Rembering the Great Leader on his birthday
On the April 15, 2006 occassion of celebrating the birth of Great Leader KIM IL SUNG, the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) and the US Solidarity Committee to Support the AINDF and the South Korean People's Struggle vow to forever remain his unflinching disciples-in-arms of the immortal Juche idea.

Throughout history their have been many Marxist-Leninist classics, many innovators of the anti-imperialist cause of independence, and many great philosophersbut there has been only one Great Leader Comrade 
KIM IL SUNG who is greater than all of them.

  He can never be replaced and therefore the bright rays of the loving Red Sun of mankind must live on forever in our hearts. His glorious legacy must stir upon each of us a firm conviction to follow Marshal
KIM JONG IL without fail and to spill every inch of our blood and overcome all obsticles for the cause of Songun Politics and Juche.

  We US-based ardent militants of the Great Leader Comrade
KIM IL SUNG are his soldiers and he is our loving father forever. Our vow is to continue the struggle within the US imperialist epicentre.

Long Live Great Leader
Long Live Great Marshal
The Juche and Songun ideas are immortal!
Long L:ive the Korean Revolution and the US-Korea Friendship!