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Statement of AINDF spokesperson


The Korean people are indignant at frantic military reinforcement of the US against north Korea from the outset of the New Year. 

As reported, the US deployed in its Kunsan air force base in North Jeolla Province of south Korea 20 F-16 fighter-bombers and 300 troops of the 79th squadron of the 20th combat wing of the US 9th Air Force and 300 personnel from its mainland from January 14.  

The US conducts flying and ¡°posture review of operational readiness¡± together with command of the 20th flying group, ground men of the fighters and the south Korean military war hawks, quite different from the other years.  

It is well known to the world that the US reinforced modern fighters from last October to the eighth flying group stationing in Kunsan base. It has pursued adventurous war plan against north Korea by deploying 300 aircraft in an airport of the US Marine in Okinawa, Japan to cope with contingency on the Korean Peninsula.

The US reinforcement of up-to-date fighters in south Korea and around the Korean Peninsula drives situation on the Korean Peninsula to brink of war, talking about ¡°local adoption¡± and ¡°strategic flexibility¡±. In addition, it is a challenge to the Korean people who wish peace and reunification.

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front vehemently denounces the reckless reinforcement of the US air force, branding it as an intolerable act ignoring the popular feelings and demand of the times desirous of permanent peace and adventurous attempt to unleash a war against north Korea.

Peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia are gravely threatened and the danger of war is approaching.

Peace and dialogue on the lip-service of the US are a deceptive trick to mislead the public opinion and conceal its sinister ambition to provoke war against north Korea.  

Now the US conservative hawks scheme to establish a new cooperation mechanism to press north Korea through arms buildup and war drills, clamoring ¡°south Korea-US alliance¡± and ¡°cooperation.¡± However it is foolish act.   

No one can check unanimous desire of the Korean nation and trend of the times to open up a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity under the banner of ¡°By our nation itself.¡±   

The US cannot escape from responsibility that it pursues stalling tactics in peaceful solution to nuclear issue, escalating tension and danger of war on the Korean Peninsula. 

The US must abandon its anachronistic hostile policy toward north Korea and immediately withdraw from south Korea with its army and war equipment.   

Lasting peace and security cannot be expected and the Korean nation cannot open wide the gate of reunification and prosperity as long as military occupation and war moves of the US continues.      

The south Korean people from all walks of life should resolutely foil the arms buildup and anti-north Korea war drills of the US and south Korean hawks. They should launch a vigorous struggle to drive the US troops from south Korea.

The AINDF, together with the people from all social standings desirous of peace, reunification and national prosperity, will intensify the struggle to foil the war maneuvers of the hawks at home and abroad, holding aloft the banner of peace against war.




January 22, Juche 97 (2008)