Special Tribute to Sun's Day   April 15, Juche 93
A Poem For Great Leader KIM IL SUNG- ---by John Paul Cupp,Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

The "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung was totally dedicated to the people and devoted his entire life as a revolutionary, leading the struggle to liberate Korean's and improve their quality of life. What he has done commands great admiration and love from the Korean people.

"The services rendered by Kim Il Sung will remain forever in the memory of the Korean people and the world's people."
--- Noel Kelley, Member of the Korean Friendship Association in the US

Great President KIM IL SUNG Study and Tribute Section: Father of Juce and a Brilliant Iron-willed Supreme Commander!!!
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Map of Comrade Kim Il' Sung's Travels, as Heroic Leader of the Anti-Japanese Guerrillas.
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