Submission to the February 11th, 2006 Event Put Together by the DPRK Solidarity Activists in the United Kingdom, On the Occasion of the Upcoming 64th Birthday of Marshal Kim Jong Il

--- Statement of John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

  Allow me to extend to the DPRK solidarity activists in the United Kingdom a warm hand of solidarity, with regards to your event to honor the 64th anniversary of the birth of Marshal Kim Jong Il this February 16th. My special messsage of solidarity to comrade Dermot Hudson and to the Juche Idea Study Group of England, for this was what a handful of us in the US imperialist epicentre saw as our model for building DPRK solidarity groups and propagating the lines of Songun Politics and Juche. They were a beacon of light showing us an example that exists between ultra leftist dogma and rightist defeatism, a creative and fluidic alternative to dogmatic ideas and approaches of yesteryear.

  It is certainly a wondrous thing that you all are gathered here for your event to commemorate the birth of Marshal Kim Jong Il. It is my belief that Marshal Kim Jong Il is the greatest living communist leader and more than a symbol, an example. The question of whether or not such a thing as single-hearted unity and death-defying pride can occur in a revolution has been solved, for this is the only way to describe the north Korean people's love for the socialist system and the Great Leaders of Mt.Baekdu, Great Leader Kim Il Sung, Great Mother Kim Jong Suk, and Great Marshal Kim Jong Il.

  Here in the United States, we face many of the same uphill challenges that you all do, plus some. The United States does not yet have diplomatic relations with the DPRK. This is a battle which you have one, but which we are still fighting for. Furthermore, it is no secret that the US imperialists have a hostile policy towards the DPRK, and towards the entire world for that matter. Our progressive and anti-imperialist forces have often surrendered to imperialism with regards to the DPRK, and even many leftist groups and personages which, in theory uphold the DPRK, in practice won't touch this with a ten foot pole because its more important to them that they are popular than principled. In many ways supporting the Korean revolution is a real litmus test, for the character of an organizations. Our resources and support structure are very meager and hence any direction or project must create the maximum yield possible.

  Recently a few of us decided to form the US Preparatory Committee for Celebrating the 64th Anniversary of the Birth of Kim Jong Il. Our love for the red flag and for the Korean revolution has always been a tearfully felt one, and their are few occasions like the birth of the dear Leader to convey our thoughts and feelings, and to defend the dignity of the DPRK regime, as well as ourselves from slanderous hate propaganda and misunderstanding created by repeating distortions.

  Aside from some web-work and sending a modest gift to the DPRK embassy to the UN, this committees main fruitation has been an op-ed piece entitled 'Why Do the Peoples of Korea and the World Annually Celebrate the Birth of Marshal Kim Jong Il?'.

  In it we touched on a variety of things about Marshal Kim Jong Il. We mentioned his position of Chairman of the National Defense Commission, his role of Supreme Commander of the KPA, his decades and decades of experience in the Central Committee of the WPK. We highlighted his role in systematizing Juche and other philosophical matters as well as his diverse array of literary talents on such topics ranging widely from political science to cinema. In short, he is certainly not the foolish simpleton and brutish thug, that he is made out to be in the western imperialist media.

  More than anyone, Great Leader Kim Il Sung placed his faith in Marshal Kim Jong Il, who was with the masses and the army since a tender age. It was Kim Jong Il, who most perfected the system of Juche and the application of Kimilsungism.

  On January 1st, 1995 Comrade Kim Jong Il, the lodestar of the era of independence, invented the Songun idea which correctly placed priority in military affairs in all circumstances. He defended and enriched the ideological preparedness of the Korean people, and declared that the Korean people must never abandon socialism.
  June 15th, 2000 brought to Korea its greatest day in decades, the formation of principled re-unification accords. These accords would never have been possible were the DPRK under the dear Leader's care not confrontational with the US imperialists in the demand for non-interference in the inter-Korean unity. Clearly then the Songun politics protect not just the north but the south Korean masses as well. This spirit of reconciliation brought disaster to the US flunky forces and local fascists but great opportunities which are even still being sown.

  The role of the army in the DPRK has built a powerhouse of defense were one solider is a match for a hundred foe. Complimenting this, the DPRK nuclear deterrent force has left US imperialist aggression in the dust and left Bush and Rumself looking like helpless clowns. This example has been most keenly watched by all the nations facing aggression, for which they owe Marshal Kim Jong Il and the Songun idea deeply.

  With Comrade Kim Jong Il at the reigns, the Korean people have become more united than ever and the DPRK popular classes have received greater and greater livelihood, while on the international scene the DPRK has been a leader of the anti-imperialist cause of independence and a lighting rod for the cause of non-alliance taking to the resistance option over unipolar dictates.

  It is then no wonder that the world's masses, including those in the United Kingdom, would celebrate the birth of Marshal Kim Jong Il.