Kim Jong Il


On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building

(October 10, 1992)





3. The Internationalist Unity and Solidarity of Revolutionary Parties


Strengthening internationalist unity and solidarity with revolutionary parties is an important demand for our Party in discharging its national and internationalist duties. 

The basic task of a revolutionary party is to provide independence for the popular masses. Their cause for independence is not only national but also the common cause of humanity, and the struggle to realize the independence of the popular masses in each county is closely related to the struggle to make the whole word independent. An independent world is a word, which is free from domination and subjugation and intervention and pressure and in which all countries, and nations exercise complete sovereignty as the masters of their destiny. With the promotion of global independence a favorable international climate is created for the independent development of all countries and nations. Meanwhile, victory in the struggle for the independence of the popular masses in each country reinforces the independent forces of the world and thus accelerates global independence. In league with one another, the imperialists and the reactionary forces of all shades are impeding the fulfillment of the independent cause of the popular masses, and the internationally united reactionary forces are challenging it. This makes it absolutely necessary for all the revolutionary parties and people aspiring after independence to unite and fight against them. 

The people of the world are joining the common struggle because they share the same goal and task of struggling for independence. ��People of the word advocating independence, unite!��-This is the slogan to be held up by all the people of our era. 

If all the people advocating independence are to unite and wage a struggle, first of all the internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties, their hard core, should be strengthened. 

Strengthening internationalist unity and solidarity in the fulfillment of the cause of independence for the popular masses is an important factor in its triumph. The struggle for the victory of this cause is now going through an ordeal. But if they strengthen their solidarity with one another, unite in a comradely manner and fight on, the revolutionary parties of the world will be able to check and frustrate the counterrevolutionary offensive by the imperialists and reactionaries who are opposed to independence, and to pave the way to victory. 

The internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties should be realized on the basis of the socialist idea. A revolutionary party that is devoid of the socialist idea is inconceivable and unity and solidarity between the parties that are not based on the socialist idea cannot be called genuinely revolutionary unity and solidarity. The aim of strengthening the internationalist unity and solidarity is not self-serving; it is to achieve in a combined effort the common cause of socialism. It is a bounden duty for revolutionary parties to unite firmly on the basis of the socialist idea. 

The Pyongyang Declaration reflects a firm determination to defend and promote the cause of socialism. Its publication is of epochal significance in strengthening the internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties and in promoting the socialist cause. 

The Pyongyang Declaration has affirmed that socialism is the ideal of mankind and that socialist society is a society, which represents the future of mind, and a genuine society for the people. Although the socialist idea is the ideology of the working class, it does not represent the interests of one class alone; it is a universal idea for humanity, which reflects the social nature of human beings. Socialism is not only an idea for class emancipation but also an idea for national and human liberation, which reflects the desire for independence of all nations and the whole of humanity. Only when they advance along the road of socialism where the popular masses are the masters of everything and everything serves them, can all the people lead a free, equitable and dignified life that is suited to the independent nature of human beings and can all countries and nations free themselves from domination and subjugation, achieve independent development and ensure lasting Peace and security in the word, thus guaranteeing the survival and Progress of humanity. 

By confirming the veracity and validity of the cause of socialism and the inevitability of its final victory, the Pyongyang Declaration is infusing the revolutionary people of the word who aspire after independence with confidence in victory and a revolutionary fighting spirit, while representing a serious setback for the imperialists and reactionaries who are waging a frantic anti-socialist campaign, talking about the "end" of socialism. 

The fact that well over a hundred parties have signed the Pyongyang Declaration and that the revolutionary people around the word are responding to it proves irrefutably that the socialist idea contained in the Pyongyang Declaration reflects the desires and aspirations of progressive humanity. The revolutionary parties will be able to strengthen their internationalist unity and solidarity based on the common idea and dynamically promotes the cause of socialism when they wage a struggle with the Pyongyang Declaration as their common fighting programmed. 

The internationalist unity and solidarity of the revolutionary parties must be achieved on the basis of independence. There is no need to establish an imitational center of leadership since each country is conducting the revolution under different circumstances and conditions and the party of each country is acting independently. The revolutionary parties will achieve genuinely internationalist unity only when they establish a comradely relationship on the basis of independence and equality instead of a relationship in which one is higher and the other lower and one dictates and the other is dictated to. It is impermissible in their relationship for revolutionary parties to interfere in the affairs of others and to force their opinions on the other, contrary to the Principles of independence and internationalism. 

An urgent, common task facing the revolutionary parties at present is to defend socialism from the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists and reactionaries. 

The imperialists and reactionaries are now engaged in vicious maneuver against socialism, but they are destined to be a failure. The revolutionary partied and people the world over are turning out in a new struggle, overweening the temper confusion. It is inevitable for the masses of people to fight against a force if it represses their independence, and the cause of socialism emerges victorious through this struggle. This is a law governing historical development. The imperialists are now behaving arrogantly, but they are in a serious crisis. As the monopolies grow, the reactionary, anti-popular character of modem imperialism becomes mere evident and the discontent of the working people with the corrupt and ailing capitalist society grows as the days go by. The dasher to build an independent, new world under the ideal of independence, Peace and fiendish is becoming more intense among the Progressive people of the world. Although socialism is undergoing an ordeal, these people can change a disadvantageous situation into a favorable one and turn misfortune into a blessing, if they counter the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists and reactionaries with a revolutionary offensive, full of confidence in victory. 

