President Kim Il Sung, prominent great man

representing the 20th century


(An excerpts from an article posted on the homepage of the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration)


President Kim Il Sung is the greatest man of the Korean nation and the world.

He is the great thinker and theoretician who created the Juche idea, the idea of new era, beyond the guiding ideology of the anti-Japanese struggle. He is a great statesman who performed greater achievements than any other great men since he took the road of the revolution until the last moment of his life.

He is the greatest man endowed with noblest virtue incomparable with other great men in human history and the greatest man who wins the greatest confidence of the world progressive people.

The south Koreans should have self-confidence that the Korean nation is called ¡°Kim Il Sung¡¯s nation¡± 

President Kim Il Sung is the great leader who started the Songun revolution. 

He put forward the line of armed struggle at the Kalun Meeting in June 1930 and founded the Anti-Japanese People¡¯s Guerilla Army. Then he led the building of the state after the country¡¯s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule and led the Korean War to victory with his Songun revolutionary leadership. He trained the Korean People¡¯s Army as the strongest army in the world by wisely leading the struggle to carry out the four military lines and the line of building of the economy and defense in parallel after the war.

He placed all the military affairs under the authority of leader Kim Jong Il in the early 1980s and established the system and discipline led by his monolithic conclusion. So he is highly praised as a pioneer of the Songun revolution by successfully solving the inheritance of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

President Kim Il Sung is the father of the DPRK and the founder of socialist Korea.          

He, who achieved the historic cause of the country¡¯s liberation, founded the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea on the basis of holding the general elections for building a reunified and central government to frustrate the US plot to perpetuate national division. He defeated the US and 15 satellite countries which were superior to the DPRK in military technique in the Korean War with his bold pluck and outstanding strategy.    

He is acclaimed as the father of the DPRK and the founder of socialist Korea as he turned north Korea which was totally destroyed due to the war into a powerful socialist state and built the Juche-based anthropocentric socialism that embodied the demand of the Juche idea.   

The revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung goes on by Kim Jong Il who is identical to the President.

The eternity of President Kim Il Sung is guaranteed by Kim Jong Il who is boundlessly faithful to the President and has a firm determination to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche started by the President. North Korea is moving forward to the building of a thriving nation, the lifelong desire of the President.

The sun-like smile of President Kim Il Sung will invigorate vitality all over the world as long as there is Kim Jong Il, the sun of the nation and peerless brilliant Songun commander, who inherits the cause of the President.


 The Arch of Triumph Tells


The Arch of Triumph stands on the foot of Moran Hill in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea.

The Arch of Triumph was built in April 1982, marking the 70th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung. In order to hand down to posterity the exploits of the President the Korean people built the Arch of Triumph at the place where the President made a speech after returning the country on Oct. 14 1945 after liberating Korea from the Japanese colonial rule.

It is a world-famous monument to hand down forever the immortal exploits of the President who realized the historic cause of liberating the country by leading the 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolution to victory upholding the revolutionary banner of Juche and the Songun arms and returned the country in triumph.

The Arch of triumph (60 meters high) is bigger and more magnificent than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and visitors spare no admiration for its profound ideological content and excellent formative arts.

The revolutionary paean ¡°Song of General Kim Il Sung¡±, praising the revolutionary history and greatness of President Kim Il Sung is engraved in front and back sides of the Arch of Triumph.


Bright traces of blood on the crags of Jangbaek still gleam,

Still the Amnok carries along signs of blood in its stream.

Still do those hallowed traces shine resplendently

Over Korea ever flourishing and free.


So dear to all our hearts is our General¡¯s glorious name,

Our own beloved Kim Il Sung of undying fame.


Tell, blizzards that rage in the wild Manchurian plains,

Tell, you nights in forests deep where the silence reigns,

Who is the partisan whose deeds are unsurpassed?

Who is the patriot whose fame shall ever last?


So dear to all our hearts is our General¡¯s glorious name,

Our own beloved Kim Il Sung of undying fame.


