to Supreme leader Comrade Kim Jong Il

Supreme Commander KPA

Chairman National Defence Commission of DPRK

General Secretary WPK


Dear great leader comrade Kim Jong Il,


On behalf of the Songun yahoo groupcomprising of 162 members I send greetings to you and salute you on theoccasion of your 66th birthday the greatest national holiday of the Koreanpeople and keynote anniversary of Juche idea and Songun idea followersthroughout the entire globe.


66 years ago on February 16th you were born on the snow swept Mt Paektuin the revolutionary tempest of the fierce anti Japanese armed struggle ledby the immortal partisan and ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander, the great leader General Kim Il Sung.


You are the great helmsman of the Songun era which is lighting the way ahead for the world revolution and also the Songun supreme commander.You have made imperishable achievements in the cause of anti imperialist independenceand defending socialism and are leading to victory the struggle to build agreat prosperous powerful socialist nation,achieve national reunification andthe victory of th world revolution.


You developed the Juche idea of the great leader President Kim Il Sung indepth and carried forward the Juche revolutionary cause.You brought theSongun idea to fruition.Today the Songun idea has gripped the hearts of revolutionaries because of its correctness and has become the proudrevolutionary banner of struggle against imperialism.We Songun idea followers will continue to study deeply and disseminate as widely as possible the Songun idea.


We wish you joyous celebrations and a long life in good health.


Dermot Hudson

Moderator/Owner Songun Yahoo Group

President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK

Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England

John Paul Cupp

Co Moderator

Chairman US Songun Politics Study Group