35th Anniversary Greetings to the NDFSK
---Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Dear Comrades of the National Democratic Front of
South Korea,

Militant Soldiers of President KIM IL SUNG and Marshal
An Example for all Revolutionaries to follow!

August 25th marks the 35th anniversary of your
organization, an occasion we greet with double
enthusiasm because it also on this glorious occasion
that our fraternal organization, The Songun Politics
Study Group (USA), marks its first anniversary as
fellow soliders of Marshal KIM JONG IL.

As long as there is an imperialist partition of Korea,
as long as there are war moves directed against Korean
socialism, as long as their are inhuman US troop
mercenary dogs occupying and killing Koreans, we are
loyally on your side to the fullest. We know that in
the event the fascist US imperialists unleash another
war against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea,
the NDFSK vanguards will loyally defend the Korean
Motherland and the Army-based Socialism of the DPRK,
faithful to the WPK led by Marshal KIM JONG IL, with
the Korean People's Army as its sword and spear of
justice and defense. We are with you 100% for the
defeat of US imperialism, the common hated enemy of
humankind, whether in the form of political or
military struggle.

It is clear that that the Yankee Killers must be run

We do not believe Solidarity should be merely in words
but in deeds, so for this reason we are proud to stand
in the vanguard role through our guidance of the US
Solidarity Committee to Support the NDFSK and the
South Korean People's Struggle. This project has a
full and ever-expanding website available at
http://www.uscommitteetosupportthendfsk.741.com and has
been received warmly by the DPRK and NDFSK solidarity forces
in the US, as well as by international organizations,
such as those in Pakistan and the UK.

It is our hope to receive guidance from your esteemed
organization via its Mission in Pyongyang, realizing
that the valuable knowledge and experience of the
NDFSK Fighters is an asset which only Soliders of
Marshal KIM JONG IL could provide to our efforts in
the US towards supporting the Korean Re-unification
and US Troop Removal fronts. Furthermore, we hope to
galvanize our masses, to the best of our abilities,
keeping in mind the duress in which we function under,
towards supporting the South Korean people in the
struggle to withdraw her troops from Iraq. This is
because we believe that the South Korean sons and
daughters should be bringing hope to fight for the
Korean Liberation struggle and not used as cannon
fodder to squelch the struggle of the fraternal people
of Iraq.

The Songun Politics Study Group (USA) is deeply
touched by the level of international solidarity shown
by the NDFSK to worker-based leftist forces in the US,
and to our organization in particular. The list of
accomplishments of the NDFSK over the last year are
practically uncountable, but we have listed as many as

Brief List of Activities Conducted by the NDFSK
Towards Solidarity with US anti-Imperialists: A One
Year Round Up

* The National Democratic Front of South Korea
announced the formation of the Songun Politics Study
Group (USA), and included statements from the world's
progressives on the SPSG(USA) formation in the NDFSK
News Report.

* The National Democratic Front of South Korea has
sent generous theoretical materials both through DHL
and e-mail. This includes audio and video material
promoting the greatness of President KIM IL SUNG and
Marshal KIM JONG IL, as well as material on the South
Korean people's struggle.

* The National Democratic Front of South Korea has
helped inform the DPRK of various solidarity
statements from Andrew Kahn of the online Proletariat
Group and Ziad Shaker ElJishi, an Arab-Palestinian
Socialist in the US. Such news was eventually
broadcast to the world via the Korean Central News

* The NDFSK sent a statement in support of the Iraq
Resistance to the US popular force for international
events that were conducted on the weekend of March

* The NDFSK has provided a forum for the SPSG(USA) to
further show their veneration of Marshal KIM JONG IL
both through the NDFSK News Report and through
informing the Korean Central News Agency of such

* The NDFSK has contributed theoretical material to
the Songun On-line Discussion Forum and the Songun
Politics Study Group (USA) for honoring the birth of
the leaders, and for sharing in the celebration of
other DPRK holidays.

* The NDFSK has generously provided theoretical
materials for our website, which is now quite large
and respectable, with much thanks to materials sent by
the NDFSK, our true internationalist allies and

* The NDFSK has significantly contributed to the "Red
Suns of Militant Juche-style Socialism Study Room"', a
project for studying passages from the Works of
President KIM IL SUNG and Marshal KIM JONG IL by
contributing several e-quote books.

* The NDFSK has provided much needed guidance and
benevolent leadership to us in our activities aimed at
realizing the liberation cause heralded by the
humankind Songun Politics of Juche.

In short, the NDFSK are our true comrades, who we will
always love and admire, for whom we are grateful to be
able to engage in active communication. Our only hope
is for our bond to grow stronger.

We look forward to another year of solidarity and
friendship. We stand in the trenches, under conditions
of duress, ready to uphold the DPRK and the NDFSK, by
any means necessary, to correct many of the
pro-imperialist stance with regards to Korea, and to
halt the aggression moves of the imperialists with all
of our limited resources. Winning the US anti-war and
anti-globalist movement to an anti-US and Pro-Korea
stance, is a noble and necassary cause.

Congratulations on your 35th anniversary. We say this
to the fighting partisan vanguards of the South Korean
People. Comrades of the National Democratic Front of
South Korea, it is our hope to grow and unite further
behind all the great lessons you have taught us. It is
clear why people say that the NDFSK is an example for
all Communists to Follow!

For the Unification of Korea as One!

Turn out as One South Korea to Drive out US

Soliders of President KIM IL SUNG and Marshal KIM JONG
IL Will Always Stand as One!

Songun Followers Unite!

Long Live the Memory of Father of Juche, President KIM

Long Iive the Heroic and Death-defying Marshal KIM

Long Live the DPRK and NDFSK!