The Arch of Triumph is embossed with 1925 and 1945 that imply years when President Kim Il Sung left his native place Mangyongdae in 14 years old with great ambition to liberate the country and returned home after emerging victorious in the anti-Japanese war.

Indeed, the Arch of Triumph shows the immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung in liberating the country after overpowering the Japanese imperialists.

In retrospect, the showdown between Japanese imperialists and Korean people was hard and rigorous.

The Korean nation was at the crossroads of life and death under the Japanese occupation.

At this juncture, President Kim Il Sung was born as the sun of the nation with ardent desire of the Korean nation.

Based on the revolutionary principle that master of revolution is the popular masses and the popular masses have the power to propel revolution, he fathered the immortal Juche idea and proclaimed the war against Japan under the banner of the Juche idea.

He armed the Anti-Japanese People¡¯s Guerilla Army with weapons snatched from the Japanese army and defeated the Japanese imperialists on the basis of the thought of ¡°Aim High¡±, the three contingencies (death from hunger, death from a beating and death from the cold), the idea of gaining comrades and two pistols bequeathed from his father Kim Hyong Jik.

President Kim Il Sung liberated Korea by defeating a one million-strong Japanese army.

He is the peerless patriot, legendary hero and the sun of the nation, who liberated the country from 40-odd-year-long colonial rule of Japan, save the nation at the crossroads of life and death and opened the national resurrection.  

The Arch of triumph is well known throughout the world for it is an immortal monument handing down to posterity the historic victory of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and exploits of President Kim Il Sung to posterity.


 DIU, root of WPK and start of Songun


Leader Kim Jong Il, the successor to the revolutionary cause of Songun started by President Kim Il Sung, said on the occasion of the 80th founding anniversary of the DIU that the Down-with-Imperialism Union is the root of the Workers¡¯ Party of Korea, origin of Songun and a model of unity.

President Kim Il Sung delivered the historic report Let Us Overthrow Imperialism at the inaugural meeting of the DIU on October 17, 1926 in Huadian, China, 82 years ago.

He said that as the mission of the DIU is to overthrow imperialism and its program should set it as its immediate task to defeat Japanese imperialism, the sworn enemy of the Korean people, and achieve liberation and independence of Korea, and as its final objective to build socialism and communism in Korea, and, further to defeat all imperialism and build communism throughout the world.

He continued that the formation of the DIU is a declaration of a decisive fight against Japanese imperialism and declaration of showdown against imperialism in the world. He called for new generation of youth to turn out in the struggle, overcome all trials and difficulties with strong will and revolutionary spirit, overthrow the Japanese imperialist to liberate the country and ostracize imperialism in the world.

The formation of the DIU was a great event in the history of revolutionary struggle of President Kim Il Sung and the Korean revolution. It was a historic declaration heralding a new start of the Korean revolution, as it was the formation of the first genuine communist revolutionary organization in Korea. Since then the revolutionary struggle of the Korean people entered a new era advancing under the principle of independence, saying farewell to the old thoughts including flunkeyism and dogmatism. The communist movement of Korea and the national liberation struggle could advance with correct objective and strategy and a new path was opened for the Korean nation who was at the crossroads of life and death.

The formation of the DIU served as a starting point of founding the Juche-type revolutionary party quite different from the other parties and the foundation of the WPK took deep root from the DIU.

The transparent anti-imperialist independent idea of the DIU laid ideological soil of the Songun idea. The idea of down with imperialism clarified in the program of the DIU was prerequisite to the idea of armed struggle. The importance of armed force and the idea of inflexible struggle against imperialism were the core of the Songun idea authored by President Kim Il Sung.

The formation of the revolutionary vanguard organization against imperialism by President Kim Il Sung, the peerless great man, in his 15 years of age was uncommon and it was the greatest deed unprecedented in the world that he put forth the program of idea against imperialism that served the origin of the Songun idea.       

The revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung will be eternal.