Announcing the US Preparatory Committee for Celebrating Red Sun's Day and the Birth of Leader Kim Jong Il
January 14th, Juche 96 (2007)
  The Songun Politics Study Group (USA), US-based cadre of the Red Banner of Songun theoretical e-journal, and US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle proudly announcing the formation of the US Preparatory Committee for celebrating Red Sun's Day and the Birth of Leader Kim Jong Il. The Committee will organize the dissemination of propaganda work for the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the birth of Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, on the April 15th Red Sun's day and the 66th anniversary of the birth of Marshal Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army on February 16th.
   This marks the 4th consecutive committee of the sort from within the US imperialist epicenter, and proves that the existence of international fervor for Juche idea and Songun policy while proving key opportunities for building support for the Korean Revolution and anti-US struggle for reunification and independence.
  John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) will be the Chairman of the Committee, and Ziad Shaker elJishi, pro-DPRK enthusiast and Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) its Vice Chairman.
  - The Committee will highlight the immortal accomplishments of the great leader during his temporal existence, defeating two imperialisms in one generation, building socialist construction and developing immortal Juche idea.
  - The Committee will place emphasis on the contributions of President Kim Il Sung and Marshal Kim Jong Il in  building socialism and combating imperialism, and enriching the cause of unity and independence via waging the dynamic anti-US struggle.
  - The Committee will highlight the significance of the great leader in founding the anti-Japanese Guerrillas and the Korean People's Army, alongside the role of Marshal Kim Jong Il in strengthening the army as this year marks the 75th anniversary of the creation of the KPA.
  - The Committee will solicit letters of solidarity and essays of interest from the various organizations and personages, namely those operating within the epicenter of US imperialism. It kindly requests the support and friendship be shown to, and welcomes positive contributions.
  - The Committee will send a friendly gift to leader Kim Jong Il, expressing support for the Korean revolution on the occasion of Red Sun's Day and the February 16th international holiday.
  - The Committee will use the two friendly holidays to promote even-greater solidarity with Korea.
  Special tribute pages will occur for these occasions, and letters to Marshal Kim Jong Il will be written. As always, we welcome questions and comments, particularly from organizations or personages with leads to possible venues for events.