On the Auspicious February 16th Holiday


The hearts of the Central Committee of the Rural Peoples Party yearn with great devotion for the glorious 2.16 Holiday, as we are uplifted hand-in-hand with the Korean people and the international independence, revolutionary national and communist forces all over the globe at the great heroic example of Supreme Commander KIM JONG IL. We know that on auspicious Mt. Paektu that the revolutionary masses of Korea will pay their respects to General KIM JONG IL at the place of his birth, the Secret Camp on Mt. Paektu, amongst the forests and glorious mountains. On this yearly pilgrimage to this site of much revolutionary activity of an anti-Japanese guerilla Korean independence nature, masses of the KPA soldiers, party members, women, youth and elders will march with red banners of Great Leader KIM IL SUNG, Dear Leader KIM JONG IL, flags of the Workers Party of Korea and revolutionary slogans through the snow covered mountain paths. Beautiful children raised according to the highest ethics of communism will lay flowers at the base of the cabin of General KIM JONG ILs birth.


Every year we can mark the auspicious occasion of following the leadership of Leader KIM JONG IL. This is not just a celebration for Koreans but it is a celebration for all people over the entire world because the Leader KIM JONG IL teaches us all that we must build communism and follow the path of Juche (encompassing self- reliance, building revolution according to the material conditions of ones own country and independence and creativity in revolutionary methods) enforced by Songun (which sets up the nations independence as an invincible fortress against imperialists, reactionaries and foreign aggression of any kind) for the emancipation of all peoples of the world from oppression and for enacting socialist construction and forming the masses into a great revolutionary collective enshrining the highest principles of communism. There are very real reasons for mankind to love the exploits of Comrade Leader KIM JONG IL and hold dear the ideology that he espouses, which is enshrined in the socialist fairylands of the Korean countryside and the monuments of progress that is Pyongyang and the cities and the happiness of the entire masses of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea under Comrade Leader KIM JONG ILs leadership.


We celebrate in specific here in North America on this Juche 97 2.16 Holiday the recent formation of the US Preparatory Committee for the Celebration of February 16th and Red Suns Day. We support this glorious work for the celebration of 2.16 and Red Suns Day worldwide and remind the readership that boundless reverence for KIM JONG IL is the wish of masses, who are the subject of communism, and who are destined for mastery of the earth against imperialism and bourgeois reaction according to the historical trajectory of humankind toward communism. On 2.16 in the DPRK the sounds of ten of millions strong expressing devotion toward Supreme Commander KIM JONG IL can be heard echoing across the country. Let us also embrace this joy of his Songun revolutionary leadership and celebrate enthusiastically the 2.16 Holiday!


Central Committee Rural People's Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)