WPK advancing under the banner of Songun


The Workers¡¯ Party of Korea led by General Secretary Kim Jong Il is advancing for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche, putting precedence to arms.

The Songun politics of the WPK is the one that defends the sovereignty and destiny of the popular masses and pioneers the bright future of Korea.

The destiny of a nation and rosy future of a country depend on the politics of a party. A revolutionary party can discharge its mission as a political guider responsible for the destiny of the popular masses only when it embodies correct political mode in accordance with development of the revolution.

The Songun politics is the main political mode of the WPK leading the socialist cause.

Leader Kim Jong Il¡¯s Songun politics, independent and patriotic one, draws great sympathy and displays great attractive force throughout the world.

The Party, army and the people are firmly united and remarkable successes were achieved in the struggle to defend socialism and build a thriving nation in the flame of Songun revolution. In addition, a turning point of Korea¡¯s independent reunification was opened.       

There is a saying unity means an unconquerable strength. There are no party, people and country like in the DPRK where the leader and people are firmly united ideologically and morally. It is only the WPK, the Korean people and Songun Korea that led by Kim Jong Il. Even the US is powerless before the single-hearted unity of the Korean people.

The arrangement of the historic inter-Korean Pyongyang summit, the publication of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and the birth of the June 15 era of independent reunification are entirely attributable to the Songun politics.   

There is no more powerful political mode than the Songun politics in the world in defending the destiny and dignity of the people and making prosperity of the country and the nation.

The politico-ideological and military position of the DPRK has been consolidated by the unique Songun politics of the WPK and the dignity of the DPRK is highlighted throughout the world.

The WPK has strengthened the KPA into an invincible revolutionary armed force and consolidated the army-people unity and war deterrent on the strength of the Songun politics. It is an immortal exploits that guarantees worthwhile and independent life of the Korean people.        

History has never witnessed such a today¡¯s reality in which the Koreans have emerged victorious in all fields of the revolution and construction under the banner of Songun.   

The WPK has consistently maintained its external stand of independence, peace and friendship under the banner of Songun and fully perform its mission to advocate the socialist cause and realize global independence.  

Impossibility is strange to the Korean people who advance under the leadership of the WPK. The Koreans led by Kim Jong Il, the sun of Songun, always win victory after victory because they are strong. The Songun politics of WPK shines as an ever-victorious banner of socialist Korea.   

The revolutionary cause of the WPK progressing in absolute support and trust of the Korean people under the tested and seasoned leadership of Kim Jong Il is invincible. 

Glory to the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea advancing under the banner of Songun! 



His adamantine will of Korea¡¯s reunification

 The process of Korea¡¯s reunification is undergoing difficulties owing to segmentation and anti-national policies of the US and the Lee Myung-bak regime of south Korea.

However, no force can check the vigorous progress of the June 15 era of independent reunification started in the new century.

Because the will of Kim Jong Il, the incarnation of warm love for the country and the people, to reunify the country is unquestionable and his leadership is sagacious.

Leader Kim Jong Il said after the demise of President Kim Il Sung who devoted his all to Korea¡¯s reunification that we should certainly realize the cause of country¡¯s reunification that is an aim of President Kim Il Sung in his life and vital demand of the Korean nation.  The country¡¯s reunification is the supreme national task that cannot be delayed any more, he said and added that we should put an end to tragic and disgraceful history of national division by reunifying the country.

Leader Kim Jong Il solemnly expressed his will on October 16, 1994 when the national mourning meeting was held to mark 100 days of the demise of the President.

It is imperative to inherit the cause of the President and realize the country¡¯s reunification in implementing the President¡¯s instructions for reunification. It is a desire of the President to make the people live harmoniously in a reunified country. We should realize the lifelong desire of the President by accomplishing the historic cause of the country¡¯s reunification that the President Kim Il Sung earnestly wished without fail, he said.    

Here are some facts showing his firm will of reunification.

Priority should be given to national reunification and everything should be subordinated to national reunification, he said. 

In other day, Kim Jong Il exists for reunification that the President ardently wished and I am not Kim Jong Il if I fail to present a reunified country to the people. No one can challenge those who are ready to die, he stressed.

He expressed his will to reunify the country before the monument to the autograph of President Kim Il Sung signed the last document related to the country¡¯s reunification on November 24, 1996.

