously developing economy and defense industries at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 4th Central Committee of the WPK. Consequently, the defense industry of north Korea has assumed a completely new aspect in 1960s and developed to the level of those countries with long history of military industry in 1970s and 1980s.

Indeed, the immortal Songun revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung, who founded the Songun idea in 1920s and brilliantly embodied it for 70-odd year, was the most precious feats he performed and it served as a solid foundation of the Songun politics.

The Songun idea and Songun leadership of President Kim Il Sung is brilliantly succeeded by leader Kim Jong Il.       

President Kim Il Sung paid special attention to cultivate leader Kim Jong Il as an outstanding military strategist and invincible commander with extraordinary military wisdom, strategy and commanding art. The President gave him a pistol out of two that Kim Hyong Jik left for the President at the Headquarters of Supreme Command on July 10 1952. The President said to the leader that your grandfather bequeathed two pistols associated with the idea of ¡°Aim High¡± when he passed way. He stressed that he organized the armed rank first with the two pistols as assets and proclaimed the war against Japan to liberate the country. The Korean revolution, however, remains unfinished. Today I give a pistol to you. You should better take it as a baton of revolution. The enemy you will stand against is formidable. The US and Japan made and will make desperate efforts to dominate Korea. So you should not leave your gun. Only a gun smashes the enemy, he said.

It is an instruction of revolutionary principle that the Juche revolutionary cause started with arms should be completed with arms in order to make revolution.   .       

President Kim Il Sung left a pistol for leader Kim Jong Il as a revolutionary inheritance that embodies tradition of the Juche revolution and bears destiny of the country and people.

President Kim Il Sung, who saw the foundation of succession of the revolutionary cause as the succession of the Songun revolutionary leadership, assigned task of leading the affairs of the Party and army to leader Kim Jong Il. Historic Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il started from his inspection of the Guard Seoul Ryu Gyong Su 105 Tank Division of the KPA on August 25 1960 and he inspected hundreds of KPA units by the end of 1960s for a decade, rendering immortal exploits in building and commanding the army.

President Kim Il Sung assigned the work of Party and military to leader Kim Jong Il at the end of 1960s. Since then, leader Kim Jong Il, regarding the Songun idea and the Songun revolutionary line as his political ideal, has strengthened the army as the army of leader and Party and established operational commanding control of the army.

The President cemented the leader¡¯s position and role of leadership on the Korean revolution by electing him on the highest post of the Party, army and state and solidifying the single-hearted unity of the society centered on him. The President solemnly declared the position of leader Kim Jong Il as leader and representative of the Party at the Sixth Congress of the WPK.     

President Kim Il Sung took important step to nominate leader Kim Jong Il to the supreme post of the revolutionary armed force in accordance with lawful demand of the building of revolutionary armed force and unanimous will of the servicemen and people.   

He, who originated the profound revolutionary principle that the party¡¯s authority means military authority and vice versa in the protracted revolutionary struggle and made the Songun revolutionary leadership, paid great attention to fully materialize leadership of Kim Jong Il in the building of the revolutionary armed force.      

Highly appreciating rare military wisdom and disposition and exploits he performed in military buildup, the President appointed him to member of the Central Military Commission of the WPK in October 1980 and the first vice chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK in May 1990. He designated leader Kim Jong Il as the Supreme Commander of the Korean People¡¯s Army at the 19th Plenary Meeting of the 6th Central Committee of the WPK, reflecting unanimous will and desire of the Korean people and servicemen. Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the KPA, was elected as the Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK at the 5th Session of the 9th Supreme People¡¯s Assembly of the DPRK.           

Thanks to settlement of succession of the cause of Juche and Songun revolution by President Kim Il Sung, a firm guarantee of succession of the revolutionary cause of Juche started from Mt. Baekdu was provided  

Indeed, President Kim Il Sung, sun of the 20th century, who founded unique Songun idea for the first time in history, wisely led the Songun revolution to victory and made firm generation of the Songun revolution, is the father of Songun

Under the wise leadership of Songun revolution of Kim Jong Il, sun of the 21st century and sun of Songun, a new era of independence and Songun are opened in the world.    

President Kim Il Sung, the father of Songun, is immortal along with era of Songun that wins victory after victory. 

Long live President Kim Il Sung, the father of Songun!


