Papers Observe Anniversary of Kwangju Popular Uprising

   Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Papers today observe the 26th anniversary of the Kwangju Popular Uprising. Rodong Sinmun in an article says the uprising was an eruption of the long pent-up grievances of the south Korean people at the U.S. imperialists and the Chun Doo Hwan military fascist clique and an all-people anti-U.S., anti-fascist resistance to bring an independent new policy and a new life.
    The author of the article goes on:
    The uprising taught the lesson that if the south Korean people are to enjoy a worthy life in an independent and democratic land, they should put an end to the U.S. policy of domination over south Korea and its policy of military occupation of it.
    While working desperately to drive a wedge in the favorably developing north-south relations, the U.S. imperialists are twisting and turning in a desperate effort to bring the June 15 era of reunification back to the era of confrontation by whipping together the pro-U.S. anti-reunification elements.
    They have put pressure upon the south Korean authorities many a time to "readjust the speed of advance of the inter-Korean relations" on the plea of the nuclear issue and are maneuvering to lead economic cooperation within the Korean nation to breakdown and running about with bloodshot eyes to ignite a nuclear war, while sounding the possibility of carrying into action the highly dangerous nuclear war scenarios which they have worked out. This is prompted by their sinister intention to realize their long-standing design of aggression and domination.
    The uprising also left the historic lesson that the pro-U.S. anti-reunification forces must be removed, root and all, in order to make the south Korean society independent and democratic. The Democratic Justice Party, the fascist political party which bestially put down the uprising, changed its signboard into Grand National Party. But its pro-U.S. anti-reunification nature remains utterly unchanged.
    The gang of traitors wedded body and soul to pro-U.S. flunkeyism and treachery, at the instigation of the U.S. imperialists, are totally denying the June 15 joint declaration supported by all the Koreans, and working round the clock to put a block in the wheel of the movement of the fellow countrymen for independent reunification making headway in accordance with the idea of "By our nation itself" and scuttle inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation.
    Where it would end up, should this despicable group be allowed to return to power? The progress of the south Korean society would be frustrated, the same period of fascist darkness as under the dictatorial regime in the past would return and the outbreak of the second Kwangju incident would not be checked.
    Minju Joson in its editorial declares the Korean nation will certainly win in the confrontation between the Korean nation and the U.S. by intensifying the nationwide anti-U.S. struggle and thus get the U.S. forces withdrawn from south Korea and achieve independent reunification, thereby building a prosperous reunified powerful nation as desired by the Kwangju uprisers.