The autograph left by the President implies strong will and faith of the President to achieve the country¡¯s reunification and his tireless efforts and conviction for the Korea¡¯s reunification. The President said if the cause of Korea¡¯s reunification is not realized in his lifetime it must be realized in Kim Jong Il¡¯s era, he said. He added that he would reunify the country without fail true to the behest of the President. The President said that the greatest present he can give to the people is Korea¡¯s reunification, Kim Jong Il said, adding that he will surely reunify the country to present the country¡¯s reunification to the people.

His saying was a solemn declaration of reunification to the entire Korean nation.

His firm reunification will inspired the entire Korean nation with confidence in certain victory of reunification.

He arranged inter-Korean summit meetings in June 2000 and October 2007 to open up e new era of the June 15 era of reunification, peace and prosperity.

Korea¡¯s independent reunification pioneered and advanced by a firm reunification will of leader Kim Jong Il will be surely realized. 

The Korean people¡¯s cause of reunification is justice. The anti-reunification plots of the US and south Korean authorities are injustice. It is a law of history that justice prevails over injustice.

The world progressives express positive support and solidarity to the cause of Korea¡¯s independent reunification advancing under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, lodestar of Korea¡¯s reunification.    


June 15 era, reunified and prosperous era of Kim Jong Il

 (An excerpt from the article posted on homepage of the Solidarity for Implementing the South North June 15 Joint Declaration)

The October 4 declaration, an action program for applying the June 15 joint declaration to practice in an all-round way should be implemented in order to open up a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity. The June 15 era should be developed into a new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity through the implementation of the October 4 declaration.

The June 15 era is the one of independent reunification that promotes the national great unity and radically strengthens the force of national great unity under the banner of national independence with the spirit of ¡°By our nation itself¡±. In addition, the June 15 era is the one of peace and prosperity that secures peace on the Korean Peninsula and promotes the economic boom with the concerted efforts of the Korean nation.

The October 4 declaration, that stipulates the detailed ways to implement the June 15 joint declaration, helps secure peace on the Korean Peninsula with united efforts of the Korean nation. The north and the south of Korea agreed to establish special area for peace and cooperation in West Sea to ensure détente and peace on the Korean Peninsula and push forward the issue of declaring an end to a war through the meeting of the head of state of three or four parties to establish the permanent mechanism for peace on the Korean Peninsula. In a word, they agreed to replace the Armistice Agreement to declaration of the termination of war with the US through national cooperation. A firm guarantee is provided for the Korean nation in establishing peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

The October 4 declaration contains important ways to realize national prosperity.

The inter-Korean economic cooperation helps achieve national prosperity ensuring balanced development of national economy and promotes reconciliation and trust between the north and the south of Korea.

After the publication of the June 5 joint declaration, the economic cooperation between the north and the south has developed radically. The north and the south of Korea formed the ¡°North-South Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation¡± held talks on various issues including the projects of the Kaesong Industrial Zone and Mt. Kumgang tourism, protection of flood in the River Rimjin, electricity and marine transportation.

The June 15 era is a hopeful new era that brings about independent reunification, peace and prosperity. 

The June 15 era precisely means the era of Kim Jong Il.

Chairman Kim Jong Il of the National Defense Commission of the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea take the lead in making the June 15 and the October 4 declarations and push forward its implementation with his bold will and courage. He embraced Roh Moo-hyun, the then south Korean president, who was standing between national cooperation and the ¡°south Korea-US alliance¡± through the historic summit meeting held in October 2007. The Korean nation keenly felt that who carve out the destiny of the Korean nation in publication of the October 4 declaration.

Now the Lee Myung-bak regime of south Korea tries to turn the inter-Korean ties back to the confrontation era in the past. However it is not going in its design. The Lee regime paints itself into a corner by a strong step of north Korea and the south Koreans asperse the Lee regime, that invited self-isolation while trying to turn the inter-Korean relation back to the past. The Lee regime forsaken by the people will also be forsaken even by the US and will be doomed to ruin. Facts prove that any attempts to turn back the June 15 era prove inefficient.        

Now north Korea is moving forward to achieve a goal of building a thriving nation in 2012. No one can check NDC Chairman Kim Jong Il¡¯s will to realize the wish of President Kim Il Sung by building a political, military and economic power with his Songun politics.  The US and pro-US forces that oppose peace on the Korean Peninsula and Korea¡¯s reunification will be dispirited in the process of north Korea¡¯s endeavor to open wide the gate of thriving nation.      

 NDC Chairman Kim Jong Il, who continues his inspection to the army, factories and farms for a reunified and thriving nation, is really the leader of the Korean nation and the greatest man whom the Korean nation admires. The June 15 era that shines along with the history of the Korean nation is the era of Kim Jong Il.