Now that the imperialists and reactionaries are concentrating the spearhead of their attack on the socialist countries Which are faithful to revolutionary principles, it is very important for all the revolutionary parties and people to unite and strengthen their internationalist support for and solidarity with the socialist countries. Frustrating the criminal maneuver of the imperialists and reactionaries to isolate, blockade and invade the socialist countries is a common, urgent task for the revolutionary parties and people in their struggle to safeguard socialism. 

The imperialists and reactionaries are resorting to every manner of trickery to prevent socialism from reviving in the former socialist countries. This is a scheme to bring the people of these countries under the yoke of domination and subjugation forever. A catastrophic crisis has been created in the countries where capitalism has revived owing to the criminal moves of the imperialists and reactionaries. The crisis these countries are now faced with is not a crisis of socialism but a crisis of revived capitalism, and it shows the irrelevance of the idea of bourgeois revival. The resurgence of socialism is the only way out of the political, economic, ideological and moral confusion and crisis, which are becoming more serious with every passing day in the countries where capitalism has revived. 

The imperialists are resorting to every conceivable heinous plot to hold in check the advance towards socialism of the people of those countries which were subjected to national oppression and exploitation in the past and which have now embarked on the building of a new society. This is aimed at preventing them from taking the road to independence. Fighting against the imperialists' moves for trampling downs their rights to independence and for strengthening neocolonial exploitation and plunder of them is an important link in the whole chain of the common struggle for socialism. 

In the developed capitalist countries, bipolarization, ��the rich getting ever richer and the poor ever poorer��, is intensifying and confrontation is growing, with the social evil becoming more serious owing to the strengthening of monopolies. Accordingly, the oppressed working masses are turning out in the struggle, lifting up their voices calling for the rights to existence, boy and independence. 

The victorious advance of the common cause of socialism will be further accelerated when the revolutionary parties and peoples give active support and encouragement to those parties and peoples that are waging an undaunted struggle for socialism under various circumstances and conditions. 

It is an important task for the revolutionary parties to form a united front with the democratic political parties and organizations in the struggle to accomplish the cause of socialism. In the implementation of the socialist ideal of opposing exploitation and oppression and realizing the independence of the popular masses, the revolutionary parties, and democratic parties and organizations share similar demands and interests. The socialist cause will be promoted if the revolutionary parties strengthen their unity with all the democratic parties and organizations and cooperate with them actively on the Principle of mutual respect in the joint struggle for the independence of the popular masses in opposition to exploitation and oppression. 

If the independence of the popular masses is to be realized, a dyadic anti-imperialist struggle should be launched. The main target of the struggle to defend socialism and achieve global independence is the US and other imperialist reactionary forces. Taking advantage of the destruction of the balance of power in the international arena, the modern imperialists are scheming more viciously than ever before to realize world domination by use of force. Without a struggle against imperialism, it is impossible to realize the aspirations to and desire for independence of the Progressive peoples of the world who are opposed to domination and subjugation and aggression and war. Struggling against imperialist domination and subjugation and aggression and war is a natural demand of the cause for independence of the popular masses, and compromising with the imperialist Policy of diminution is the betrayal of their cause of independence. To maintain a principled stand against imperialism is the bounden duty of revolutionary parties. The revolutionary parties and progressive forces will be able to check and frustrate the imperialists' moves for aggression and war if they regard the struggle against imperialism as their common duty and fight resolutely against it. 

The driving force of the struggle to make the whole word independent is the combined anti-imperialist, independent force. The anti-imperialist, independent forces must unite so as to put an end to domination and subordination and interference and pressure by the imperialists, to establish a fair international order based on independence, to eliminate aggression and war and to ensure world peace and security. The imperialists are using all sorts of crafty maneuver to divide the anti-imperialist, independent forces and set them at variance with one another. The anti-imperialist, independent forces can frustrate the imperialists' maneuver for division and alienation and emerge victorious only when they counter their schemes with the strategy of unity. The anti-imperialist, independent forces can unite, transcending differences in social systems, political views, ideas and religious beliefs, nations and races because they have a common desire for independence, peace and fiendish. 

Should all the anti-imperialist, independent forces, including the socialist countries, the international communist and working-class movements, the national-liberation movement, the Non-aligned Movement and the world peace movement, unite in the struggle they can put an end to imperialist diminution and interference and build an independent, new world. 

The cause of independence, the cause of socialism, of the popular masses is a sacred one for making the ideal of humanity the reality. To unite and struggle for the victory of the cause of independence, the cause of socialism, of the popular masses is the revolutionary parties' honorable duty to history and their peoples. The current complex and difficult situation makes it necessary for the revolutionary parties to fight resolutely in firm unity, filled with a conviction in victory and an indefatigable revolutionary parties across the world for the victory of the cause of independence, the cause of socialism, of the popular masses, and will discharge its noble mission and responsibility for the Korean revolution and the world revolution.