--- Songun Piolitics Study Group (USA)

July 6, Juche 95 (2006)

With great joy and enthusiasm we received the news of the test launching of the DPRK TAEPODONG-2 long range missile reported to have the capability of reaching the US with a range of 9,320 miles.

TAEPODONG-2 is now added to TAEPODONG-1(1800 miles) and the short range Rodong (620 miles) and Scuds (600miles) in the DPRK arsenal reported in the associated press of the US imperialist media.

After many weeks of harassment and threats by the United States and the Japanese  the DPRK shocked the world with testing its missiles capable of reaching the US and Japan.

The blatant and shameful interference in the internal affairs of the DPRK is nothing uncommon to the US imperialists who execute double standards and hypocrisy when dealing with sovereignty issues and the internal affairs of other nations.

Their total lack of respect and thug-like behavior did not deter Songun Korea from demonstrating that all interferences of such will be crushed.

The loud mouths of American puppets in Japan and south Korea have come out in condemning the DPRK for exercising its legitimate and unalienable right to not only bear nuclear weapons, develop its missile program, but build up its military in order to defend itself.

How illogical and hypocritical it is for the US to be building up its military arsenal in south Korea and to send its puppets in south Korea weapons. To conduct hundreds of spy missions over the DPRK. To hold military maneuvers against the DPRK. To push its puppets in South Korea to build up the most sophisticated of technology to prepare for war against the DPRK, yet the DPRK can not defend itself!

What nation would ever accept such nonsense?

What logic necessitates that the US the world's most criminal and rogue regime. The single most dangerous threat to world peace and stability should hypocritically criticize the DPRK for building its weapons of defense.

The US preaches to us about weapons control when it is the one who is currently occupying other nations lands in Iraq and Afghanistan being fought relentlessly.

It allows itself to carry nuclear weapons, impose sanctions on other nations, occupy land, remove governments, turn the world into bases for its military, to build everywhere Guantanamo style prisons, commit the most outrageous acts of human rights violations, impose sanctions on nations, and then threaten to bombard countries, and the DPRK is refused equal military measures to defend itself!!

Not anymore.

The DPRK on behalf of all fighting for freedom from US domination and assault has stood up and spoken with the mighty weight of its Songun policies and the wisdom of Juche that it has the capability to strike the US with nuclear missiles if the US dares to contemplate striking the DPRK.

The DPRK will never give up its Songun missiles and will not be intimidated by the Japanese and South Korean traitors and is not afraid of the US.

Let the world understand this clearly, that the DPRK shall teach the United States a lesson it shall never forget!

Let us all remind ourselves on this joyful and exciting achievement of Songun Korea: We Should Never Forget that American Imperialists Are Wolves

These fireworks of the fourth of July that the DPRK has launched in 2006 shows the great wisdom and unquestionable correct leadership of comrade Kim Jong Il defeater of US imperialists!

Let the Taedong river always pour into the ever lit and ever strong flame of Juche under the leadership of beloved leader Kim Jong Il.