Dear comrades,

Highly appreciating your support and solidarity to our just cause we extend our warm comradely greetings and best regards to you.

Amidst the growing apprehension over the increasing US frantic moves to stifle the DPRK and the pro-US conservatives to scuttle the progress of the cooperation, reconciliation and independent reunification, the fascist Grand National Party and the Unites Liberal Democrats, the devilish remnants of the Yushin dictatorship, have merged into one party some days ago.

Now, different social standings in south Korea are bitterly denouncing this wicked collusion dictated by political expediency as a criminal conspiracy backed by the US behind scene, aimed at reviving the fascist dictatorial regime, checking the ever-energized inter-Korean relations and blocking the process of the nation’s independence and reunification.

In this regard the AINDF Central Committee published a declaration on the situation on February 23, to evoke a nation-wide and worldwide concern to frustrate this crime, hoping that the revolutionary and progressive forces over world express their strong condemnation against it and firmer support and solidarity to the south Korean people's patriotic struggle.


We wish your respected organization denounces the merger of the two fascist reactionary groups in south Korea and renders strong support to our people's struggle.

On the occasion we reaffirm our militant resolve to check and foil the vicious moves of the US and its lackeys in south Korea without fail, together with all the Korean nation under the uplifted banner of “By Our Nation Itself�?.

With high appreciation and compliments,

National Reunification Committee, AINDF C.C

February 27, Juche 95(2006)