National Democratic Front of South Korea

Pyongyang Mission


Address: Munsu-dong, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Fax: 850-2-381-4505

Comrade John Paul Cupp, chairman of the Songun

Politics Study Group in US

Comradely regards,

Coming August 25 marks the 35th foundation anniversary of the National Democratic Front of South Korea and the 1st anniversary of the SPSG.

The NDFSK advancing under the banner of the Juche idea and the Songun politics is speeding up the realization of the just cause of independence, democracy and reunification in close friendship and solidarity with the world progressives including your esteemed organization.

We rejoice over the favorably developing relations of friendship between us since we sealed the ties last year, and heartfully appreciate your energetic solidarity activities in the past to widely propagandize the Songun politics of great Leader Kim Jong Il and support the Korean people's patriotic cause of reunification on the basis of anti-imperialist independence ideals and the comradely bonds.

Today our people's struggle to ensure the lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, terminate the US colonial domination over south Korea and reunify the country is still facing severe obstacles due to the US wicked moves.

The current situation calls upon our people to wage more dynamically the struggle for the national independent reunification by our nation itself and demands at the same time stronger solidarity actions of the world progressives.

We would like to express our expectation and belief that your esteemed organization would form a solidarity committee to support the righteous patriotic cause of the NDFSK and the south Korean people for the national independence and the country¡¯s reunification in conformity with the grave situation in the Korean Peninsula and the calls of our time, on the occasion of the 35th foundation anniversary of the NDFSK and the 1st anniversary of the SPSG.

Now several solidarity committees have been formed in various countries and regions throughout the world and are conducting colorful solidarity functions in support to our people's reunification cause.

In case such a pro-south Korean people committee is formed in the US, the bastion of aggression and war, it would effect great political impact and sizable support and encouragement for the NDFSK, and a telling blow to US imperialism and its stooges.

We firmly believe that our friendship and solidarity formed in the course of the struggle for anti-imperialist independence will be everlasting.

Though the course of our people for the independent reunification is faraway and rough, our victory will surely come true as far as there are leader Kim Jong Il, the great sun of the 21st century, the concerted efforts of our nation and the powerful support of your esteemed organization and other world progressive forces.

We wish to receive your reply soon.

Sincerely yours.

Zo Il-min, representative of the NDFSK Pyongyang Mission

July 13 Juche 93 (2004)