Love for the people constitutes the core of the Songun politics

The Songun politics is the most popular political mode consistent with love for the people and the lifeline guaranteeing the destiny, future, happiness and prosperity of the Korean nation.

The Songun politics of Workers’ Party of Korea represents the most advantageous socialist political mode by which love for the people is thoroughly embodied.

The revolutionary and popular character of the Songun politics calling for defending people’s dignity and sovereign rights with the might of arms stems from the Juche idea, its basis.

Love for the people constitutes the core of the Songun politics.

It is the political mode of independence against imperialism that requires defending the destiny of the people with arms.

The politics is a just political mode for strengthening the revolutionary army into an invincible one to mercilessly wipe out the imperialist aggressors. This is why the Songun politics is absolutely supported by the popular masses aspiring after independence.

It is a political mode for training the people into a powerful entity possessed of sound ideology and mentality of the revolutionary army.

The major characteristic of the Songun politics lies in that it attaches primary significance to the ideological and mental advantage of servicepersons in strengthening military power and puts forward the ideological and cultural standard of the army as a model of the times.

The Songun politics which imbues the people with the most militant and sound ideology and mentality of the revolutionary army serves as an invincible weapon for thoroughly foiling the imperialists’ ideological and cultural poisoning. In addition, it represents the greatest love for the people.

It is a political mode that brings about miracles in the construction of socialism for a happy life of the people.

The Korean people are calling it the patriotic Songun politics of
Kim Jong Il, expressing their humble reverence and gratitude to him.

Kim Jong Il, son of guerillas, gifted with love for the people, has led the WPK, the state and the army along the road of victory together with President Kim Il Sung, considering “Serve the people!” as his maxim in his early years.

The history of his Songun politics is that of great comradeship full of deep trust to and love for the people.

It is the history of his infinite devotion to the people.

It is his firm stand that popular masses are the omnipotent being in the world and the Korean people can be called after only title “great.” This is the starting point from which he has made a long journey of Songun for the people just as the President did in his lifetime.

The world knows no other great servant and supreme incarnation of love than
Kim Jong Il who has continued traveling journey for inspection with love and devotion to the people, taking a nap and a rice-ball in a field jacket for scores of years.

The history of
Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics is that of revolutionary optimism that instills confidence in sure victory and optimism into the people.

He is a symbol of ever-victorious Korean revolution and the supreme personifier of revolutionary optimism.

It is the greatest honor and happiness of the north Korean army and people that they make revolution under the leadership of great brilliant Songun commander
Kim Jong Il who has the warmest love for the people.

As a powerful weapon giving a strong impetus to the cause of Korean-style socialism, his Songun politics displays its inexhaustible vitality in the struggle against imperialism and the US and in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.

The politics helped north Korea with a small territory and population to create miracles of building a great prosperous powerful nation while winning one victory after another in confrontation with “the only superpower” of the world and breaking through grim hardships.

It serves as a source of consolidating the harmonious whole of the headquarters of the revolution and the army and the people.

It is just like a water of life as it makes the people strong in faith and will.

It serves as a driving force to encourage the Korean people to make a new leap in building a thriving nation.

It is the law of the development of history and the unshakable faith of the Korean people that socialism will surely emerge victorious when they advance under the great Songun politics.

The Korean People’s Army and people will certainly build a great prosperous powerful country of Juche whose defense capacity is powerful and where people live better than others, upholding the Songun politics of
Kim Jong Il.

Having stronger faith in just cause
A man should preserve his faith if he is to live a worthy life and a nation should remain convinced of the justice of its cause if it is to achieve independent development free from other's subjugation.

The imperialists have made desperate efforts to make unipolar world based on their domination and monopoly. They intensify their moves to dominate the other countries and nations and interfere in domestic affairs of the other countries under the pretext of “war on terrorism,” “spread of democracy” and “human rights.” 

Any people bereft of faith in the justice of their cause can neither protect the dignity and sovereignty of their country and nation nor escape subordination and the fate of a ruined nation.

People should have the stance to carve out the destiny of the revolution and their own fates by themselves no matter what others may say, high national pride and guts that they prefer their own style no matter how the world may change and strong faith to dynamically advance along the path chosen by themselves   without the slightest hesitation and vacillation despite any adversity and ordeal. Without such faith, they can neither do revolution nor defend their own country and nation.

In order to defend and accomplish socialism it is necessary to steadily develop and complete socialism and thoroughly equip the popular masses with it so that they may cherish the firm faith in socialism.

It was not because of weak military equipment that the dignity and sovereignty of some countries were violated by the imperialists, after being subject to their aggression and interference. This tragedy happened because they lacked strong spirit of independence and firm belief in the justice of their own cause.

The Iraqi army was inferior in numbers and strength compared with the US troops. But they could emerge victorious if they turned out in the war with firm resolution. However, they bent their knees to the US. They lacked firm belief in the righteousness of their own cause.

The north Korean people always preserve the Korean-style socialism centered on the people is righteous and they will build a thriving nation without fail.

It is entirely thanks to leader
Kim Jong Il who leads the showdown between north Korean and the US to victory, keeping firm faith on socialism.    The experience gained by the north Korean people in wining victory after victory proves that a country can defend its sovereignty and national dignity and achieve its prosperity and development when it invariably advances along the way of independence and socialism, the path chosen by themselves, maintaining the faith in their just cause, the conviction of sure victory and persevering will and fighting spirit despite whatever stern hardships and ordeals.

   The world progressive parties and peoples should always preserve their faith in the justice of their cause and dynamically advance along the path of independence chosen by themselves.