¡°Let Us Arm Ourselves with the Revolutionary Idea of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung More Thoroughly!¡±


Leader Kim Jong Il devoted his all soul and heart to inheriting the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung in order to materialize the cause of perpetuating the memory of the President. Saying that what is immortal is a great revolutionary idea, he expressed his will to succeed the great idea of President Kim Il Sung forever.

He advanced immortal slogans ¡°The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung Is Always be with Us!¡± and ¡°Let Us Arm Ourselves with the Revolutionary Idea of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung More Thoroughly!¡±, reflecting fervent intention and desire of the Korean people who were in bitter grief over demise of President  Kim Il Sung in July 1994.

The slogan ¡°Let Us Arm Ourselves with the Revolutionary Idea of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung More Thoroughly!¡± has a profound meaning that it is a slogan of struggle the people should hold high to accomplish the Juche cause under the banner of Juche idea, upholding President Kim Il Sung as sun of the Juche forever.

A party and people, who thoroughly arm with idea of the leader can accomplish the cause pioneered by a leader in any adversity after the death of the leader. However, if a leader¡¯s idea is belittled after the demise of the leader, the cause of leader will meet failure. This is a historic lesson left by the international communist movement. Plotters and highfliers such as Khrushchev and Gorbachev in the former Communist Party of Soviet Union reviled the precedent leaders and brought the revolution to ruin by revising revolutionary core of the precedent leaders¡¯ ideas.

Really, the slogan ¡°Let Us Arm Ourselves with the Revolutionary Idea of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung More Thoroughly!¡± fully reflects leader Kim Jong Il¡¯s strong will to hold the President and accomplish the revolutionary cause of the President by holding fast to the revolutionary idea of the President as an eternal guiding idea.


Confidence in sure victory of the cause of socialism


 President Kim Il Sung, sun of the 20th century, is the great leader who led the independent cause of humankind and the cause of socialism victory.

Socialism in east European countries collapsed in succession from the end of 1980s. Socialism of north Korea, however, was advancing without any vacillation. The eyes of the world concentrated its attention to north Korea.

The delegation of the US Socialist Workers¡¯ Party visited north Korea in October 1990 and met with President Kim Il Sung. Members of the delegation requested the President to tell about the ways for reconstruction of socialism.

The President said that socialism will advance on a new basis and will be further strengthened, though it experience trials, those people who build socialism are still alive. They will turn out in the struggle for reconstruction of socialism and we should encourage the east European people to build socialism with patience. He continued that he encouraged members of a guerilla unit who shiver with cold without gun and bullets during the anti-Japanese armed struggle and it is necessary to encourage the eastern European people and the revolutionary parties aspiring after socialism should encourage them and they will turn out in the struggle again.

He said that north Korea will hold fast to the red flag of revolution, there¡¯s no need to worry about us, socialism will be defended and advance if Cuba maintains the red flag of revolution in Latin America, He believe the communist parties in Latin America remain active, now the communist parties in Latin America vigorously wage struggle to fulfill their responsibilities, it is a good thing, He is confident about that the struggle for reviving socialism will be further intensified in Asia and Latin America.

Members of the delegation were move to his remarks that analyzed the destiny of socialism.   

The Chairman of the March 26 Movement of Uruguay visited north Korea to meet President Kim Il Sung. That day the President said that now the imperialists are propagating the socialism met its ruin and we have to tell to the world that socialism is not totally perished, many parties endeavor to revive socialism in the world, there are new signs of reviving socialism in many countries where socialism collapsed.         

President Kim Il Sung said that the Latin American people are communicable each other so that it is better to make socialist movement together with many countries speak Spanish language in Latin American countries so it will achieve success in socialist movement, positively supporting the struggle with each other.

President Kim Il Sung said full of confidence to the members of the delegations of the other countries who expressed concern about anti-socialist maneuvers of the imperialists that the DPRK will never perish, we will advance holding high the red flag, the US dislike the red flag of the DPRK, however they have no choice and we will hold the red flag forever.

There are vicissitudes in the process of history, however, it is an irresistible trend of the times that humankind advance along the road of independence and socialism. The fact that the people of Venezuela and other countries along the road of independence against imperialism and socialism amid the intensifying atmosphere of independence against the US in Latin American countries prove the correctness of President¡¯s remarks.