Great President Kim Il Sung Will Always Be With Us!

Great revolutionary life

In every July the Korean people from the south and north together with the world progressive humankind are praying for great President
Kim Il Sung’s immortality with earnest longing for and dear memory of him.

Kim Il Sung is the greatest of great men and hero of heroes whom the humankind is holding up and extolling as the sun.

Though the human history registered many a great men it has not encountered such a prominent revolutionary and great leader as President
Kim Il Sung.

The great President provided the popular masses with the omnipotent Juche idea, theory and method to enable them to shape their own destiny and performed the undying contributions to the Korean revolution and the cause of world independence through the extraordinary revolutionary practices.

Kim Il Sung is a great philosopher, unparalleled statesman, gifted military strategist, outstanding master of leadership art and benevolent father of the people.

The fighters of the AINDF and the south Korean people never forget President
Kim Il Sung who had devoted unremitting efforts for the sake of Korea’s reunification from his early days he left his birthplace in Mangyongdae in his teens cherishing in his mind the ambitious volition to restore the country, liberated the country through the tens of years-long hard-fought anti-Japanese struggle till the last moment of his life.

The life of the great President is indeed a life of a peerlessly great man who sacrificed his all for the people's freedom and happiness and he is forever alive in the minds of mankind for he made the enormous feats shining forever with the independence era.

Bellow are some photos which show only a bit of great President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary life and undying exploits.
President Kim Il Sung, eternal leader
The great President sets on the road
with an ambition to restore the country
The great President declares the foundation of the Anti-Japanese Guerilla Army
President Kim Il Sung kindles the torch
of national restoration on the sky over
and illumines the way ahead of the Korean people
President Kim Il Sung delivers address at the rally
held in Pyongyang to welcome his triumphant return
The great President shoveling in
Botong River Improvement Project
President Kim Il Sung, the ever-victorious
brilliant commander, declares the historic victory of
the Korean people at the rally of Pyongyang citizens
to celebrate the victory of the Fatherland Liberation War
President Kim Il Sung among soldiers of the KPA
President Kim Il Sung among triplets
President Kim Il Sung has a talk with
workers of the
Hwanghae Steel Complex
President Kim Il Sung has a talk with peasants of
Chonsan-ri, Gangso County, South Pyongan Province
President Kim Il Sung on a paddy field
A photo of President Kim Il Sung
carried on a south Korean magazin
Foreign publications praise President Kim Il Sung
World people warmly admire
President Kim Il Sung, as the sun
Foreigners look up to Kimilsungia,
the flower of the sun
President Kim Il Sung guides a conference of
leading officials of the national economy