Joint New Year Editorial Supported in U.S.
    Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Group for the Study of Songun Politics issued a statement on Jan. 3 in support of the joint New Year editorial of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Korean People's Army and the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League of the DPRK. The statement warmly hailed the militant appeal made by the joint editorial. It went on: We reiterate our intense loyalty to Kim Jong Il, the sun of Songun and a great military theoretician.
    At a time when the Korean People's Army is making vigorous endeavors to thoroughly implement the principle of attaching importance to the military affairs the adherents to the Songun idea in the U.S. will conduct a positive campaign for supporting the DPRK and energetic information service introducing the great Songun policy of Kim Jong Il.
    We shall always remain true to the immortal great Juche idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung.
    The adherents to the Songun idea in the U.S. and the forces supporting the struggle of the south Korean people to implement the June 15 joint declaration should fully demonstrate their might in the campaign to support Korea's reunification once again this year.
    We shall wage a staunch struggle against those yielding to imperialism while defending the DPRK which attaches importance to the military affairs and socialism.
    It is the nature of the Workers' Party of Korea to defend national sovereignty, resolutely oppose even the slightest compromise in the issue of principle and win one victory after another in the ideological warfare with the imperialists.
    The heroic Korean people will win greater victory in the standoff with the U.S. imperialists and in the struggle to build socialism and achieve the reunification of the country, single-mindedly united around the WPK headed by Kim Jong Il.